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We all know how cute and cuddly Poodles look. These popular dog breeds are everywhere. This adorable breed is quite popular, from famous dog shows to Instagram reels. They’re also gracious, elegant, and gentle. Apart from their great behavior, they have beautiful coats available in so many different colors, including black, white, cream, beige, gray, blue, silver, brown, apricot, and many more.  Poodles have soft and curly coats which need regular grooming and cleaning. Here come the poodle haircuts!

Yes, it may sound simple, but a haircut can really make a huge difference, whether it’s a pet or a human! Having the proper knowledge of haircuts, like what type of haircut will be suitable for your pet, can make the entire grooming process easy and hassle-free.

Still can’t figure out which poodle haircut Styles is good for your beloved pet? Keep reading!

Today in this guide, we will explain different types of poodle haircuts and poodle hairstyles. We’ve covered many important things, from answering questions like why toy poodles need a haircut to giving useful grooming tips. We’ve also made a list of the best poodle haircuts. So don’t skip anything and read till the end, then decide which haircut will be best for your pet.

Let’s start. 

Below is the list of 20+ different hairstyles for toy poodle haircut styles: 

1. The Lion Cut

The Lion Cut Poodle haircut

Let’s start our list with the most popular haircut for poodles: the lion cut! Many hairstylists also refer to this cut as puppy cut, but there is a slight difference between the two. This poodle haircut Styles takes advantage of the long fur and makes a mane-like appearance. 

To achieve this cut, the hair on the sides and the back are trimmed short, and the hair on the top is left long. If you see the poodle’s limbs, they are also left hairless except for a cute pompom around the tail. Even if the hair looks less and short, you still have to brush it regularly to keep the coat clean and healthy. 

2. Outlined Fluffy Poodle Coat Cut

Outlined Fluffy Poodle Coat Cut

This is a fluffy poodle haircut in which an outline is created around the belly and legs. This simply means that hair around these areas has longer hair than the rest of the body. This poodle haircut also has some height on the half-back and top part of the head. The hairstylist will also keep the hair a bit longer at the ears, which are also tousled and teased.  

3. German Cut for Poodles

German Cut for Poodles

Here’s the perfect cut for your pooch if you live in warmer areas with a temperature rise. We’re talking about the German cut! The groomer will shave the hair on the neck and tail in this haircut. This haircut is low maintenance and easy to clean. So if you want a cut that has the low hassle of a summer cut but also makes your poodle look good, a German cut is a great option. 

4. Pink Poodle Hairstyle

 Pink Poodle Hairstyle

Don’t be boring; bring some fun to your Poodle haircuts! 

When it comes to pet haircuts, people are never afraid to show their creativity. For example, dye your dog’s hair! There are dyes especially made to color the dog’s coat or fur. These dyes are not toxic and are temporary. Most of these types of dyes can only last up to 20 washes. This is not that big a deal in the case of poodles because these canines need regular washes as their coats get pretty dirty easily. 

5. Poodle Puppy Cut

Poodle Puppy Cut

You may hear about this cut from so many people, including pet owners and hairstylists. This famous ‘puppy cut’ looks great on Poodles and other small dogs like Yorkshire Terriers. There are also specific Yorkie Haircuts for this breed, but the puppy cut works for both. 

In these poodle puppy cut, the hair on the poodle’s body is kept short, and only the fur around the face is longer. This looks a bit similar to the lion cut. This cut is a great haircut idea for poodles as they will feel comfortable in it. This is a low-maintenance style that never goes out of style. 

6. Teddy Bear Poodles Haircuts

Teddy Bear Poodles Haircuts

Do you want a living teddy bear in your home?

If yes, get a teddy bear cut for your poodle! 

This cut is popular among all poodles, doodles, and mixed breeds, making them cute and adorable. This poodle haircut will make your small pup feel like it has a bushy mane. As poodles have round eyes, this cut will make the illusion of a round and furry face, which makes them extra adorable. 

In this cut, the hair is cut uniformly at mid-length with a rounded shape. Also, the hair around the dog’s paws is left untouched. This thick layer of fur creates a cuddly teddy bear appearance. 

7. Poodle Winter Haircuts

Poodle Winter Haircuts

Live in a place with long, cold winters?

If yes, getting an appropriate haircut for your poodle is important to keep them warm. You can go with a winter cut! This practical and easy hairstyle is great for dogs living in colder regions. 

This cut is simple as it only needs to have long and consistent hair across its body. However, this is not cut for a show dog, but it will keep your pup warm. This is also a great cut for beginners, as it requires basic cutting and styling. Don’t hesitate; give it a try!  

8. Plush Toy Poodle Haircuts

Plush Toy Poodle Haircuts

Here’s another cut to make your poodle puppy into a plush toy: A Plush Toy Haircut! This simple cut will turn your small puppy into a soft fur ball. If you’re trying this cut at home, you have to maintain the hair length the same around the body. The hair should not be longer than 1 to 1.5 inches. And that’s it; your plush Toy is ready to steal hearts! 

9. Poodles Summer Cut 

 Poodles Summer Cut 

As it’s vital to get an appropriate haircut for poodles in winter, the same thing applies to the summer season. Summers are hot and humid, so a summer cut will be perfect for making your pup comfortable! You can simply go to any groomer and ask for the summer cut for the poodles, or you can show the above picture as a reference to them. 

In these poodle haircuts for summer, all the hair on the body is trimmed short except for a tiny tuft around the tail. This way, the cool air will easily flow through the body, and your pup will remain cool in the hot environment. After this cut, your pup will surely be thankful for you. 

10. Poodle with Pigtails

 Poodle with Pigtails

Here is another popular hairstyle to make your pup cute: ponytails. Look how adorable the puppy looks with the two ponytails in the above picture. Get this pigtail haircut if you also want the same look for your poodle! 

This hairstyle is not only good for small puppies but also for adult poodles. To achieve this look, make sure to have short body hair, sparing the ears. 

11. Dutch Cut for Poodles

Dutch Cut for Poodles

If you have a poodle for dog shows, a Dutch cut is a great option to consider! This cut will give your pup a unique look. Look how the dog’s hair is left long on the top of his head and on the sides are shaved to mid-size. This is one of the famous poodle mix haircuts that also create something like a “Mohawk” look. The tail can be left long or short, depending on your preferences. 

12. Royal Tail Cut

 Royal Tail Cut

A dog’s face is always the center of attention, but don’t forget the tail because this is another body part many pet owners take pride in. So, if you’re also interested in making your pet’s tail shine. Get this unique royal tail cut for poodles. For a mini poodle haircut, you have to let your pet’s hair grow very long while keeping the body hair short. This will create a fantastic contrast! 

13. Poodles Modern Cut

Poodles Modern Cut

Do you want to make your beloved poodle pup look stylish? If yes, get this modern cut! This will make your dog not only stylish, but it is also easy to maintain. The best thing about this cut is that it doesn’t include any complicated cuts and styling. This means anyone can easily create this look with simple tools and techniques. This cut focuses on accentuating your poodle’s natural features, making them regal and elegant.

14. Colorful Poodle Haircut

Colorful Poodle Haircut

Who says haircuts are boring? Look at these types of poodle funny haircuts!

If you want something fun and crazy, we suggest this bold poodle look! To get this look, first, you have to trim the dog’s body hair and apply various colors such as black, pink, blue, white, orange, and a neon nuance to create a colorful leopard pattern.  

15. Tassel Poodle Cuts

Tassel Poodle Cuts

The tassel cut focuses primarily on the ears; if you look carefully, you’ll notice that each part of the ears is well shaved but the tips. This will make your poodle’s ears look like tassels. The rest of the body depends on your choice. You can either shave or trim the fur short or keep it medium-length. 

16. English Saddle Cut for Poodle Puppies

English Saddle Cut for Poodle Puppies

Does your poodle have a long coat? If yes, this cut will be an option to consider. Similar to the Dutch haircut, this hairstyle is popular among poodle dog breeds. This one has a pompom on the end of the hind legs and tail. Overall there will be a round shape, but it looks more sharp and cool as compared to the other poodle cut styles.

17. Poodle Haircut with Groomed Face

Poodle Haircut with Groomed Face

In many poodle haircuts, the focus is mostly on the face. Hair around the face is usually short, but it is vital to keep it trimmed with the rest of the body for a contrast. If the hair on the ears is long, you have to groom the face accordingly. 

18. Poodle Short Haircuts

Poodle Short Haircuts

If you’re tired of grooming sessions and cleaning your poodle’s coat, here’s an idea for you! Instead of long poodle cuts, go with a short haircut! In these types of cuts, the poodle’s body is always trimmed short, just leaving the ears. 

Everything is well trimmed from face to paws, giving your pup a polished clean look. The best thing is that you don’t have to put much effort into styling or maintaining this look. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to brush. Make sure to brush the coat from time to time! 

19. Classic Poodle Bob Cut

Classic Poodle Bob Cut

The closer-to-human hairstyle is the bob cut! Yes, you can also create a bob look in dog breeds like poodles. Take a look at the above image for reference. To achieve this look, you have to grow the hair on the head long enough to blend easily with the ears. 

20. Town and Country Cut 

Town and Country Cut 

 If any poodle got this cut, you could recognize it as a pretty common poodle haircut. The town and country cut is a classy and stylish cut that looks great on every poodle regardless of their age, size, and coat color. The key to achieving this poodle hairstyle is to leave some fur as it is for a natural look. 

21. Poodle Princess Cut

Poodle Princess Cut

This is a princess cut for poodles. It mainly emphasizes the face and ears to give your pooch a ‘human-like’ haircut! The rest of the body has a similar cut to a Dutch or continental haircut. You can get the princess cut as an add-on to achieve a cute poodle appearance. 

Things To Know Before Grooming Your Poodle

Grooming your poodle is an exciting thing to do. It will build a strong bond between you and your pet. Being a poodle pet owner it is essential to groom your poodle on a regular basis to keep their coat healthy. Here are some pro tips on how professionally you can groom your poodle. Let’s dive in! 

In order to prevent the poodle’s coat from dirt and tangles and to maintain the smooth texture it is necessary that your poodle should be brushed on a regular basis.

The next step is to make sure that your poodle is bathed using mild shampoo and conditioner every 4 to 8 weeks to keep your poodle neat and clean. Once the bathing is done ensure that they are completely dry to prevent them from skin problems.

The next important step is trimming the nails of your poodle using the right tools such as a pair of scissors or you can purchase a guillotine trimmer. It can be painful for them to have long nails, and cutting them too close can cause bleeding from the nails if you cut them too closely.

If you want your beloved pet to always appear beautiful, give them a poodle haircut according to your desired style and keep their coat looking best. Following these steps will surely help you to well-groom your poodle but one thing should be remembered when grooming your poodle you just need to be patient and careful. 

How Often Do Poodles Need a Haircut?

American Kennel Club (AKC), which is a registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States, says it is optimal to take poodles to the groomer about every 6-8 weeks.

You’ll be surprised to know that a poodle’s hair growth is the same as the growth of human hair! However, we are not impeded when our hair grows a couple of inches because it doesn’t grow all over our body. (Thankfully!)

However, if poodles aren’t groomed regularly, these canines may suffer from health issues like overheating and skin problems. In winter, the thick layer of coat can be great for poodles, but in summer, it can become a problem. This is why cutting the poodle’s hair short in warmer months is advised so that your pet remains comfortable and happy all the time! 


So, this is all about different poodle haircuts. This is a pure breed that is high maintenance in terms of grooming. They have soft and curly coats that look beautiful but require regular care and cleaning. 

If you want that your beloved poodle always looks the best, invest time and money in the best haircut from a qualified groomer! There are many options to choose from teddy bear cut and funny poodle haircuts to poodle short haircuts and standard poodle haircuts. You can select one or many poodle dog haircuts according to your budget and your pet’s size, age, and lifestyle. 

I hope this guide on Poodle haircuts has given you some great inspiration for your next poodle grooming appointment. Also, if you loved this post, share it with your family and friends who have poodles. 

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