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Shikoku is one of the primitive dog breeds from Japan. They belong to the Kochi Mountain ranges situated in the Shikoku Island of Japan. Being a wild hunting dog, the breed is scarce to be seen. They are very rarely adopted and bred. Shikoku dog is rarely seen in their own countries too. Being a primitive dog breed, only experienced dog owners adopt them as their domestic pet companions.

If you think that they look like Shiba Inu,  you are wrong. They are entirely the opposite of the other breed. Shikoku Ken and Shikoku Inu are usually calm. They are very obedient, respectful, and possessive towards their owner and family. The only thing is that Shikoku needs intensive training so that they can adapt to the human habitats and people around them. Being a hunting dog breed, they are not used to living in a domestic ambiance.

In this blog, we will discuss everything in detail about Shikoku. If you are planning to buy or adopt a Shikoku Breed, we are pretty sure this blog will help you in all the ways to know them better.

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Overview Of Shikoku Dog

Before we head-on with the blog, here is a brief about Shikoku Dogs. After reading the summary, we assure you you will come up with more interest in reading more about the breed.

Shikoku Dog Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Shikoku

Breed Group: Sporting

Height: 15-22 inches

Weight: 34-55 pounds

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Coat: Soft and dense undercoat. Straight, rough, and spiky overcoat

Color: Red, Black Sesame, Sesame, and marked Sesame

Temperament: Intelligent, alert, athletic, sharp instinct, spontaneous, calm, and relaxed

Needs for Grooming: Medium

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: island of Shikoku

History of Shikoku Dogs

History of Shikoku Dogs

Shikoku was bred in the mountain ranges of Kochi, Shikoku Island in Japan. Shikoku was bred in three different types. They were named Hongawa, Hata, and Awa. Shikoku is the most desired dog breed in Japan. They are rare to be adopted. It was tough for the breeder to reach the Hongawa region, where the breed was usually found. According to the breeders, the Hongawa type of Shikoku is a very demanding dog breed. 

In the year 1937, Japan had announced Shikoku Dogs as one of their natural monuments. Even though Shikoku was one of the finest sporting dogs, they were refused as a part of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Association. Later, AKC announced the breed as a part of its Foundation Stock Service. This means eventually it will be notified as a part of the AKC. 

Even though it is not recognized as an AKC member, Shikoku is considered and recognized by the United Kennel Club in North America. Shikoku are internationally recognized by the Federation Cynologique Intentional (FCI). The sad part is that the breed is so rare that only one of their types exists now. Thus, it has become essential for owners and breeders to maintain the Shikoku breed with a healthy breeding process. 

Shikoku Puppies

Have you ever wondered how the younger version of the breed will be if the elder version is so active? Finding the Shikoku pups is a challenging task. The species is popular that reaching out to the wrong person can lead you to the bad breed or dog. The Shikoku breed is a real challenge to be found, and you have to do a lot of research before reaching out to any of the breeders. 

The average price of a Shikoku Pup will cost you around 3,000$ to 4,500$. Maybe, the pup will cost you more if they are from the original parent breeds. Every owner has to understand that they are a sporting animal breed, which means you have to be patient while training them.

The Shikoku pups are hyperactive, spontaneous, and always excited to learn new things. Thus, you should train them from a very young age to avoid any embarrassment or mishap in the future. If you have no budget constraints, you can approach a training school or academy to get the best of your little friends. 

The Appearance of Shikoku Dog

The Appearance of Shikoku Dog

Shikoku dogs may not be a part of the American Kennel Club but they are no less. They are the perfect example of a sporting breed. They have an ideal sporting dog appearance. Shikoku weighs between 34 to 55 pounds. Their weight needs to be maintained between the above range. Shikoku, being a sporting dog, their health is very important. Shikoku has a sleek, fit and masculine body. 

They grows tall up to 17 to 22 inches. They have a perfect height. However, they are shorter in comparison to the  Akita breed, yet more elevated than the Shiba dog breed. Shikoku is very agile and a very active participant. They have pointy straight ears and beautifully defined features. The marks on their body that perfectly set with the sesame shade make them look very elegant and charming. 

Shikoku has a supremely confident walking style and moves, making them one of the most intelligent and attractive-looking Sporting Dog Breeds. . If you want a breed type with its personality, Shikoku Ken and Shikoku Inu are the best options for you. 

Temperament and Personality Of Shikoku Dog

Shikoku, being a sporting dog, is very active and intelligent. They are fascinating as companions. Being a free hunting dog, they are knowledgeable, athletic, spontaneous, alert, keen, and obedient. Even though they are so active when out in the field, they are just the opposite inside the home. 

However, keeping your Shikoku breed calm while it is indoors is only possible when they have the right amount of diet and a daily exercising schedule. Shikoku is very particular about their routine. Shikoku can’t avoid their daily exercising and outdoor playing sessions.   They need one or two hours of extensive movements daily. Being a sporting dog, Shikokus can’t do without their active routines. 

If you think that Shikoku dogs can harm your family,  you are very wrong. They have a tender, caring, loving, and possessive behavior towards their owner. Other than that, Shikoku dogs have great personalities. They are very confident in their life and lifestyle. If you notice them, they are charming and attractive in their walks and actions. It means whenever you see a Shikoku passing by, you can’t take your eyes off them.

Coat and Colors Of Shikoku Dog Breed

Coat and Colors Of Shikoku Dog Breed

Shikoku has an attractive Coat and Color. They have a short, rough, and shining outer coat and a soft and smooth undercoat. Though they have a short coat, one must take care that they are regularly brushed. Short coats are easy to maintain, but they need to be taken proper care of. 

Shikoku Ken has a beautiful coat color. They look very charming and attractive because of their coat color. Shikoku Inu is available in three different variants of sesame shades. They are available in red, black, and in sesame shades of color. If you maintain their coat nicely, believe us, they will be the most charming dog breeds. 

Lifestyle and Exercise

Planning to adopt a Shikoku Inu?  You have to be very particular and precise with your sporting friend’s lifestyle and exercise. You have to be clear and prepared for a lot of time investment on your furry friend. They have a simple yet active lifestyle. They can’t just sit idle. You need to make sure that they have proper physical as well as mental health. 

If we discuss exercise, they need two hours of exercising daily. Exercise means complete intensive exercising. You can either take them for a brisk walk, run, or play with them. Many mentally stimulating games are also crucial for your Shikoku friend. Mental stimulation will help them stay happy and satisfied with life.

One thing that is very important for every Shikoku dog owner is that it is a sporting dog breed, thus they need proper training and daily exercising.

Training and Grooming Needs For Shikoku

Training and Grooming Needs For Shikoku

As we saw, Shikoku is a very active, intelligent, sharp sporting dog breed, training is essential so that they can socialize with other dog breeds and people around. Being a hunting dog can be very aggressive and active all the time; thus, training right from the initial months is crucial. It is advisable to train their mental stimulation to know how to behave precisely with other people. 

Now, let us discuss the grooming needs. Grooming needs are not challenging like the other long-coated dog breeds, yet they are essential. It is imperative that you slightly brush Shikoku Ken’sKen’s coat every alternate day. Cut their nails every month to avoid hurting themselves or any of you in the family while playing. Grooming your Shikoku will help them to maintain their confident and charming personality. 

Diet and Nutrition For Shikoku Dogs

Like all other sporting dog breeds, an ideal diet and nutrition are significant for Shikoku dogs. High-quality protein food from a renowned brand or company is suitable for your active friend. It is advisable by the vet to provide your friend a proper amount of food to avoid becoming overweight. . Usually, if your dog gets overweight, it will soon get in trouble with health problems. 

If your Shikoku is overweight, there are chances that your breed will encounter dysplasia, joint disorders, arthritis, and heart problems. Being a loving and caring Shikoku dog owner, visiting the vet for your dog’s routine checkup will be very beneficial and helpful. The vet will also help you in planning a proper diet and nutrition routine for your pet. 

Always remember a proper diet and nutrition will lead your dog to a healthy and long life.  

How to Reach Out to Breeders?

How to Reach Out to Shikoku Dog

As we are coming to the end of the blog, we are pretty sure you will be interested in adopting a Shikoku very soon. But the question is how to reach out to the right breeder? Not to worry, we have the answers for you. Shikoku’s are very rare if you try to find them in countries other than Japan.

If you are very keen to buy a Shikoku, you can research the American Kennel Club’s website. They have an excellent and detail list of certified breeders. You will be quickly able to get in contact with the right person. And to your surprise, you will get the perfect Shikoku breed which has been bred with all legal methods and safety measures. So, are you ready for this challenging and exciting dog breed as your companion?

How Are They as Family Pet?

Many people think Shikoku is a mountain hunting dog breed, so will it be the right choice for your family? To your surprise, Shikoku is the most desire and love family dog breed. Though they are hunting dogs, they are very humble, polite, charming, and loving dogs when you adopt them as a family companion. 

Shikoku dogs are very possessive for their family, even if you have small children or aged members in your family, they will be very caring and loving towards them. They even turn out to be the best guardian for your family. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we have come to the end of the blog. So, aren’t Shikoku dogs one of the most exciting breeds? If you are ready for a challenging and exciting companion, Shikokus is the best option for you. 

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