National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day to all the pups out there! Yep. Today is your furry friend’s day. Appreciate him, give presents to him, celebrate it in the way you want, but first, you should know about the importance of dogs and why this day is celebrated and importantly who founded this day.

National Dog Day

This day is still not as recognized as others are. The most asked question is, “When is National Dog Day?” – AUGUST 26TH. Let’s make a pact this year to spread awareness about this day to an extreme extent.

So let’s start with the history of the National Dog Day.


Author and Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige founded this day in 2004. This day was established to create awareness about the dog’s health and to stop its abuse. Yeah! This day can also be recognized as an appreciation for the dogs that have served us in intentional or unintentional ways. It is said that no friend is as kind and as loyal as dogs.

National Dog Day

The main motive of this day is to end puppy mills and to end the legislation that is breed-specified in the hope of minimizing the dog attacks. This day is explicitly against the ban of any kind or breed of the dog.

“Dogs should not have to lose their lives because of the atrocities they have been forced to endure at the hands of man,” says Colleen Paige.

Cruel Reality – Many dogs have been faced with death just because they were unwanted.

We will have to understand that no one on this earth is unwanted; it all matters on how you feel and what you consider. Only bring a dog to your home if you are really sure about taking care of him as equal as you do for your child. They are no less than a baby. They too deserve love, respect, and care.

Importance of Dogs (In quotes)

You know what, a dog teaches us the perfect life lessons that are unforgettable and you will always thank your pup for that. Be it, love, loss, laugh, fun, courage, bravery, strength, every single aspect of life. How? You will be proven with this fact by reading the following quotes.

National Dog Day
National Dog Day
National Dog Day
National Dog Day
National Dog Day

How to celebrate?

You can celebrate this day in many ways like:-

  1. Giving your baby friend a Gift (toys or clothes)
  2. Take him to his favorite place (park, mall, on the ride, etc.)
  3. Provide him with the best of the meal (favorite food)
  4. Take him to the dog cafes and spend your time with him and his new friends.

Above were for your own exclusive pup and now (below) there are things that you can do universally for every doggo out there.

  1. Adopt a Stray Dog
  2. Volunteer your time and money at a shelter
  3. Donate toys, clothes, foods and other basic necessities
  4. Most importantly, give love to every pup you encounter (not for a day, but the lifetime.)


Always remember, “The way you treat animals reflects what kind of person you are from the heart.” They are creatures that do not complain, but they too feel every emotion.

National Dog Day

Say No to Animal Abuse.

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