Dogs Camping Gear

Having a pet is already a matter of luck and if you have a dog as your buddy then you are sorted because your pet dog can be your best friend forever. Now while having a dog can be an exciting thing but apart from the fun and joy there are some responsibilities as well and moreover, your basic routine would be affect because before doing anything you would have to think about your paw friend. So there are some kinds of Dog Camping Gear materials which you need to take along with you so that the camping would go on easily without any such trouble.

If you are someone who is very much fond of camping then you might want to take your dog along with you but taking your dog there is not that easy. There are some restrictions or you can say some precautions that you need to take if you are going Camping with Dogs.

Apart from all the worries there are some funs as well in taking your dog for camping and there you would not only be able to enjoy a lot but at the same time, you would be able to share a nice bond with your dog. Now, just for fun, you cannot risk your dog’s health.

Why dog Camping Gear is Important?

Important of Dog Camping Gear

Your dog lives certain lifestyles just like us but unlike us, they cannot suddenly change their lifestyle in one go. Going camping can affect their lifestyle and can eventually make them uncomfortable as well as sick at the same time which no one wants for sure and that is the reason dog camping gear is very important.

There are some basic things that you need to bring for your dogs and also there are some things that you can add or replace according to your dog’s requirements because your dog may be comfortable with a towel whereas other dogs may want to avoid a towel.

Dog Treats

Dog Treats for Camping Gear

Now, this is something that cannot be replace and every pet needs this and treats would help you in training your dog in a better way. Here make sure to carry some kind of Healthy Dog Treats because you don’t want to make your dog sufferer and while being in camping, your dog may crave treats more than usual so it is very important to make sure that the treats are healthy.

It is better to carry some extra treats because you never know if you get stuck on the way back to your home so you should not take chance here. You can get your dog’s favorite treat here so your dog would be calm for a long period of time without troubling you anyhow.

Treats would be able to keep your dog motivate for some good training and so your dog would be able to learn a lot at the end of the camping which has to be a great thing for sure. Make sure to load your dog with lots of calories as that can cause a health issue and the impact can be on your dog for a long period of time which can trouble you for sure. You can fill small containers with dog treats and can carry that along with you.

Hand Free Leash

Hand Free Leash for Dog Camping Gear

Your dog may not be very familiar with a hand-free dog leash but this can prove very helpful if you are traveling with your dog and if you are on a camp trip with your dog then you need to get this for your dog. Now you need to understand the fact that your dog is not that familiar with hiking as well as climbing and it is for sure that even you cannot hike or climb up hills while carrying your dog on your arm.

So here the hand-free dog leash comes in handy as it would not only help you balance better but at the same time, it would also make sure that you have perfect control over your dog as well. So even your dog would be less likely to fall as well as struggle. A hand-free dog leash is basically a strap that would be either tied with your dog’s entire body or would be just tied at the neck area and the other end of the leash would be in your hand so you would be able to direct your dog wherever you are going without carrying him on your arm.

Now, if your dog is very small and is still in puppyhood then it is better not to climb too high hills with him, and also it is better to keep him within the reach of your hands so that you can balance even if your dog would get miss-balanced. While choosing a dog leash to make sure to get the one that is longer and also make sure to get a strong one because dogs are energetic animals so they can tend to run away and jump.

A weak leash can be a problem for you and at the same time, it can even invite lots of accidents which can be an unfortunate incident for you as well as for your paw friend. It is always better to get a body secure dog leash as that would provide you with a better grip over your dog so accidents are less like to take place.

Dog Travel Bed

Dog Travel Bed for Camping Gear

Now, this is optional and if you feel like your dog can sleep with you. Then you can totally skip this thing but in case your dog is not comfortable in sharing its space. While sleeping then this can be very important for your dog. Otherwise, your dog might have sleepless nights. Here you can have a small dog bed in your tent or you can even have a separate Dog Tent. Where you can set your dog’s bed.

Picking up a Perfect Dog’s Travel Bed is quite tricky and you may have to struggle while choosing the best one because different dogs might have different preferences when it comes to relaxation so it is better to have something similar to what your dog has in your home for sleeping.

There are different kinds of dog beds available both online as well as in the offline market and you can get them at an affordable price as well which is a great thing for sure. Now while choosing the bed you need to make sure about the comfort of the bed so at least have a good quality base that needs to be soft so that your dog would be comfortable while camping with you in the woods.

Eye Protection for The Dog

Eye Protection for The Dog to Camping Gear

This one thing should be common for both you as well as for your dog. Both should have some kind of eye protection as even if you can get your issues resolved. Then also your dog might struggle hard to even express the problem. He is going through so it is better to be secure.

Now here while you are outside in between the woods for camping so there are chances that you as well as your dog would have to deal with some small insects as well as dust which can get into your dog’s eyes and can create trouble for him. You can get eye protectors for your dog which can be bought from both online as well as the offline market at a reasonable price so at least the eyes would be protected as it is a very sensitive part of the body.

You can also try having an ear protector otherwise your dog can have ear infections. Which can be troublesome for you as well as for your dog.

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover at Camping Gear

Now, this is something just to keep your car seats clean. Because you never know what the situation turns out to be like during the journey. It is very important to keep on taking your dog out of the car for urine. As well as for pooping but in case you could not stop your car. They also don’t let your dog suffer instead you can let your dog release. It’s waste in your car seat which you can clean later on.

Now if you would not have any cover then this kind of situation can actually ruin your car seat and cleaning. That can be trouble and you may not get enough things to clean. While camping so it is better to have a seat cover instead. So even if your dog would vomit or poop there on the seat cover. You can either change it or you can clean it.

There are two types of seat cover available, one is the washable one. Which you can use for a number of times after washing. The other is the use and throw the seat cover and it is better to get the use. Throw one so that you don’t have to bear the hustle of cleaning. While traveling or enjoying camping with your dog.

Dog Food Bowl as Well as a Water Bottle

Dog Food Bowl as Well as a Water Bottle for Camping Gear

This is something really important because your dog has a habit of eating in certain containers. If you would serve food on something else. Then your dog may refuse to eat. This happens because most of the dogs are trained to eat only from their plates. It is a process of socializing. So that the dog would not be in trouble while others are enjoying food.

If it is the case with your dog as well then your dog would not be comfortable having food in different containers. So, you should carry his food bowl along with you while you plan camping. Now along with a food bowl, you should also carry a separate water bottle for your dog.

That should be filled with water as well so that your dog doesn’t have to drink water from waterways. As that can be dangerous for him and can invite health complications. Even you should carry your water from home as well in order to avoid such situations.

Fur Drier as Well as Towel

Fur Drier as Well as Towel at Camping Gear

Let me tell you what can happen if you would not have a fur drier with you. You might think that having grooming things are not that important. While going camping with your dog but you might prove wrong. Here because apart from other grooming products a fur drier is very essential. Which you should carry with you no matter what.

You never know when it would rain or when your dog would get wet while playing in the waterway. You cannot stop your dog from enjoying the moments. But if the area would lack proper sunlight then drying the fur naturally. It can be a task and on the other hand. If the fur would not get dried then your dog might get cold as well as fever. Which no one wants.

Here it is always better to get fur drier for your dog. You can get that in any pet shop or else you can also get a towel for your dog. To at least help in that situation. Also, make sure to bath your dog because dirt can affect his fur coat. For that, you should carry your dog’s fur wash as well.

Dog Toy

Dog Toy for Camping Gear

You never know when your dog starts behaving crazy. For those moments a toy can help you a lot in calming your dog out. So carrying a dog toy treat is very important here. You can also show the toy to train your dog certain things. In this way your dog would learn things easily and dealing with him would be less troublesome.

Here you can get his favorite toy from home and get it to him whenever needed. Getting your dog a toy would not only calm him down. But also in case of any injury or health issues. Also, this would keep your dog distracted from the pain.

First Aid for Your Both You as Well as for Your Dog

First Aid for Your Both You as Well as for Your Dog at  Camping Gear

This is the most important thing ever if you are getting your dog along with you for camping. Here you should include some important basic medicines. Which would help in general health complications and by that time you would be able to arrange some help.


As a good owner, you should check whether your dog has any specific health complications or not. For this, you can get a vet session or overall checkup session. Before planning the trip and even if you come to know about certain health problems. Then you can proceed with the treatment and also you can keep emergency medicines. So that your dog won’t have to suffer.

Basic medicines such as pain killers, Diarrhea Medicines, poop softener should be included in the first aid kit and you should carry your medicines as well because if you would fall sick then no one would take care of your dog so eventually, your dog would also suffer a lot due to lack of care.

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