Goldendoodle Haircuts

Goldendoodles are really cute dogs that are a mix of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. They’re known for being smart, friendly, and full of energy, which is why a lot of people in America love them. One special thing about them is their fluffy, curly fur, which comes in lots of colors. They don’t shed much and are good for people with allergies. Giving them a nice haircut can make them even more adorable!

Today in this post, we have gathered up some of the best Goldendoodle haircuts of this year. From basic cuts like puppy and kennel cuts to more designer and stylish haircuts like dino and Mohawk, we’ve included so many different types of Goldendoodle Haircuts.

You can either try to give a cut to your pet by yourself or take them to professional groomers. We’ve also explained how to select the best haircut for your Goldendoodle pup and what are the best groomers in the area. So keep reading till the end to know more about how to give a stunning makeover to your puppy through various Golden doodle haircuts!

These adorable puppies have medium-length curly coats that shed quite less; hence, you can try a variety of haircuts and hairstyles on them. As goldendoodles are mix breed of Golden Retrievers and poodle so they are also considered hypoallergenic dogs.

Select the haircut that looks best on your Goldendoodle and make them cute. However, the haircut should not only make your pup adorable and cute to look at but also keep their hair away from the eyes.

Below is the list of some of the best Goldendoodle Haircut ideas you can give your pup:

1. Goldendoodle Puppy Cut

Goldendoodle Puppy Cut

Puppy cut, also popularly known as the Teddy Bear Cut, is one of the most popular cuts for the Goldendoodles. This cut includes clipping all the hair from your puppy’s body in half to three-quarter inches long length. The tail’s hair will also be trimmed short-to, medium-length, and hair around the feet is clearly trimmed round.

The groomer will leave the hair around the head rounded and trim the ears short and feathered. This gives your dog a true teddy bear-like appearance. The best thing about these goldendoodle puppy cut is that they’re pretty easy to maintain than a full coat.

2. Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

The parent of the Goldendoodle, Poodle, is also well known for its unique haircuts and hairstyles. You can take some inspiration from there and give a similar cut to your puppy.

In this cut, the hair around the face and feet is clipped clean, and the hair on the head is trimmed to the rounded shape of a poodle top knot. Ears and tail hairs are kept long to create a unique pom-pom look. This look is perfect for owners who want their pets to look stylish with some poodle flair.

3. Goldendoodle Medium Length Haircut

Goldendoodle Medium Length Cut

Are you confused about whether you should cut your dog’s hair or grow it out?

No worries, give your furry friend a medium-length cut!

This haircut is not common among doodle dogs as many consider it not ideal, but still, we see many dogs with this cut. This haircut for Goldendoodles is a great option when you don’t know whether you’d like to style it later or not. You can simply maintain your dog’s coat and later see whether you like it or not!

4. Goldendoodle Dino Cut

Goldendoodle Dino Cut

If you’re looking for a fun and cool haircut for your Goldendoodle, the dino cut will be a great choice! Yes, as its name suggests, this cut will magically transform your little pup into a cute dinosaur.

As Goldendoodles have a thick coat, it gives you the option to go with unique shaping like this cut. This isn’t a regular cut, so better find a groomer who is up for a challenge to execute this haircut on your dog.

5. Goldendoodle Kennel Haircut

Goldendoodle Kennel Cut

Do you think that you don’t have enough time and money to maintain your Goldendoodle coat? No worries, the perfect cut for you is the Kennel cut!

According to many groomers, this haircut is among one of the most manageable mini Goldendoodle haircuts. In this cut, the coat is trimmed to a uniform length that is mostly shorter than an inch over the dog’s body.

But the same cut on the body and head will not give your canine friend much uniqueness and personality, but it is super easy to manage and clean. It is also perfect for hot and humid weather like summer as it will keep your dog cool.

6. Goldendoodle Topknot Haircut

Goldendoodle Topknot Hairstyle

If you don’t like the uniform kennel cut and want something more sophisticated and stylish, go for a Topknot hairstyle! In this haircut, the focus is on the top part of your pup’s head.

This part should be trimmed neatly and cut in a way that its shape remains in its place. You can get this cut with a clean face, making your dog look fluffy and toy-like. Always go to the professional groomer to get this look, don’t try this by yourself.

7. Goldendoodle Clean Face Haircut

Goldendoodle Clean Face Cut

Do you feel that the facial hair comes in between and irritates your pup whenever your pooch tries to eat, drink, or play? If yes, give a clean face cut to your dog!

Goldendoodles have thick and wavy facial hair, so they can easily bother your pup. So don’t grow much hair on its face and try a clean face cut. In this cut, the hair on the cheeks, muzzle, and face is trimmed and cut short to about an inch in length. If you want, you can also combine this haircut with other cuts like topknot to expose your pup’s cuteness.

8. Goldendoodle Lion haircut

Goldendoodle Lion Cut

Get this unique Lion cut if your Goldendoodle has a mane! You can simply go to any groomers and ask them to give your pooch a lion cut. First, groomers will trim all the hair all over the body, legs, and tail. The parts like the neck and brisket have long hairs similar to a lion.

They’ll leave the hair full on the head and mane to get the final look. The hair on the forehead and muzzle will be kept short. The tail will also be shaved completely except for the bottom part. Take a look at the above image for reference.

9. Goldendoodle Lamb haircut

Goldendoodle Lamb Cut

This haircut was first famous in the Poodles, but many other doodle breeds later accepted this. Many people feel that this cut looks better on Goldendoodle than on Poodles.

If you are looking for a stylish and adventurous cut for your dog, this is the ultimate Golden doodle haircut! Easy to maintain and will give your pooch a cute teddy bear appearance, this haircut is easy to do.

So, how to give a Goldendoodle a Lamb cut? How to groom a Goldendoodle?

To get this cut, first, give your dog a teddy bear cut which mostly goes on the face, neck, and torso around 1-inch in length. However, instead of trimming the top of the head and around the legs, leave the hair a bit longer around.

There are numerous types and variations of Goldendoodle lamb cut. For example, some people trim the body and tail and leave the hair on the ears and legs.

10. Goldendoodle Mohawk haircut

Goldendoodle Mohawk Cut

Get this gorgeous and stylish haircut to your doodle as if he is going to join a band!

In this haircut, the hair is kept a bit longer down the middle, from the top of their head to the end of their tails. You can also clip the rest of the hair on your pooch’s body and leave hair only on the middle part of the head.

This haircut for Goldendoodles is more on the fun and creative side. It is easy to clean and maintain, and your dog will also look like a rockstar.

11. Goldendoodle Full Shave

Goldendoodle Full Shave

As we have already mentioned, the kennel cut, this cut is actually a short version of it. From the name, it may appear a bit weird, but it is great for dogs that get bad tangles and mats over time.

So if you and your dog are facing a lot of issues because of its matted and tangled mat, the full shave is the perfect solution. This will give your pup a brand new hairstyle but is also great for hot climates.

12. Goldendoodle Round Face Cut

Goldendoodle Round Face Cut

Round face cuts are perfect for Goldendoodles as they have small and cute faces. And this haircut will emphasize these features even more.

So what’s the haircut look like?

This Goldendoodle haircut has trimmed hair on the face and ears in a similar length. This gives a fuller and rounder appearance. You can also pair this up with other Goldendoodle cuts like teddy bear cuts.

13. Goldendoodle Bell Bottom Haircut

Goldendoodle Bell Bottom Cut

This is another fantastic and fun haircut for your Goldendoodles. The bell bottom cut will make your dog look like he is wearing the bell bottoms. Look at the above image for reference, isn’t it look cute and cool simultaneously?

In this cut, the top part of the legs is trimmed quite short, and the bottom part is left with full-grown and flared hairs. This Goldendoodle cut looks great, but it is challenging to maintain.

Are you looking for best Goldendoodle haircuts that emphasize the adorable features of your pooch?

Here are some other popular haircuts for goldendoodles that will elevate and focus on your dog’s unique characteristics:

  • Round Feet
  • Full Ears
  • Clipped Ears
  • Pom Poms
  • Beveled Feet
  • Clean Feet
  • Flag Tail Cut
  • Plume Tail Cut

How to Select the Right Goldendoodle Haircut?

How to Select the Right Goldendoodle Haircut?

If this is your puppy’s first haircut, we recommend going with more simple and basic cuts like the puppy or the kennel cut. Later you can try some more fun Goldendoodle haircuts like a poodle cut or Mohawk. You can also go with the teddy bear Goldendoodle haircuts. However, these types of cuts need frequent grooming and trimming by a professional groomer.

That’s why it’s important to pick the haircut that looks great on your pooch and is also functional. The intricate and detailed cuts can be done for special occasions and events like dog parties and shows. You can also record your dog grooming sessions through a Goldendoodle grooming chart.

Looking for the best Goldendoodle groomers near your area? Check out our previous blog on Dog Grooming Near Me to get the best grooming services.

Goldendoodle haircuts before and after

Final Thoughts

These are some cool Goldendoodle haircut styles. Getting a new haircut can really change how your puppy looks. You can choose from lots of different styles depending on what you want, how much time you have to take care of it, and what your puppy likes. I hope this guide has helped you decide on a haircut for your Goldendoodle’s next grooming session. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family if you found it useful.