What Can You Give a Dog for Pain? Facts, Medications

When you adopt a dog, it quickly becomes part of your family. We get very attached to our dogs, and thus, we need to take proper care of our dogs. Sometimes, you will see your dog in pain; at that time, you should know what can you give a dog for pain.

Some people think they use the same human pain meds for dogs, but it’s not right in all conditions. Way Dogs have their doctors (vets) in the same way they have their own medicines.

In this guide, you will learn everything about what you can give a dog for pain and how you can relieve pain in dogs. It will be very helpful whenever you find your dog in pain.

How to Recognize Signs of Pain in Your Dog

First, it is necessary to recognize quickly when your dog is in pain so that the pain can be cured early. You must consult the vet when you know your dog is in pain.

After you consult the vet, he will start the medications, and after that is important for you to monitor the progress and any signs of pain.

Common Signs of Pain in Dogs

  • Becomes restless
  • Seems uncomfortable
  • Crying
  • Increase in licking, rubbing, or chewing wound
  • Not responding properly
  • Not interacting with the people

Are Human Pain Meds Safe for Dogs?

Many people have doubts if they can give can dogs take pain medication for humans. There are certain medications which you can give to humans as well as dogs in certain conditions.

Heart medications, thyroid, and antibiotics can be taken by both humans as well as dogs. However, remember that even in certain conditions, the medications can be the same, but the dosage would never be the same.

The metabolism of humans and dogs are entirely different, and thus, the dosage varies a lot. Also, it means that some medicines considered safe for humans may be toxic for dogs.

It is advised to completely avoid the common over-the-counter human pain relievers like Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and naproxen. These medications can result in stomach bleeding, kidney failure, and liver failure. Thus, you need to take the vet’s advice before giving medications to your dog.

How to Comfort a Dog in Pain?

How to Comfort a Dog in Pain

When the dog is in pain, it becomes important you comfort your dog so that he feels better. Here are some useful ways to comfort a dog in pain:

Give Them a Massage

When it comes to relieving pain and aches, massage is quite useful. It works the same as it works for humans, providing comfort and relief. So, what can I give my dog for pain apart from medicines? You should massage them.

Massaging your dog’s body from top to bottom sends a signal to them to relax. The dog’s ears are. Make sure to rub the ears of your dog. The dog’s ears have nerve endings; when you rub them, they release endorphins, making your dog feel good.

Begin at the base of the ear by applying gentle pressure down to the tip. You may also find your dog leaning into your hand to increase the pressure. It is a good sign as it means the dog likes the massage and pampering.

Feed Them a Proper Diet

A balanced diet is very important, especially for ageing, overweight, and other dogs with chronic illnesses. The dog must get all the proper nutrients from the diet.

If your dog is overweight, then he will experience aches and pains. A well-balanced diet will help your dog lose some extra pounds and be normal.


Sometimes a distraction can reduce the pain & discomfort of a dog. This is the same for humans and pets; when the attention is diverted from the pain, it starts reducing. Thus, giving them toys is a great way to reduce the pain in the dogs.

When you give engaging toys to your dogs, they will have fun and be distracted from the pain. Some dogs enjoy chewing the toys, while other puppies like to cuddle and snuggle up.

Keep the Environment Comfortable

Another way to comfort the dog in pain is by keeping the surrounding environment comfortable. If possible, buy an orthopedic bed when the dog is in pain. You can even add comforting toys to the space to reduce stress; you can even use essential oils to soothe their mind. However, some essential oils can be harmful to your pet.

Give Them Your Time

Sometimes all we want is just the time of our loved ones, especially when we are in pain. The same is with the dogs; when they are in pain, try being with them and give them your time, love, and affection.

Pain Medication

If your dog is suffering from pain due to any particular medical procedure or injury, then your vet may prescribe pain management medication.

What Can You Give Dog for Pain Relief at Home?

What Can You Give Dog for Pain Relief at Home

If your dog is in pain, then before consulting the dog, you can even start working on relieving your dog’s pain at home. Here are the ways you can treat dog pain at home:


If your dog is facing pain from injuries, you can use an ice pack in a towel to cure that injury. However, do not apply an ice pack on open wounds or when the pain is internal. Also, if your dog is not ready for the ice pack and not allowing you to apply it, do not force it. If he lets you apply it for 5 to 10 minutes twice daily.


Heat therapy is also a popular option for curing pain at home. Use the heating element in a towel and apply it to the dog. Avoid the heating pads as they are too hot for the dog’s skin.


Rest is important when your dog is in pain. Don’t allow your dog to run around if he is hurt, even if he wants to, because it will increase the healing time. You can give your soft bed or fluffy blankets to the dog as it will be very relaxing.


What Can You Give a Dog for Pain Relief Over the Counter?

The question of what can you give a dog for pain relief is very common. So, let us tell you that Aspiring is an over-the-counter pain reliever that can be given to dogs.

Which Home Remedy Is Best for Your Dog?

Ice-pack and coconut oils are some of the best home remedies for your dog.

Are Human Painkillers Suitable for Dogs?

You should never give any human painkillers to the dogs; instead, consult the vet.

Does Paracetamol Make Dogs Sleepy?

By taking paracetamol, your dogs will become tired, and due to this, they may get sleepy.

Can I Give My Dog Turmeric?

Turmeric is a safe option when taken in small quantities.

Final Thoughts:-

At last, we would say that taking proper care of your dog is very important. When your dog is in pain, you should know what can you give the dog for pain. We have mentioned what you can give your dog in pain and how to comfort them.

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