Anatolian Shepherd Dog

An Encyclopedia of Anatolian Shepherd- A Must-Read Before Buying


The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is one of the oldest dogs in the dog world. Their existence is from centuries. The origin of this dog is hidden in its name only. Anatolia – a city in Turkey. Do you know? They have been honored to get a space on the national postage stamp. They were bred in ancient times when humans were living a nomadic lifestyle to protect flocks. It is said that the ancestors of an Anatolian shepherd were bred from the working dog breeds that dated back to 6000 years. Tribes may have bought the mastiff and sighthound breeds together that contributed to the agility, long legs, and aloof character of the breed.

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First, the basic and foremost information:-

Breed Group:- Working Dogs

Height:- 27 inches to 29 inches

Weight:- 80 to 150 Pounds

Life Expectancy:- 11 to 13 years

Traits:- Loyal, Independent, Protective, and Aloof

Also known by the name:- Coban Kopegi, Karabash Dog, and Kangal Dog

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We have covered all the information regarding its appearance, personality traits, grooming needs, health and care, and its training. In addition to that, we have also mentioned its facts.


Anatolian Shepherd Dog


The identification of this shepherd dog is not that tuff! Following are the features you will find in them:-

  • They are large and well-muscled canine with even flowing gait.
  • They have nearly rectangular faces and triangle and flat ears.
  • A medium-length neck and barrel-like body.
  • Always have an alert expression.
  • They have black or brown eyes.
  • They can be found in white, sesame, piebald, and cream color.
  • Have a double coat, of which the undercoat is short, and the outer coat can vary from short to rough. The length may be longer on the neck and mane.

An interesting thing to know:- Some of their parents describe them having lion’s mane around their neck.

Personality Traits:

Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Now let’s take a look at their behavior and traits:

  • This Anatolian Shepherd is unimaginable intelligent and highly protective of its loved one. They will protect you no matter what!
  • Too protective but not aggressive. They are calm, friendly, and affectionate dogs.
  • Also, they think of themselves as a protector and will always be on alert. They are vocal dogs. Once the suspicion is raised, they will bark to alert you.
  • They won’t take a child as their owner because, according to them, children are to be protected. They will protect them from every basic thing even if it found your child’s friend suspicious because of certain events; it will react in a protective way.
  • Their temperament depends on heredity, training, and socialization.
  • They will behave reserved in front of strangers. And are kind of introverts.
  • They are sweet and friendly doga and nice with kids too, but they aren’t that playful. 


Anatolian Shepherd Dog


The grooming requirement is on a moderate level as they stay clean. But as all-breed needs grooming, its necessary for them too. See the following pointers for the grooming needs:-

  • It will need brushing twice a week as it has a short coat.
  • But keep in mind they shed twice a year fully, and during that time, you will need to brush thoroughly using a short-brittle brush and a comb to remove all the dead hair.
  • Brush Anatolian’s teeth twice or thrice a week and remove the tartar build-up and germs inside its mouth. You can brush its teeth daily to avoid gum disease and bad smell.
  • The nail clipping is necessary as they grow long. Generally, you will need to do it every six weeks.
  • Check his ears weekly and clean them with pH-balanced ear cleaner and cotton ball, in order to avoid infections.
  • Check his eyes and body properly as you groom to know about the infections it catches as soon as possible.
  • A visit to a vet will help in getting an exact knowledge about this little pup.

Health & Care:

Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Though Karabash dogs are healthy, just like other breeds, it is also prone to some health disease. And just like humans and other breeds, he also needs care. Consider followings points, and you are good to go:-

  • It is a hardy dog and can adapt to living outdoors, indoors, or even both. But kennel isn’t the right place. 
  • Build a fence of about 6 feet for their as well as outsiders protection. This dog is an active defender; it will try to protect the turf with all its might even if a stranger entered unknowingly or by mistake.
  • Also, it will need a healthy food diet, no matter commercially packed food or homemade with the vet instruction.
  • It won’t overeat.
  • They are prone to diseases like CHD (canine hip dysplasia) and elbow dysplasia. There are minor chances of entropion too. The tests related to hip and elbow are recommended.


Anatolian Shepherd Dog


As it is one of the working dogs, training and exercise needs are high. Though they can be easily trained.

  • The foremost and important training that should be done is obedience training and socialization. Start these two training from an early age. 
  • Anatolian Shepherd Puppies are playful and loved being held. They are even playful, so it can help you to train them in obedience easily.
  • Take them to busy parks, enroll them in puppy kindergarten to socialize them.
  • Attack training is not needed. They have got protective nature in heredity. They will take the role of a guardian as soon as they turn 18 months old.
  • As they are work dogs, it’s hard to train them with commands. They won’t respond to thank you, and please. They need an owner that gives confident commands with a stern and clear voice.
  • Treat based training is recommended, but make sure to feed treats accordingly and safely. Overdose of treats can result in obesity.

Facts & Highlight:

Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Following are some of the facts and highlights of the Anatolian shepherd dog:-

  • If they are untrained and unsocialized, they can get over-possessive, uncontrollable, and aggressive.
  • They are excellent diggers.
  • Some of them can be dog-aggressive.
  • They will protect you with all their might.
  • They can live on their own.
  • The Turks kept them all for themselves; they came to the U.S for some secret government mission.
  • You must keep yourself ready for the challenges. As they grow old, the need for exercise increases. They are guard dogs and need miles of walking.
  • They are large in size, so you will have to be prepared for all the challenges. Even while traveling, you will need a large vehicle for them.
  • They are allergic to anesthesia, so consult a vet before proceeding for any kind of surgery.
  • They make the great pack leader.

Final Evaluation:-

Anatolian Shepherd Dog


Believe us, this is the dog that you will want for your or your family member’s protection. Once it starts loving you, it will never unlove you. You will need to invest your time in its training and grooming. You won’t have to look for bodyguards if you have Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

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