Know The Facts About An English Bulldog

The English bulldog pooches are very peppy but on the same hand, after they grow up they become very phlegmatic. Adult bulldog breeds love snoring full day on the sofa. So definitely they need exercise to stay fit. They are not barking bulldog but their serious teasing can make anyone afraid.

So before you buy a bulldog, you should be aware of the basic bulldog information. Therefore, the given knowledge will definitely make you learn more about the English bulldogs.

Their History:

English bulldog

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The English bulldogs are orient from the British Isles at the time of 13th century. Because they were use in the sport like bull baiting, they got the name ‘Bulldog’. But today, they are consider as a fine family pet dog. According to AKC Standard, the breed is as simple as a bulldog.


English bulldog

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The English bulldogs are consider as a wonderful family pet. They easily attract human attention towards them. As they are fine watchdogs, hence they easily get aggressive and rarely get familiar to other dogs.

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Living With:

English bulldog

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English Bulldogs do not require any yard. They usually make fine apartment pets. As because they are typically low-endurance dogs, so they need only a little amount of exercise. In the temperate climates they thrive best and in the hot weather, they suffer from breathing difficulties because of overheat. Here you can also read about Pit Bull Mix.

Generally, their loud breathes tend to snore and wheeze. You will even see some of the English bulldogs drooling as well. Because of their moderate shedders, they need little grooming. But always be active regarding their wrinkles. Regularly wipe the wrinkles of the face to ignore the skin affection.

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