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Athletic, Intelligent, Energetic, Obedient, and Protective — If you’re looking for these characteristics in a dog, a German Shepherd will definitely be the perfect dog breed for you! However, if you are still not satisfied and want more personality traits in a dog, get a German Shepherd Mix!

Pure breed German shepherds are considered one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These friendly dogs are confident, protective, and easy to train, making them excellent family pets.

Now imagine all these traits mixed with other great dog breeds. Would that be fascinating?

You can get a dog of choice with the best traits and strengths when mixed with other breeds. For example, when a German Shepherd crossbreeds with a Golden Retriever, the result is The Golden Shepherd! This mixed breed has all the characteristics of both parent breeds and a few of its own!

Today in this blog, we’ve listed the best 31 German Shepherd mix breeds for you! We’ve included many distinct and unique dog breeds, from cute Corgi mixes to large Pitbull mixes. So keep reading till the end and find the one more suitable for you and your family!

Now, let’s look at the list!

31 Types of German Shepherd Mixes To Get in 2023

1. German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Siberian Shepherd

german shepherd mix
Height20–25 inches
Weight45–80 pounds
Life Expectancy10–13 years

What is a German Shepherd Husky Mix called?

  • The Siberian Shepherd, also known as ‘The Shepsky’ and ‘The Gerberian Shepsky,’ is a hybrid breed of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky.
  • This husky German Shepherd mix is a loving, playful, protective canine.
  • They can learn things quickly and are also good with pets and children.

2. German Shepherd Pitbull Mix – The Sheppit

german shepherd mix
Height17–26 inches
Weight30–90 pounds
Life Expectancy10–12 years

What is a German Shepherd Pitbull mix called?

  • If you want a short-haired German Shepherd puppy with a muscular body, a German Shepherd pit mix will be a great option!
  • A Pitbull German Shepherd mix is commonly known as the Sheppit, German Sheppit, German Pit, or Shepherd Pit.
  • These Pitbull and German shepherd mixes are highly intelligent and affectionate dogs.
  • A German Shepherd mix husky is quite protective towards their family.

3. German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix – The Golden Shepherd

german shepherd mix
Height21–26 inches
Weight50–90 pounds
Life Expectancy7–12 years
  • Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix is one of the most popular hybrids in the United States.
  • These cute and fluffy golden shepherds are known for their friendly and fun-loving personalities.
  • The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix puppies are a great option for first-time pet owners.

4. German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix – The Shepweiler

german shepherd mix
Height22–28 inches
Weight75–115 pounds
Life Expectancy9–13 years
  • The Shepweiler, also known as the Rottie Shepherd, is a Rottweiler German Shepherd mix resulting from a cross between the German Shepherd and Rottweiler dog breeds.
  • A full grown German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a highly active, loyal, and powerful canine (just like the parent breeds).
  • These German Shepherd Rottweiler mixes are an excellent choice for people looking for a guard dog or watchdog!

5. German Shepherd Corgi Mix – The Corman Shepherd

german shepherd mix
Height12 – 15 inches
Weight20 – 70 pounds
Life Expectancy12 – 15 years
  • Look at this doggo and tell us what’s cuter than this Corgi German Shepherd mix. Nothing, right?
  • These canines are smart, loyal, and intelligent like the German Shepherd but are compact like the Corgi.
  • These dogs are friendly with people; however, they tend to bark or howl quite often, which they inherit from their corgi parents.
  • Also, Corgi and German Shepherd mixes are not suitable for apartments.

6. German Shepherd Poodle Mix – The Shepadoodle

german shepherd mix
Height22–28 inches
Weight60–90 pounds
Life Expectancy10–14 years
  • You’ll surely love this Poodle German Shepherd mix if you love the doodle and poodle breeds!
  • However, keep in mind that there is nothing like a typical sheepadoodle. This means that, like the poodle parent breeds, they are available in various sizes.
  • These dogs have adorable, curly hair and calm temperament.
  • These German Shepherd and Poodle mix love to spend time with their owners.

7. German Shepherd Doberman Mix – Doberman Shepherd

german shepherd mix
Height22–26 inches
Weight90–110 pounds
Life Expectancy10–13 years
  • Dominant, confident, and extremely protective – these are the main characteristics of the Doberman German Shepherd Mix.
  • The Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd are one of the most powerful breeds in the world.
  • Full grown German Shepherd Doberman mix puppies can be stubborn at certain things; however, they can be easily guided with the right training.

8. German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix – The German Australian Shepherd

german shepherd mix
Height20 – 23 inches
Weight46 – 65 pounds
Life Expectancy13 – 15 years
  • Available in a wide range of coat colors, the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd mix is active and hardworking dogs.
  • The German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix pups will always keep you busy.
  • Daily exercise and training are an important part of the growth routine of the Australian German Shepherd mixes.

9. German Shepherd Lab Mix – The Labrashepherd

german shepherd mix
Height20–27 inches
Weight60–95 pounds
Life Expectancy10–12 years
  • Have you seen a black lab German Shepherd mix? If yes, great; if not, you should take a look!
  • The German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix, or sheprador or Labrashepherd, is one of America’s most popular and sociable dogs. So don’t miss it!
  • These dogs are quite obedient, intelligent, and easy to train and care for.

10. German Shepherd Border Collie Mix – The Shollie

german shepherd mix
Height21–29 inches
Weight70–80 pounds
Life Expectancy13–15 years
  • The German Shepherd Collie mix, called The Shollie, is a working dog breed.
  • As the parent breed, German Shepherd and Border Collie, are considered loyal and even-tempered, the German Shepherd Border Collie mix puppy also has the same traits.
  • These cute Border Collie German Shepherd mixes are available in black, brown, golden, white, and more coat color options.

11. German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog – Sheparnese

mixed shepherd puppies
Height23–28 inches
Weight75–110 pounds
Life Expectancy9–12 years
  • Are you looking for a canine who has a quick ability and suspicion to guard your family? Your search ends here with the Sheparnese!
  • This is a hybrid breed resulting from a crossbred between a German Shepherd and a Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • These strong canines will not hesitate to jump into any condition to keep their families safe.

12. German Shepherd Beagle Mix – Beagle Shep

mixed shepherd puppies
Height15–24 inches
Weight26–30 pounds
Life Expectancy10–14 years
  • For pet owners searching for a medium-sized German Shepherd mix, the Shepherd Beagle mix is perfect!
  • With an eagerness to run and play, this German Shepherd Beagle mix can keep you busy all day long.
  • These canines are known for their high prey drive, so it is recommended not to keep them with other small animals like cats.

13. German Shepherd Alaskan Malamute Mix – Alaskan Shepherd

mixed shepherd puppies
Height24–28 inches
Weight50–90 pounds
Life Expectancy10–12 years
  • Big and beautiful, the German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute Mix dogs are available in several colors.
  • Sometimes these pups can act stubborn and aloof, but this can be corrected with early socialization and training.
  • Because of their large size, they need extra space for running and outdoor activities. And they’re not comfortable living in apartments.

14. German Shepherd Hound Mix – Shephound

mixed shepherd puppies
Height12–20 inches
Weight50–70 pounds
Life Expectancy10 – 14 years
  • The Shepherd Hound mix or Shephound is the favorite mixed breed in America.
  • These hybrid breeds can be registered at kennel clubs to join various dog competitions and events.
  • Another fascinating fact about these German Shepherd mixes is that they’re excellent at smelling things.

15. German Shepherd Malinois Mix – Malinois X

mixed shepherd puppies
Height20–26 inches
Weight65–85 pounds
Life Expectancy10–14 years
  • Malinois German Shepherd mix or Malinois X is a new hybrid mix breed of the active Belgian Malinois and loyal German Shepherd dog.
  • A German Shepherd Malinois mix puppy is a firecracker because it has characteristics of both the parent breed.
  • These canines are well known for police work, hunting activities, and also as guard dogs and family pets.

16. German Shepherd Wolf Mix – The German Wolf

mixed shepherd puppies
Height24–26 inches
Weight50–60 pounds
Life Expectancy12–14 years
  • Wolves as domestic animals – this is quite difficult to imagine, right? Yes, but here we’re talking about the German Wolf, a cross between German Shepherd and Wolf.
  • This type of hybrid dog was first introduced by Leendert Saarloos in 1932.
  • The German Wolf is a beautiful and powerful animal that is great as a domestic pet.
  • These types of mixed dog breeds are rare, so make sure to get them from a reputable breeder with the right breed information.

17. German Shepherd Akita Mix – The Shepkita

mixed shepherd puppies
Height24–28 inches
Weight75–120 pounds
Life Expectancy10–13 years
  • Akita Shepherd or Shepkita is a crossbreed of German Shepherd and Akita.
  • These mixed shepherd puppies are fearless, playful, and brave guard dogs.
  • When it comes to maintenance and exercise, Akita German Shepherd mixes also require the same amount of care and training as their parent breeds.
  • These canines have every trait and characteristic of becoming an ideal family pet.

18. German Shepherd Dachshund Mix – Dachshund Shepherd

mixed shepherd puppies
Height10–20 inches
Weight20–60 pounds
Life Expectancy7–14 years
  • Here is another small German Shepherd mix breed for you – Dachshund Shepherd Mix!
  • Available in various coat colors and types, these German Shepherd Dachshund Mixes have similar traits to their parents, including physical appearance and temperament.
  • Overall, this is a good domestic breed; however, it has some medical issues due to its long body and short stature.

19. German Shepherd Pug Mix – Shug

mixed shepherd puppies
Height10–15 inches
Weight45–50 pounds
Life Expectancy10–16 years
  • When you mix a purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Pug, you’ll get a Shug!
  • Unfortunately, this modern designer breed is still not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • German Shepherd and Pug mix puppies are small, so they can fit anywhere.
  • Also, keep in mind that these friendly and playful dogs have a wide range of temperamental characteristics.

20. German Shepherd Mastiff Mix – Mastiff Shepherd

mixed shepherd puppies
Height27–30 inches
Weight130–190 pounds
Life Expectancy9–11 years
  • Meet the fluffy, lovely, and cute dogs – German Shepherd and Mastiff Mix!
  • Both protecting and loving, these Mastiff Shepherds will be your true companions.
  • One thing to remember is not to feed these canines too much. This is because they are not high-energy dogs, so excessive food and lack of exercise can put their health at risk.

21. German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix – Germanees

mixed shepherd puppies
Height22–32 inches
Weight75–120 pounds
Life Expectancy9–12 years
  • One thing is sure about these mixed German Shepherd breeds they are extremely protective and guarding towards their family.
  • A Germanees requires lots of exercise and training on a regular basis.
  • They are not an official breed, so finding a Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mix is rare!

22. German Shepherd Chow Mix – Sheprachow

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height18–28 inches
Weight45–105 pounds
Life Expectancy10–12 years
  • Chow Shepherd or Sheprachow is a result of the breeding of the popular breeds, German shepherds and Chow Chow.
  • The popular coat colors of these cute pups are black, brown, red, gray, fawn, and cream.
  • These dogs are playful, loyal, and defensive.
  • Chow German Shepherd mix is more suitable for experienced pet owners living in large houses.

23. German Shepherd Saint Bernard Mix – The Saint Shepherd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height25–28 inches
Weight85–140 pounds
Life Expectancy10–14 years
  • Just one look at this dog, and no thief or stranger will dare to enter your home!
  • The best thing about this Saint Bernard German Shepherd mix breed is that they’re always on the alert mode for outsiders but sweet and affectionate towards their family, including children and other pets.
  • These canines require high maintenance and grooming as they’re heavy shedders.

24. German Shepherd Weimaraner Mix – Weimshepherd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height9–12 inches
Weight70–90 pounds
Life Expectancy10–15 years
  • Anyone can easily fall in love after looking at the short, smooth coat and long legs.
  • These adorable dogs are known as the Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix or, more commonly, Weimshepherd.
  • Don’t get filled by their size because they’re quite active and enjoy lots of exercises.

25. German Shepherd Springer Spaniel Mix – Spanierd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height20–22 inches
Weight60–70 pounds
Life Expectancy10–12 years
  • Springer Spaniel German Shepherd Mix, also known as the Spanierd, is one of the famous German Shepherd mixes breeds right now!
  • With their gorgeous appearance and playful nature, these dogs are loved by people of all ages.
  • These canines need at least 90 minutes of daily activities. So if you’re a busy person or won’t be able to give time to your puppy, this dog isn’t for you!

26. German Shepherd Anatolian Shepherd Mix – German Anatolian Shepherd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height24–26 inches
Weight50–100 pounds
Life Expectancy10–13 years
  • This is one of the unique German shepherd mixes that come into existence by mixing Anatolian Shepherd with the German Shepherd dog.
  • Their physical appearance matches nothing with the parent breeds because the size of a German Anatolian Shepherd is bigger than a GSD but smaller than an Anatolian Shepherd.
  • A German Shepherd mix puppy is also quite territorial and protective. So, they’re more suitable for people living in big houses with huge outdoor space.

27. German Shepherd Boxer Mix – Boxer Shepherd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height23–27 inches
Weight65–95 pounds
Life Expectancy12–15 years
  • When a German Shepherd is mixed with a Boxer, a fierce, loyal, and courageous dog is made known as Boxer Shepherd.
  • These canines are highly active and energetic dogs and always seeking playtime with their owners.
  • Boxer German Shepherd mix is easy to train; however, novice pet owners might still find it difficult to manage these puppies.

28. German Shepherd Sheltie Mix – Sheltie Shepherd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height21–29 inches
Weight70–80 pounds
Life Expectancy13–15 years
  • Are you looking for a dog who could be a true companion and friend to your kids? Don’t look more and get a Sheltie Shepherd!
  • This adorable mix is the result of breeding German Shepherd and Sheltie dog breeds.
  • These canines are extremely good with kids and other animals making them the perfect domestic pet.
  • However, this Sheltie Shepherd is considered a heavy shedder. So they have high maintenance and grooming requirements.
  • You can get this beautiful dog in various colors, such as white, black, brown, and golden.

29. German Shepherd Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix – German Ridgeback

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height23–27 inches
Weight65–95 pounds
Life Expectancy9–12 years
  • Get a keen, watchful, and alert dog, and your family and home will always remain safe.
  • We’re talking about a loyal and dignified mixed breed, Rhodesian Ridgeback German Shepherd mix!
  • German Ridgeback dogs are usually found in tan color with sporadic black markings on its body.
  • This canine requires regular exercise, training, and attention. So, they’re suitable for active families, experienced dog handlers, or canine sports enthusiasts.

30. German Shepherd American Bulldog Mix – American Shepherd

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height20 – 27 inches
Weight60 – 125 pounds
Life Expectancy8 – 11 years
  • Self-confident, Even-tempered, and as powerful as the parent breeds, the American Bulldog German Shepherd mix is one of the strongest dog breeds today!
  • These bold and beautiful canines are calm and gentle to their family but alert around strangers.
  • For people who want medium to large dogs, the American Shepherd is a good option!

31. German Shepherd Shar Pei Mix – Shepherd Pei

mixed german shepherd breeds
Height12–18 inches
Weight45–90 pounds
Life Expectancy9–12 years
  • Combine a German Shepherd and a Shar Pei, and you’ll get an intelligent and sharp dog breed, the Shepherd Pei!
  • The Shar Pei German Shepherd mix is a distinct-looking canine with features like a short coat and wrinkles on the face.
  • One thing to take care of is their health. These canines suffer from various medical conditions, including Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Skin/Yeast Infections, and Cataracts.
  • Apart from this, these dogs are also strong-willed, so training them might sometimes become difficult.

German Shepherd Mix: Final Thoughts

mixed german shepherd breeds

We all know that German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the world. These canines are well known for their loyal, caring, and affectionate nature. A German Shepherd always stays alert and tries to protect their family at any cost.

So, if you want these characteristics in a dog along with other personality traits, the German Shepherd mixes will be a good choice for you! Like a German Shepherd mix, a mixed breed is a great way to add a new member to your family. All hybrid canines mentioned in this blog are friendly, intelligent, and calm-tempered. These mixed shepherd puppies behave well with children and other animals. So, no matter what mixed German Shepherd breeds you choose; you’ll surely have a wonderful companion!

So, this is all about the German Shepherd mix. I hope you enjoyed reading these unique German Shepherd mixes.

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