what To do when Your Dog Dies

Losing your pet is as saddening as losing your human friend and this can be very heartbreaking but you have to be strong. Now this is a fact that after a certain time your pet would die and you can to understand this thing and as soon as you would be able to understand this fact then it would be easy for you to handle the situation easily and calmly. If you ever feel like your dog is sick and the suffering is due to the age and is affected by Life-Threatening Disease then it is always suggested to get your pet admitted to the nearest pet hospital or to a good vet and if your dog would die their during the treatment then they would do everything for your dog’s cremation but the situation can take place in your home as well and now you might be wondering about What To Do When Your Dog Dies then here are some of the following things that you need to follow so that you could be fine throughout the procedure:

Are You Sure That Your Dog Passed Away?

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

Now, this is the main thing here, many times it happens that a dog goes through a cardiac arrest and so you think that the dog is dead but in reality saving the dog is still possible. Here you would have to concentrate on your dog’s pulse and try to feel it and if anyhow you feel like your dog is still alive then rush to the nearest veterinarian and make sure to get number or your dog’s vet so that he can help you throughout the situation.

If you feel like that even the nearest veterinarian is quite far from your place then always keep first air handy so that at least your dog could survive until you reach the animal hospital. Here if you feel like your dog is already suffering from this or that health complications then always try to keep the relevant medicines handy so that at least you can try to save your dog and all these things are valid if you are sure that your dog is still alive and if you are sure that your beloved dog is no more than hold yourself strong because it is you who have to go through all the situations now and then just take the body to the nearest veterinarian so that they can assist you for the further procedure which needs to be done after the death of your pet dog.

Try To Contact Your Veterinarian As Soon As Possible

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

Now if the sad incident took place in normal weekdays and that too during duty hours then the vet office can help you a lot go through the situation so you just have to call them and they would assist you with everything and there are chances that maybe someone from the vet office can come to pick the body up to the vet’s office for further procedure and while you have a pet you should always get the mobile vet service handy with you because you never know when you need them and even if your dog would feel sick then also they can help you a lot.

Most of the time vet offices or mobile vet service do provide with an emergency service so in case the incident takes place in holidays so at least they can store your dog’s body for some days so that you can take the decision about the after death arrangements.

Most of the vet’s office do have good contacts with the local pet crematory or burial companies so you would not have to search for anything and you just have to sit back and take decision about whether you want your dog to get buried or you want to go with cremation and while you take the decision it is always better not to waste any more time and go on with the procedure as soon as possible otherwise the body can start reacting which is definitely not a very good thing in this situation and even experts advise the same in this situation.

Reach Out For Help

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

It is a very saddening situation and here in this time you would be emotionally broken and you would need someone who would help you throughout because the pain of losing a loyal friend is much more than we expect and there is no loyal friend than a pet dog. At this time when you are emotionally broken then it might be difficult for you to make decisions so it is always suggested to no stay up alone in this situation and always be with someone who can calm you down at this situation so that making decisions could be a bit easier for you.

Now, this is a fact that you have to do everything alone by yourself only but having someone around would always keep you a bit confident. Here you can call your close friend or any of your trusted family members so that the person could be there for you and if you would feel troubled then that person can handle the situation.

Now it is always advised to have someone who knows how to handle these kind of situations or the one who already went through these once in their life because it happens that you may become too weak to do anything for your dog after the dog’s death and so in this situation the person who knows about it can do the after death procedure for you. Make sure to call a pet lover otherwise situation can be worse than you can ever even think.

Handle The Body

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

Now you may feel uncomfortable reading this or talking about this but there can be a situation that you may have to handle your pets’ body and this happens if the death takes place in a non working day so maybe you would not be able to avail the home pick up of your dog’s body so in this case, you have to prepare yourself to handle the body by yourself. Now if your dog would die in the midnight then you would have to handle your dog’s body until help arrives and so you would have to know about the proper storing of a dead body so that the body could be fine for a day or so.

Now let us face the bitter truth that unlike the human body, the animal body starts decomposing right after the death and so eventually after some time a bad odour would start spreading in your house which would, of course, come from your dog’s dead body.

The process of decomposition increases with the temperature so if this happens during the summer time then you are kind of misfortunate about the situation as well and so you need to adjust the temperature of the room as soon as possible and if you are thinking that turning on your Air conditioner to the lowest temperature would help then you can not entirely wrong and this does help to a certain extent but the best thing here is to cover the body with ice or you can actually freeze the body if possible and it is kind of gross but you would do this in order to avoid the germs as well as insects that the body of any dead animal often attracts.

How To Carry The Body:

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

Now, this is a fact that happens with any dead body that after death the body starts releasing fluids as well as remaining waste materials from the body so make sure to not forget to put on your hand gloves while handling the dead body of your dog because at the end of the time hygiene is important.

You would even have to keep on cleaning the mouth as well as anus or genital area of your dog if notice any waste or fluid kind of thing and also it is pity obvious that if the dead body would face any kind of movement then it would start to release all the waste so it is very important to cover the body with a blanket or anything and then hold it on and you can also cover it in a huge plastic so that you would not get messy with all that fluids and wastes.

You can literally cover the body in the blanket first and then get it covered in plastic and then simply freeze the body in your freezer until help arrives. Make sure to sanitize your home thereafter so that any germ buildup could not take place at all and you can actually go on with a proper cleanup process to ensure the hygiene of your home.

Burying Your Dog

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

It is good if you are going with the cremation process and in this case, the veterinarian would help you but if your decision is to get your dog buried in your backyard then you would have been sure about the laws of your city about the burial of dead body because the different place has different laws about it.

Now make sure to put your dog’s body in a wooden casket and also make sure to remove any non biodegradable objects for the body and then get the body buried in at least 3 to 4 feet deep and you can also have a headstone for the memory of your beloved dog and the headstone is also important to get the place marked so that the place doesn’t get dug and also choose a place where you would not have to dig for any reason.

 What To Do When Your Dog Dies

These were everything that you need to know if your dog dies in your home and no matter what the situation always be strong and practical about it as this would help you a lot.

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