Some Of The Most Ugliest Animals In The World That You Should Avoid

Beauty is never in the outlook but the fact cannot be denied that there are some animals that look ugliest. Being ugly doesn’t mean they should not be loved but their looks might not be pleasant enough to please most of the eyes. Now you might be wondering about who are the ugliest animal in the world so here are some of the ugliest animal that are present in this world listed below:


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This sea mammal always looks sad because of it large wrinkled face. In one hand the ocean has many beautiful creatures to offer but just in another hand there are animals like this blobfish who are so ugly that people tend to avoid watching them. They literally look like a mass of muscle with a huge nose that is so heavy that the mouth is always curved down and of course they have a pair of black eyes which is as ugly as their face. This mammal is said to be the world’s ugliest sea mammal by many ugly animal contests.


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It is a small bat like creature that are now endangered and the reason behind this is that in many places specially in Madagascar people are so freaked out by this creature that they tend to kill them when even they would notice one. They look so evil that people tend to thought that they are a symbol of bad spirit and bad luck. The green bright eyes and a pair of long ears make them look so ugly and they have claw like a little monkey. Their black color makes them appear so ugly and evil for many eyes.

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Chinese crested hairless dog:

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This dog has won the world record of being the world’s ugliest land animal ever. It is not a big dog breed but is very thin with small face and as it is a hairless dog so only the skin is visible with some hairs only on their head. Their small nose as well as small eyes along with their tong which always keeps out from one side of their mouth makes them looks this ugly that no one wish to see this dog. Small moustache around their mouth makes their look worse than ever. They come in only one color that is white but as they tend to be bald so their skin appears which is one white color with a slightly pinkish undertone.

Philippines tarsiers:

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These are so small creatures that they can easily fit in your palm and by their name you can easily guess that they have their origins from Philippines. They have a pair of eyes which literally peep out from their head and this is what makes them look such ugly. They look like mouse but a much uglier version of a mouse. They are so thin that it looks like they always lack in food which is quite obvious because no one wants to feed them. Their eyes are so big that you cannot notice anything else in their face and they are dark brown in color and have small claw as well.

Proboscis monkeys:

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Unlike other monkeys this monkey is very ugly and is so big that no one actually likes them. They are light brown in color and have a big fat belly but there belly is not something which makes them look this ugly but it is there big nose which makes them look so ugly, there nose literally looks like a cream colored eggplant. They have a pair of small eyes and below the nose they a mouth which is not visible because their nose is tall and is hung downwards.

Naked mole rat:

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They are small sized rates with no hairs on their body but don’t have to see them very often because they like to spend most of the time underground and unless they are not searching for food they would be in their home. They have some big set of teeth and they have a pair of small eyes which doesn’t really help them a lot because their eye power is almost zero. With the help of their sharp teeth they dig holes in the ground so that they can hunt small insects.

These were few of the ugliest animals in the world who you would like to avoid for sure.