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Is it a dog? Is it a wolf? Or both? The answer is: This is a dog who looks like a wolf! This is a Tamaskan dog or Tamaskan husky, who was specifically bred by crossing Siberian Huskies, German Shepherd dogs, and probably other working breeds. It not only looks like a wolf but also has traditional characteristics similar to the Siberian Husky.

Do you know that Tamaskan has been using as a “wolf” in movies? Yes, due to its wolf-like appearance and friendly nature, this dog has been using not only in films but also in television shows, music videos, mascots, and even Broadway! 

Do you have a Tamaskan dog breed at home? Thinking about getting a Tamaskan puppy? This in-depth dog breed guide will help you get all the information about this unique “wolf dog.” This cute, companion-ready, and family-friendly dog is loved by people all over the world. Let’s know some more information about this giant dog breed.

Here’s the basic summary of the Tamaskan Dog Breed:

Basic Overview Of Tamaskan Dog Breed

Breed Name:Tamaskan Dog
Breed Group:Working
Height:28” to 27” 
Weight:66 pounds to 99 pounds
Life Span: 14-16 years
Type of Coat:Long and Dense
Coat Color:Red-Grey, Wolf-Grey, and Black-Grey
Temperament: Agile, Intelligent, Obedient, Sociable, and Tolerant
Other Names:Tamaskan husky, Tam
Grooming Needs:Low
Training Needs:High

History of Tamaskan Dog 

tamaskan dog
  • In the early 1980s, Finnish breeders had import five dogs of Siberian Huskies to the UK intending to breed them with others to create a dog with a wolf-life appearance.  
  • These dogs were later bred to the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, and other breeds. 
  • The first breed result was the Utonagan dog, and later crossing of this breed with the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog result in the Tamaskan dog as we know it today. 
  • Originally, the purpose of creating this dog breed was to develop a dog that has a wild appearance, strong working ability but also has the characteristics of domesticated dogs such as obedience and intelligence.
  • Since 2000, these giant dogs have been featured in many forms of visual media because of their wolf-like appearance.
  • After this, it has been gaining popularity in numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia, and the United Kingdom.
  • The Tamaskan dog has received recognition from various kennel clubs like the American Canine Association (ACA), American Pet Registry, Inc (APRI), Dog Registry of America, Inc (DRA), and The Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR).

The Appearance of Tamaskan Husky Dog 

tamaskan dog

Tamaskan dog has a giant yet impressive appearance, let’s know more about them: 

  • It is not wrong to say that a Tamaskan Dog is a large working dog with an athletic look.
  • They have a popular wolf-like appearance with a thick coat and straight, bushy tail. 
  • Many people make the mistake of understanding them as German dogs. 
  • The average height and weight of a male Tamaskan Husky are around 25-33 inches & 65-95 lbs, whereas, for a female husky, it is about 24-28 inches & 55-85 lbs. 
  • They have long & narrow heads with relatively small and pricked ears.
  • They also have super cute almond-shaped eyes in Hazel, Brown, or Amber colors.
  • These huskies have long and dense coats and are usually found in three colors: Red Grey, Wolf Grey, and Black Grey.

The Temperament of Tamaskan Dog 

tamaskan dog

Now let’s tell you the behavior and personality of this amazing canine: 

  • There is no doubt that these cute dogs are one of the most gentle, kind, and lovable animals on this planet. 
  • They’re excellent family dogs and are super friendly with kids.
  • They get anxious and sometimes can suffer from severe separation anxiety. So they prefer not to be left alone for long periods.
  • They may look fierce, but they’re loyal, devoted, and they will never leave their human in any case. 
  • Tamaskan dogs are not recommended for apartment or condo living as they need plenty of space like a garden for free running and other outdoor activities.  

Exercise and Diet of Tam Dog 

tamaskan dog
  • This dog breed is a working breed, so it is quite obvious that they are hyperactive and also they have high energy levels. That’s why they need plenty of exercise. 
  • They need daily exercises such as long, brisk walks or jog as well as lots of mental stimulation.
  • You’ll be shocked to know that this husky needs at least 18 miles of walking or running a week and around 70 minutes of activity daily
  • For mental stimulation, you can give them work, mind exercises, teach them commands, or even just play fetch will help keep them both healthy and tired.

“These Tamaskan dogs love to explore and have fun, so you can also sign them up for agility classes and canine sports. These activities will allow them to show off their naturally inbred skills.”

Essential diet requirements for a Tamaskan dog:

  • You already know that Tamaskan dog is a high-energy working breed, which means they’ll need a commercial dog food diet or Tamaskan food that’s rich in nutrients and calories.
  • You should always pick kibble that’s suitable for your pet’s age (puppy, adult, or senior). Find a food that is well suited to your dogs’ specific age. 
  • Here’s the guide:
  • 8 and 12 weeks old: 4 bowls of food each day
  • 3 to 6 months old: 3 meals in a day
  • 6 to 1 year: 2 times every 24 hours
  • 1 year or more: 1 meal every 24 hours
  • Sometimes Tamaskan dogs prefer 2 lighter bowls, so the diet goes different for every dog. Find out your Tamaskan dog’s eating tendencies.
  • You can mix dry food with water, broth, or canned food for an adult Tamaskan dog.
  • Additionally, you can also add cottage cheese, cooked eggs, fruits, and vegetables to their food, but it shouldn’t be more than ten pct of their daily allowance.

Never give the below foods to a Tamaskan dog:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee, tea, or chocolate
  • Raisins & grapes
  • Moldy or spoiled food of any kind
  • Onions, chives, and garlic
  • Poultry bones
  • Salt and salty foods
  • Tomato leaves, stems, or unripe fruit
  • Dough


If you are still concerned about your dog’s diet, it is best to consult with your veterinarian. Though many dog food manufacturers provide feeding guides, it is still good to talk with the doctor. As every dog is different and has different dietary needs, only your vet/doctor is qualified to determine your dog’s proper dietary needs. 

Training and Grooming Needs of Tamaskan Husky

tamaskan dog

Tamaskan dogs are highly intelligent, and if they’re trained well, you’ll be surprised by their socializing behavior. It is always better to start training at the early stages or when they are a small puppy as it will help to keep their energy under control. Let’s see how you can quickly train a Tamaskan dog: 

  • You can start their training sessions at home, and when they have learned the basics, you can begin to train them further.
  • It is advised to train them first in niche areas like agility and sports.
  • Sometimes these dogs develop a stubborn streak, so try to maintain a firm and consistent hand in training. 
  • Training is an essential part of this breed’s daily life as it supplements his exercise needs.

Tamaskan dogs have a stunning coat, which makes them extra fluffy. But don’t worry about their grooming because they seriously don’t need an excessive amount of grooming, and they need incredibly low maintenance. 

Tamaskan Dog

Here is all that you’ll need to do for grooming: 

  • They need to brush every other day during the late spring and early fall season, as this is the Tamaskan dog shedding period. 
  • Apart from these seasons, they’ll need brushing only once a week. 🙂

The coat of these dogs tends to produce natural oils that naturally clean the coat. So they also do not require many bath seasons, but if your doggo gets muddy, you can bathe him. 


A groomer or a veterinarian should always do nail trimming. Never try to trim their nails at home until you know the procedure correctly.

Common Health Problems of Tamaskan Dog 

tamaskan dog

Until now, you’ve read how to care for a Tamaskan dog, its training and exercise routine, but what about its health? Are Tamaskan dogs healthy? Let’s know:

  • As you know that the Tamaskan is a new breed, so there is limited information regarding their congenital health problems. But generally, they’re considering healthy dogs. 
  • This breed is prone to some genetic health issues like 
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy 
  • Cryptorchidism
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Tamaskan dogs have a long lifespan compare to other dog breeds. They have an average life span of 14 to 15 years.
  • These canines also face issues with separation anxiety. They don’t like being all alone and easily get frustrate and bore.

“Be sure that as an owner, you should provide plenty of daily mental and physical exercise to avoid separation anxiety.” 

To keep your Tamaskan husky happy and healthy, keep going to the vet for regular checkups, and if any health issues are identified, there are tests to be done such as X-Rays, Physical Examinations, and Blood Panels DNA. 


Get the Tamaskan dog only from the well-known or Tamaskan dog register breeders. And before you adopt, check the breeder’s background and ask for the essential information. 

Interesting Facts About Tamaskan Dog

tamaskan dog
  • Tam Dogs have a short but fascinating history of 40 years.  
  • In 2010, a Tamaskan husky name “Wave”  became the live Mascot of the North Carolina State Football Team.
  • In 2016, a Tamaskan dog name Luchta play the role of “The Wolf” in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.
  • These pretty giant dogs can also be seen in music videos such as the Lucretia Choir.
  • Every day on average, they need between 60 and 90 minutes of exercise or around 18 miles of exercise per week.
  • They also have a thick double coat, just like that of an Alaskan Malamute or a Siberian Husky.
  • A Tamaskan dog may look like an angry wolf to you, but in reality, this dog breed is well known for its kind, loyal and affectionate behavior.

Is Tamaskan Dogs Good Pets?

tamaskan dog

My answer will be this single statement “ Tamaskan dogs may look wolf-like or tough from outside, but their heart is filled with softness and kindness.” 

They’re a smart, loyal companion that will be perfect for an individual or family looking for a high-octane dog or hiking, swimming, or jogging buddy! Although they’re child-friendly yet, it’s better to have this dog when you have all adults at the house. 

With patience, love, and a lot of exercise and training, the Tamaskan can easily be adjusted to the urban or city environment. Take care of their diet and ask your vet before you put anything in your dog’s bowl.

I hope this in-depth Tamaskan dog breed guide will help you in understanding these super active giant dogs.

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