why dogs follow me Masters Everywhere

Ever wondered why your canine friend follows you almost everywhere? This is a common tendency by dogs to follow their masters everywhere which some find very affectionate while some may get irritate by tripping over their dogs always. Experts have come up with a term known as “Velcro Dogs’ which is given to exhibit this kind of behavior of your canine fellow.

Dogs are always up to following their masters everywhere as they are always enthusiastic about knowing where their masters are wandering.  Experts, however, have suggest a few reasons why dogs follow their masters everywhere. Given below are a few reasons.


Dog Showing Companionship

This is one of the basic reasons why dogs follow their masters. Dogs, unlike humans, cannot go out and socialize with the rest of the world and are therefore totally dependent on their masters for it. As time passes by and the dogs become domesticate, they become focus on the humans he is staying with and look up to them as his companion. By following you everywhere it just wants to reflect on the bond that you both share.


Dog Showing attention

Some canines do it for the sake of attention. This is more evident if you have a dog at your home since it was a puppy. They exhibit human baby kind of characteristics and just like how a toddler follow its parents everywhere, similarly, the dogs also follow you everywhere. They want to make you realize that they are very much next to you and you should be acknowledging their presence.


Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Dogs with the passage of time get to know that what their masters have been trying to teach them. And if there is some positive thing or habit that the dogs are very much fond of, they might get incline to the person who has taught them and keep following them everywhere. For example, if the child of the house is the one who offers food to the dog every day, the dog is more likely to follow the child than any other member of the house. Dogs also show other Behavioural Problems that might give you a tough time.

Separation Anxiety

Dog having separation anxiety

Dogs like every other animal are very much scaring of getting separate from their masters. That ends up in them suffering from separation anxiety. When dogs are aware that their master leaves home every day at a particular time. They might get scare and would want to recline towards them more and keep following them.


Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere

Curiosity is one of the major reasons why dogs keep following you almost everywhere. Dogs are anywhere very curious by nature and they might always want to know what you are up to. If they find you opening a packet of food or grocery polythene. They might just want to know what is there inside and keep following you around the house the entire day.

These are some common reasons why you find a dog following you everywhere. However, there might be days when they just want to sit at the corner and not follow you anywhere. You should then not come up with the thought that does My Dog Love Me. It might probably just be because he is done for the day. It might get back to his action sometime soon.

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