Long Hair Chihuahuas

Oh, I see you want to get a long-haired chihuahua as a pet! Nice these cute little puppies and dogs have got many admirers. However, before you get them it is necessary to know every inch of them, including physical and mental health. You have come to the right article. In this article, I have penned down the detailed information on long hair chihuahua from its history to its temperament and health.

There is something I would like to let you know before you read the entire information. Long haired chihuahua is not a separate breed. Let say they are siblings. One has short hair while the other has long hair. So you are not going to get anything different from the chihuahua, except its coat length.


History of long hair chihuahua

The existence of Chihuahuas dates back to 100 AD and their ancestors Techichi dog has the history from 300 BC. Known as the smallest dog breed in the world, this little Chi is a protective and family pet.

This breed got its name from one of the cities in Mexico (Chihuahua), as this place is the origin of existence. Now the question is why were they bred? Their breeding had two purposes to fulfill: 1) Rat and other small animal hunting. 2) A common delicacy for the 15th century (it is a toy breed).

In America, the existence of this cute pup was in the 1800s. After fellow Americans discovered them, it quickly gained popularity. In the year 2001, this pup took up the crown as a fashion accessory after its appearance in the movie.

This was all about the normal chihuahua breed and what about the long-haired one? As said, they are not a separate breed, the difference is in its coat length. Still, how they came into existence? All thanks to backyard breeders. The long hair chihuahua is the result of breeding by these backyard breeders, who prioritize profit over pedigree, health, and breed standards.

However, thanks to heaven, the long hair chihuahua turned into a hot favorite pup among many of us (look at yourself, much excited to get this). So without boring you with more of its history, let’s move towards its overview, and then I will discuss its physical appearance, temperament, health & care, training, and many more factors.

Breed Overview of Long Hair Chihuahua:

Breed Overview of Long Hair Chihuahua

Long Hair Chihuahua Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Long Hair Chihuahua

Breed Group: Toy Breed

Height: 6 – 9 inches

Weight: 3 – 6 Pounds

Lifespan: 15 – 20 years

Coat: soft, silky and long coat

Color: any color or combination of colors.

Temperament: Loyal, Loving, Playful, and Mischievous.

Needs for Grooming: weekly brushing, bathing every 6-8 weeks, and regular nail trimming and ear cleaning

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Mexico

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance long hair chihuahua

As said, they are of the same breed, so it’s clear that their outlook will be the same as well Still, let’s read about this pup’s physical appearance:

  • This pup comes in two head shapes: Apple-headed and Deer-headed.
  • With the large triangular ears, short muzzle, and perfect bright eyes make them look gorgeous.
  • AKC recognizes Appl- headed chihuahuas, but not deer headed.
  • The legs and tail are in proper proportion with the body.
  • You will find different coat colors like tan, brown, black, red, white, blue, and cream. It can be in bi or tri-color.
  • The soft coat fur can be either wavy or straight.


Temperament of long hair chihuahua

As for the temperament, this puppy’s basic personality defines loyalty, playful, friendly, yet mischievous. Let’s look at its temperament in detail:

  • It is a lovely and responsible pet with the protectiveness of its owner.
  • It is a family dog and develops a close relationship easily. Also, this is the reason it is advised not to leave them alone.
  • Also, it can tolerate being left alone and can turn rowdy and destructive enough. It is also on the list of most aggressive breeds.
  • It is an attention seeker and best suited as a home dog. If you are planning on having it make sure you are able to spend enough time with it.
  • Though it is protective and harmless, chi won’t do better in the home with children. There are two reasons: 1) It weighs only 6 pounds (max.), a little more pressure or rough play can hurt them. 2) Despite being friendly it can act fierce because of its short temper nature, which can lead to barking or nipping.
  • They are friendly with other chi’s only, but early socialization can change this behavior and make them pet-friendly too.


Grooming of long hair chihuahua

Grooming will take up your little bit more time as compared to short-haired chihuahuas. Reason? Its lengthy coat, what else!

  • While handling long haired chihuahua puppies, be gentle especially near the molera. In the first few weeks, the chihuahua’s skull will be soft, but it will harden with the time.
  • Make sure to brush its hair twice a week with a metallic brush to avoid matting.
  • Giving them bathe on daily basis is not necessary, as it can dry their skin. Give bathe only if they are dirty and make sure that the water doesn’t enter the ears.

Training and Exercise

Training and Exercise of long hair chihuahua

As said, it has short temper, is listed in most aggressive dogs, and has destructive instinct it is necessary to train them properly. Also, harsh training will make the situation worse, give training with love and whole-heartedly. Let’s look at its physical activity needs:

  • Don’t consider their following around the house as a substitute for a walk. It has small legs, but they are much stronger and hence the proper walk is necessary.
  • Make them wear the harness, and not a collar, as it can cause tracheal collapse due to pressure on the neck.
  • Always have them on a leash, once it started chasing someone or something, it will be hard for you to call it back.
  • To keep them happy play hide and seek with it at least once a day. Guess why? It enjoys having all the attention and love for itself.
  • Set boundaries on where they can go or be and where they shouldn’t, it will help them stay disciplined.
  • Behind its cute face lives a stubborn and smart dog, so be careful of what you are doing and teaching.
  • You will need to do early socialization to make it pet friendly.
  • Praise them by petting, using verbal cues, and food rewards. They thrive for touch so always pet them.

Health & Care

Health & Care of long hair chihuahua

Here comes the real part, getting a dog is easy, but to take care of it requires attention and knowledge. Here is a guide on the health and care of this cute little pup:

  • They are a toy breed, so instead of giving one big/full meal, provide three to four small meals throughout the day.
  • As said, in the first few weeks, the skull is very soft, it also includes its jaw. Make sure it is properly chewing the food. (That’s good for its jawline.)
  • Low salt content food is preferable for this pup, or best select the food specially designed for the small breeds.
  • If your chi develops the love to chew, give them a beef bone or dental sticks for 15 minutes a day. It won’t only give the jaw a good exercise, but it also acts as a natural toothbrush.
  • As they are small in size, it is difficult for them to store enough energy, making them prone to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. (To avoid the situation, follow the 3rd point of this section.)
  • The most prominent concern in this puppy is its tendency to develop Patellar Luxation. This condition will impact its ability to move the knee joint, resulting in developing osteoarthritis. It can be treated with medicines or surgery, depending on its severity.
  • Regular dental check-ups with a veterinarian are highly recommended.

Summary on Long Hair Chihuahua:

Summary on Long Hair Chihuahua
long hair chihuahua


In short, this cute and beautiful looking pup is actually heavy maintenance. Not in terms of cost, but attention. Even if once it feels ignored or unloved, you will see its stubborn and aggressive side. If you are someone, who is looking to have a pup to spend your whole life with, this one is for you. Deciding to have it will be a longtime commitment, despite all the health issues, it lives 15 to 20 years successful and healthily.

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