All You Need To Know About The Greek Mythological Bird: Real Phoenix Bird


People who love bird sighting often get excite about phoenix birds. Real phoenix bird sightings could be a bit of adventure because of the fact that this particular bird is very rare. And have a connection from Greek Mythology. 

Unlike other legendary creatures that we can only read in books and can have an assume picture in our mind. Real phoenix birds actually have their existence and can be seen as well. Many people have record the existence of this bird. Getting a chance to see these mysterious creatures have a lot of mystery in their existence is definitely very exciting to know about. 


It is believe that this mythical creature rises from the ashes and is immortal. But it knows very well when its time to leave the world. And when the time comes, this beautiful mythical creature builds its own funeral pyre or nest. It ignites itself with the single clap of wings. After a few days of its death, it rises again from the ashes and flies away. 

When new Phoenix arises, young and powerful, it collects the ashes of its predecessor in an egg of myrrh. And deposits it on the altar of the sun god at the Sun, Heliopolis.

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The following are some points that will give you an overview of the article:-

  • It is said that this bird rose from ashes and is immortal, won’t meet its death ever. 
  • This bird resembles different birds from different parts of the world. Like Egyptian Bennu, Native American Thunderbird, Russian Firebird, Chinese Fenghuang, and Japanese Hō-ō. Even it’s existence has different stories. (Discuss in the article) 
  • This bird has become a symbol of the resurrection which means rising from the dead. 
  • In ancient Greece and Rome, it seldom associate with the Phoenicia (now Lebanon). Which was known for its production of purple dye from Conch shells.
  • It is said in ancient times this bird look like a bird on fire, so red and bright. It look as if a piece of fire has literally taken the shape of a bird. 
What it Symbolizes?

real phoenix bird


The mythical creature, Phoenix symbolizes “the sun, time, the empire, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, life in the heavenly paradise, christ, mary virginity, the exceptional man.”

As we state above, different cultures have different believes as well as an image of this mythical bird. Here we are going to describe its existence from different viewpoints.


Egyptians have mention about Bennu, a mythical creation of bird heron. 

According to the belief, Bennu live on the top of ben-ben stones or obelisks and was worship along with Osiris & Ra. It was seen as an avatar of Osiris (a living symbol of deity). This bird has appear on the amulets as a symbol of rebirth and immortality.


Herodotus, a Greek historian wrote, Ancient Heliopolis priests describe the bird as living for 500 years before building its own funeral pyre. The newly born Phoenix will take the ashes to the altar of the sun god. In ancient Greece, it is said that this mythical creature didn’t eat fruits but frankincense and aromatic gums. It collects cinnamon and myrrh for the preparation of its funeral pyre.


In Asian mythology, Phoenix reign over all the bird and is the symbol of Chinese Empress, feminine grace, as well as sun and south. This bird is consider as representatives of Chinese virtues: goodness, propriety, duty, kindness, and reliability. Palaces and temples all are guard by the ceramic protective beasts, led by Pheonix.


In Jewish, Phoenix is also known as the Milcham, a faithful and immortal bird.

Let’s go back to the time of Adam and Eve. When Eve possess the apple of knowledge, she tempt animals of the ‘Eden’ (garden) with the forbidden fruit. But Milcham refuse to eat that fruit. Hence, it was grant with life where there was eternal peace, rebirthing every 1000 years and immune to the angel death, which means it can’t face death naturally.

real phoenix bird


Now Let’s Talk About its Appearance (as per Ancient Times):- 

This large and grand bird has a tuft of feathers at the back of its head. the color it has is in reds, purples, and yellows that sometimes resembles the sun. It shines like sapphire and has blue eyes.

Basically, there are three descriptions that are revolving around its appearance:-

The first one is it has the head, breast, and back of scarlet or reddish-gold color with the indifferent colors in the wings: the Tyrian purple feet and sea-blue eyes.

The second one is the Plum-color body with scarlet, black feathers and golden head with a long tail of rose or azure.

Now last one, a royal purple bird with a golden neck and head.

Here are a few interesting facts about the real phoenix bird that you need to check out:

  • In the mid-20th century, the Phoenix rising from the flames was the symbol of the mountain government of Greek and the regime of Colonels.
  • Pheonix has been use as the central symbol in the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowlings.
  • Sylvia Plath refers to the Phoenix at the end of her famous poem Lady Lazarus.
  • In the poem, she has describe her unsuccessful attempts at committing suicide, taking it as successful resurrection. Just like in the tales of biblical character Lazarus and the Phoenix. The poem ends with the lines, “Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair / And I eat men like air.”
  • Edith Nesbit’s famous children’s novel revolves around the friendship of Phoenix and its quirky friendship with a family of children.
  • There are modern additions to the myth as well, like tears of Phoenix have the healing power, and one can’t lie when Phoenix is near.
  • In many places around the world, it is believe that watching this bird would bring good luck and success in life.
Real Phoenix Bird Sightings:

Well, it cannot be said clearly whether the story behind this bird is real or not, but even today, people get equally excite when it comes to real phoenix bird sighting. People believe that phoenix birds are actually the Philippine Eagles and people travel from places just to get a glimpse of this bird. Most of the people come to see the bird because of the fact that this bird proves to be extremely lucky and who don’t want to get lucky. 


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These were few facts about real phoenix birds which you should know, and if you are searching for some good luck, you can also try going for a phoenix bird sighting. For more interesting information on such kind of mythical creatures or breeds, visit Petsnurturing.