Biewer Terriers

There’s a Biewer fever around and it’s hard not to catch it. With the latest addition to the AKC, these tiny new terriers are turning heads and stealing hearts. Biewer pronounced as ‘beaver’ is also known by the names biever a la pom pon, biewer yorkshire or biewer yorkie. Let’s know more about biewer terrier. Biewer terriers are direct descendants of the Yorkshire Terrier. Their origin is due to the occurrence of a recessive piebald gene in the Yorkshire Terrier. In the 1980s they were recognized in Germany and testing proved that they aren’t just a variation of the Yorkshire terrier, they are a whole new breed.

Yorkshire terriers are an old breed of dogs that were used as working dogs, commonly used for hunting down and keeping vermin at bay. In recent times, they have gained popularity as family and companion dogs due to their nature.

They are a combination of athleticism and energy of a working dog and the playful, friendliness of a little toy dog. They are extremely loving and social in nature. Since the Biewer Terrier dog is the direct descendant of the Yorkshire Terrier, they are less or more similar.

Basic Overview of the Biewer Terrier Dog Breed

Biewer Terrier Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Biewer Terrier

Breed Group: Companion Dog

Height: 7-11 Inches

Weight: 4-8 Pounds

Lifespan: 12-16 years

Coat: Long and Short

Color: Blue, Black, White, Gold / Yellow

Temperament: Friendly, Gentle, Playful

Needs for Grooming: High

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Origin: Germany

All About the Biewer Terrier Breed

Through various genetic studies, it was concluded that the Biewer Terrier’s DNA has a mix of traits from various breeds like Maltese, Bichon Frise, Yorkies, and Havanese, hence the Biewers were declared as a separate breed altogether. They are the first breed in history that is recognized as purebred with the help of genetic study.


Appearance of biewer terrier

Biewer Terriers are small dogs with long, straight hair that hangs evenly throughout the body from head to tail. Their hair is straight and silky and lacks an undercoat. When these dogs show a lot of chocolate color on their white coat, they may be referred to as ‘Biro Yorkshire Terrier’.

Biewer terriers show piebald coloration which means they show random patches of color on their coat. They are usually white or bluish-white with patches of color on their chests, belly, back, and limbs. Their faces normally show tan or black coloration.

A fully grown Biewer terrier may range from 8 to 11 inches in height as they are a bit smaller than their ancestor, the Yorkshire terrier. They are small and compact, weighing around 2 to 4 kg (4-8 lbs). They may live up to 16 years.

Biewers have a full tail that plumes over the back, unlike the Yorkshire Terrier. They have comparatively dense hair coats and are sturdier than a Yorkie. They don’t drool much which is good news for people who love dogs but hate having their slobbery saliva all over.

Temperament and Personality

Oblivious of their size, the Biewers are energetic and always up for joining their humans on an adventure. Biewer Terriers make a wonderful companion with their brave, loyal, and fun personalities. They are highly energetic and clever with a lot of affection for their owner.

They were originally bred as working dogs so they still have a leading personality. If not trained well they may become stubborn and consider themselves as the leader of the pack, which will make it difficult for you to make them listen to your commands.

With early socialization, they are great around children, seniors, and other animals but without it, they can easily become irritated or suspicious of strangers and other animals around.

Biewers are easy to train when you make them understand proper boundaries, without which they may develop qualities like jealousy, overprotectiveness, and stubbornness. With proper training and leadership, they make an excellent watchdog and will warn you of any intruders, strangers, or suspicious activity. They are gentle, loving, and can be easily trusted around children.

They have childlike curiosity, a love for fun activities, and a little mischief packed in their small size. Also, they make for an amazing companion dog. Their small size makes them suitable for people living in an apartment.

Biewer Terrier Price

Biewer Terrier Price

We would suggest you first check your local shelters and rescue since adopting is always better than shopping as it gives the dog a second shot at having a good life. If you don’t find any of these cuties for adoption and choose to buy, make sure to buy from a reputable Biewer terrier breeder.

They are an expensive breed and a show or breeding quality dog may cost you around $3500 to $4000, whereas pet quality Biewer Terrier puppies go for $1000$ to $2000.

Teacup Biewer Terrier

Teacup Biewer Yorkie puppies encompass all the cuteness in the world in the size of a teacup. They are exceptionally small with a height ranging from 5-7 inches and weighing no more than 900 grams to 2 kg. They are hypoallergenic and have long wavy coats.

Teacup Biewer Yorkies are independent, lively, intelligent, affectionate, and confident. They are not recognized by any official kennel clubs and are often looked down upon as their size has several serious health issues associated with them. If the breeder is not a reputable one they may sell you the runt of the regular Biewer litter as a Teacup Biewer.

Some health issues concerning the teacup Biewer puppies are bronchitis, lymphangiectasia, cataract, keratitis sicca, tracheal collapse, gastric issues, blindness, seizures, respiratory issues, hypoglycemia, heart defects, and bone fractures.

Due to the above concerns, we suggest you are against buying a Teacup Biewer.

Grooming a Biewer Terrier

Grooming a Biewer Terrier

Maintaining a Biewer Terrier dog isn’t easy when it comes to grooming. With their long silky hair, they require regular grooming and haircuts. Most people prefer a puppy cut as it’s easier to maintain and dries off quickly after a bath. A Biewer with long hair may need to be combed using a wire comb every other day whereas the one with a puppy cut will be good with combing twice a week.

Brushing frequently keeps mats and loose hairs at bay while also getting rid of any dust and dander from the hair of your pooch. They need to be bathed every 2 or 3 weeks. Always use a dog-friendly shampoo. Using human products on your pooch may lead to dryness, itching, roughness, and severe allergies.

Don’t bathe your pup more often than needed as this can get rid of essential oils produced by their skin and lead to dry and rough coats with hairs that break off easily.

Clip the ear around the inner and outer surfaces of the ear and clean their ears regularly. Brushing of teeth should also be done daily using a dog-friendly toothpaste and a finger brush to maintain oral hygiene and keep bad breath and tartar at bay.

Get your Biewer’s nails regularly trimmed by a professional to prevent them from overgrowing and hurting their foot which may ultimately lead to an affected gait.

Exercise and Health

biewer terrier Exercise and Health

They are mellow dogs and don’t need too much exercise. Daily short walks or a game of fetch is enough to keep them happy and healthy. Training these dogs can also be used as a form of physical and mental exercise as this is one way where your dog gets to learn new things whilst spending time with you which ultimately strengthens your bond with them.

When it comes to genetic predispositions towards diseases, Biewers are considered to be one of the healthy breeds. The only concern is that they have a sensitive stomach so any sudden change in diet or food not meant for them may lead to gastric disturbances. This can be avoided using good quality food and treats.


They are known to flourish on high-quality foods meant for dogs their size and type. Make sure you feed them based on their level of activity as overfeeding may make them prone to obesity which further leads to a lot of health issues.

Give treats judiciously and make sure the ingredients are high quality and suit your dog. You can take the help of your vet in formulating a proper diet for your dog.

Keep their diet gluten-free and also dairy-free if they are lactose intolerant.

Biewer Terrier Care

Biewer Terrier Care

A Biewer Terrier would be willing to do everything its owner does. You can even train them to dive and swim a little but you need to be around them and make sure it is safe for them.

They cannot tolerate too much heat so make sure you make arrangements to keep them cool and don’t overwork them during such weather. They are known to love playing in the snow but again, be cautious it’s not unsafe for your pooch as excess cold can lead to hypothermia or frostbites.

Biewer Terriers are social and affectionate in nature so make sure they always have a companion around in the form of a human or another animal. When left alone for long hours they can experience separation anxiety and destroy things around the house.

Timely deworm and vaccinate your dog to keep them happy and healthy and maintain proper records of their treatments and vaccinations.

biewer terrier


The loyalty, intelligence, and eager-to-please nature of the Biewer Terrier combined with their playful spirit and friendly attitude makes them a perfect companion for people of all ages as well as families with children, and everybody in between.

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