Persian Kittens

Personality Traits and Facts to Know About Persian Kittens


Thinking of having a cat as a pet? Not a bad idea though. In fact, it’s a great idea. Having a cat as a pet is in trend. Many celebrities stars own cats as a pet, from Hollywood to Bollywood everywhere. Now, let’s see some Persian Kittens.

From Maine Coon to Burmese, every cat is consider as the best cat to have as a home cat. Every cat has its own characteristics that drive people crazy to have them. Some are blue-eye. Some have a fluffy coat. And some cats don’t have a fur coat.

Persian Kittens


Among these beautiful breeds of felines, there is one breed that is cutest of all. The one you would love to play with and will make you feel aw with one look. It is an average intelligent cat with the immediate effect of kitten-like energy. 

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We won’t make you wait any longer, that is Golden shaded Persian Kittens. This article is all about them.

Breed Information

Persian Kittens


Origin Country: Iran

Life Span: 8 to 11 years

Weight: 8 to 12 lbs

Height: 10 to 15 Inches

Eye Color: Copper, Blue, Green, Hazel, Odd-eye

Coat Colors: White, Lilac, Cream, Black, Red, Blue, Chocolate, Silver, Golden, Cameo, Tortoiseshell, Brown, Calico, Seal, Blue-cream


Persian Kittens


It’s personality literally depends on where and how they are raise. 

For example, if it is raise in a place where love is in the air, its behavior will be sweet and cuddly, but if she is grown in the exact opposite circumstances, then it will act destructively.

Specific characteristics make them want more and more by people. Of which one is her quiet behavior, and others are her love for attention. Plus she loves cuddling (not all cats love this) and who will have a fluff ball to sleep with at night.

But they can behave outlandish and kooky around new people until they get familiar with them.


Persian Kittens


The following are the few facts that you need to know about before getting them.

Haircare is necessary!

You may like their long and luxurious hair, but let us tell you that they (hair) aren’t easy to tackle. They need regular grooming. And get ready to see golden hair everywhere in your apartment.

They are friendly and loving.

Persian cats are real fluff balls that are calm, loving and friendly. They love being held up and especially when someone allows them to sneak into the lap. Ever wonder how people manage her day-to-day grooming needs? The happy face it has is enough to motivate the owners to keep going on.

Persians love purring

You know there is a saying, “Rare is the union of beauty and purity.” Persian cats don’t usually meow like Maine Coon, and Burmese Cat does while chatting with owners. But trust us they have the softest voice among all the cats. But they do love purring. You will often find them purring even without reason.

The Persian cats can surely act as your stress buster. For more information on pet breeds, visit Petsnurturing