Tips for Traveling with a Cat

9 Tips for Traveling with a Cat


Cat owners love their fur balls but traveling with these pets is panic-inducing. Cats are not great companions on the road; they do not like traveling and want to live in their place. They are not happy travelers. Most of the cat parents prefer to leave the cat behind when they go on a vacation. Let’s see some Tips for Traveling with a Cat.

Sometimes, there is no other option, such as when you don’t have anybody to take care of your pet at home, then your cat needs to come with you. However, traveling with your feline baby may be fun when you do arrangements accordingly. Travelling can develop a strong bonding between you and your cat with proper preparations.

Here are some tips that you can follow to provide your cat comfort during traveling.

Provide Some Stress Reliever

Traveling gives your cat a bit of anxiety, especially long car or plane traveling is stressful for your furry baby. It will work best if you medicate your cat before going on a trip. There are many stress relievers available in the market; you can give any of them to keep your cat comfortable and relaxed while traveling. It is better to visit your vet because he can guide you about the perfect medicines and their doze.

Tips for Traveling with a Cat


Use Crate

If traveling with your cat is necessary, you can make your stressful journey a breeze by using a crate because it can help you to calm your pet. Cats love small and confined places. It makes them feel that they are secure and no other creature can sneak upon them.

If you are traveling through a plane, then the crate is a key for a stress-free journey with your pet. If you are traveling for a long road trip, it would be best to make your cat get used to the environment by having short trips on the car with the cat.

Keep Yourself Protected

You and your pet should have insurance before going on a trip as you don’t know what will happen with you while traveling. Cats are susceptible animals; they can attack people; therefore, make sure that your cat is on the leash when you stop. When your cat is on a leash, you can prevent her from attacking other animals.

Your cat must have a collar and I.D chip; it will help you find her if she gets lost or forgets her way to you. It also helps the people to know that it is a house cat, not a stray cat.

Keep Your Kitty’s Food with You

Cats have a regular feeding routine, and if you don’t deal well with their routine, your cat may cause trouble for you, so keep your cat’s favorite food and snacks with you. Keep the travel-friendly food with you, not the cold one that needs a freezer to remain fresh. Beef jerky and chewy cat treats are the best traveling snacks you can keep with you during travel with your feline baby.

Tips for Traveling with a Cat


Bring Toys with You

Buy your cat’s favorite toys and keep them with you when traveling somewhere with your kitty. These toys will entertain your cat and keep her comfortable. If you think that the toys are not a wise option to travel with a cat, bring some catnips. They will keep your cat happy and calm during the whole journey.

Bring Your Kitty’s Litter Box with You

One of the essential things that you should keep with you is your kitty’s litter box. Collapsible and disposable litter boxes are a travel-friendly and wise option to keep with you while traveling as there is no need to clean or scoop them. 

Allow the Kitty to Rub Her Cheek If You Are in a Car

Kitties want to make everything familiar. When you are traveling in a car, allow your cat to rub her cheeks with the car seat to spread the scent. It will help her to claim the car as personal territory. Your cat will feel more relaxed and happy during traveling. 

Recommended Litter for the Cat While Traveling

Low dust and easily scoopable litter, which is best in odor-control and absorbance, is ideal for traveling. Your cat’s choice should be your top priority; keep the litter with you that your kitty loves to keep your journey stress-free. You can also use some cat litter attractant; if you do not use the disposable litter box, never forget to keep the mini scoop and caddy with you to scoop the litter anywhere freely. 

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Try to Live in a Pet-Friendly Hotel

If you are traveling with your pet overnight, then try to stay in a hotel that is pet friendly as some hotels don’t allow pets. Therefore, whenever you call a hotel for a room, ask them whether they allow pets or not.

Some Precautions to Travel with Your Cat in the Car

  • Keep your cat’s blanket, bed, or towel in the car or crate. It is the way to spread her scent in the car or carrier. Your cat will feel relaxed and comfortable while traveling. 
  • If you are driving a car, then ensure that your cat is in the carrier. It will help you to concentrate on driving to avoid any accident. A cat without a carrier is a free projectile; you will find her in the pedals or your lap while traveling, which is not safe, of course. 
  • Increase your kitty’s car time gradually; it will help her get familiar with the car and travel with time. 
  • Ensure that the crate or carrier you are using for your cat is comfortable. It should be according to the size of your pet. 
  • Never forget your pet’s current medicine while going on a long trip. 
  • In summer, keep excessive water and a cat bowl with you to prevent your furry baby from dehydration.
  • Do not give your cat tranquilizer because it can cause heart and respiratory problems in your cat during travel.
  • Never leave your kitty alone in your car. It may be hazardous. You must have someone to stay with your pet all the time.