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Dogs are the most loyal creature which you can adopt as a pet, you would never regret having a dog in the house. There are endless numbers of varieties to choose from, you can go for a small breed or a bigger breed of dog and many more choices from the list. You would also get to choose different colors as per your preference, it can be black, blonde, and white, off white and many more colors are there.  Some English mastiff information that is very important for you to know before bringing one in your home:

No matter what breed you adopt or the color of your dog, size, etc, they are adorable and can prove to be your best friend at times. English mastiff is one of a type which you can bring home and train. They are obedient as well as smart dogs so they would adopt your environment and would learn things much faster as compare to many other dog breeds.

Mastiffs and their varieties:

english mastiff information

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There are a hell of lot of dogs by the name of mastiff so it is often confusing but the English mastiff is one of the most popular variants among them. They are either known by the name of English mastiff dogs or old English mastiffs. They are the most adopt dog breed among other mastiff breeds.


english mastiff information

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They are one of the biggest dog presents which people adopt, it is say that a person who is really passionate about dogs and knows all the techniques to calm a dog down can handle an English mastiff dog. The size of their head is much larger than others and they appear as if they are square-shape.

These dogs are so strong that they can easily fight with any wild animal and kill them, it is also seen that English mastiffs can stop a four-wheeler as well. They are usually of off-white color with black ears and nose and their hazel brown eyes are something which makes these muscular beasts appear so amazing. Their ears are generally short and the furs are also small in size.

Historical background:

english mastiff information

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This dog is in being since ancient times and they are the original breed as well. You can always get residues of these dogs in ancient history mainly in Egyptian drawings and carvings. It is say that Caesar is very much passionate about this dog. That he bring some of them to Rome as well. Mastiffs are so discipline and protective that they can be consider guard dogs. They are often see taking part in many activities such as trekking, research work, and many more.

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Nature of an English Mastiff:

english mastiff information

Source – wikia.nocookie.net

These dogs are gentle as well as smart so if you have an assumption that they are wild in nature. It can turn to be a harmful beast then you are probably far from the reality. They are probably not comfortable with everyone. But once they come to know that you are his family they are the most playful ones with you. They protect their family too much so if anybody tries to harm you. Then chances are there that this dog does not treat that person well.

These were few facts about English mastiff dogs you should know before getting them at home. These facts will also help you in training them.

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