Black Russian Terriers

Are you looking for an exceptional dog breed to adopt? The black Russian Terrier is just the perfect option. Their working abilities are amazing. This article provides all the necessary information about this breed.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Black Russian Terrier

Breed Group: Working

Height: 26–30 inches

Weight: 80–130 pounds

Lifespan: 10–12 years

Coat: heavy double coat and curly

Color: Black, Salt & Pepper

Temperament: Stable, Hardy, Lively, Energetic, Confident, Brave

Needs for Grooming: brushing once or twice a week.

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Russia

History Of Black Terrier Dogs

History Of Black Terrier Dogs

The Black Terrier Dog was developed in the 1940s for use in the military during World war ii. This dog breed was developed in the former Soviet Union of Red Star. Scientists were given the responsibility of introducing a dog fit for the army. They came up with this dog. Black Terrier was available in Moscow until 1957 when it was sold to civilian breeders.

Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, and Caucasian Shepherd Dog were among the breeds used in the development of the Black Russian Terrier. Russian Terrier puppies were originally bred for their working abilities. As time passed, their looks became part of the criteria for breeding.

Working ability of this breed is still a reason for breeding. In 2004, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed. In 1968, a standard for the breeding of a Black Terrier was registered. In 1984, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognized the breed. BRTs is another name for this dog. Despite being called terriers, they have just 15% of terrier genes.


Personality of Black Russian Terrier
  • Russian Terriers are calm, self-assured, courageous, loyal, and aloof toward those they do not know.  Having been bred by the military, they are purposely designed to guard and protect.
  • They are also highly intelligent house dogs who need to feel like they are a part of the family. The Black Terrier are not suited to life in the backyard. They require constant attention and guidance, and if not provided they develop behavioral disorder.
  • The Black Russian Terrier, like all dogs, requires early socialization and exposure to a variety of people, sights, sounds, and experiences when they are young. Socialization ensures that your Black Russian Terrier puppies develop into a dog that can adapt to any situation. They are extremely affectionate and protective of anything that is placed in their care.

Care Of This Dog Breed

Care Of This Dog Breed Black Russian Terrier

They are active dogs who require a lot of exercises to keep themselves stimulated. Your dog should be carried to the vet regularly. Just like humans, this breed needs to be checked by professionals who understand them.


Feeding of Black Russian Terrier

The amount of food that your Black Terrier requires is determined by several factors. They include the Black Russian Terrier Size, age, and health conditions. When feeding this breed, keep an eye on the weight to avoid overeating, which can lead to health problems. Clean water should also be included in their diet.

Coat Color

Black Russian Terrier Coat Color

This breed comes with a double coat. One is soft, the other is thick and tough. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes five different colors for their coats and they include black, black and tan, sable, blue, salt and pepper.

Health Conditions Of A Black Terrier 

They are not without health problems. They have their own set of circumstances that limit their ability to perform effectively.

Hip dysplasia: an abnormality of the hip socket that can cause lameness. When both balls do not grow at the same time, the joints become loosened. This is characterized by reduced activity, stiffness in the back leg, decrease in thigh muscle mass, reluctance to get up, etc.

Heart disease: It can lead to heart failure when the heart develops issues pumping blood to the rest of the body. It is characterized by frequent coughs, difficulty in breathing, and increased respiratory rate. Treatment is based on the type of heart problem.  Aortic stenosis, mitral valve dysplasia, and cardiomyopathy are the most common heart problems.

Elbow dysplasia: This condition is characterized by lameness in the front legs and a swollen elbow joint. Radiographs can be used to diagnose this disease. It is an inherited condition.

Hyperuricosuria: An abnormally high level of uric acid in the urine. Uric acid crystal dissolution in the kidneys or urinary bladder can cause this condition. It is treatable with the right diet and medications.

Bloat: This occurs when the stomach expands as a result of being filled. It is characterized by a swollen stomach, drooling, an anxious look, trying to vomit, weakness, shortness of breath, etc. Factors that enhance this disease include overeating, rapid eating, and other habits. It can be prevented by monitoring your Russian Terrier Puppies’ eating habits.

Hypothyroidism: This occurs when the thyroid gland in the neck fails to produce enough hormone for metabolism. Characterized by hair loss, dull coat, increased weight, intolerance to cold, etc. It’s not a terminal disease as it can be treated.

Grooming The Black Russian Terrier

Grooming The Black Russian Terrier

This breed like all other pets must be cared for and kept tidy. The care requirements for Russian Terrier Puppies and dogs are as follows.

  • Brushing their coats: You can remove tangles by brushing this breed. They don’t shed much and thus require clipping every 6-8 weeks. Bathing your dog is recommended if it gets dirty.
  • Brush your Black Terrier teeth at least once a week to avoid infection and bad breath.
  • Their nails must be carefully trimmed to function properly and avoid bleeding.
  • After feeding, their beards and facial hair should be wiped to prevent bacterial infection.
  • To avoid ear infections, their ears need to be cleaned with a soft clean towel after bathing or swimming.

There is a special instrument you can use to make grooming your pet easier.

Black Russian Terrier Size And Weight

Black Russian Terrier Size And Weight

The Black Russian Terrier Size for males ranges from 27 to 30 inches and weighs between 80 and 130 pounds. The Black Russian Terrier Size for females ranges in height from 26 to 29 inches and weighs between 80 and 130 pounds.

Black Russian Terrier Lifespan

Black Russian Terrier Lifespan

Black Terrier Dogs have a life expectancy of 10- 12 years. This can be shortened as a result of sickness or lack of proper care.

Black Russian Terrier Temperament

These breeds are stable, energetic, lively, confident and brave.

Exercise Suitability For This Breed

Exercise Suitability For This Breed

The Black Russian Terrier puppies’ energy should be channeled into exercise that is beneficial to their health. Inactivity can lead to destructive behaviors. Walks are one type of exercise they can do. This makes your dog happy and helps to prevent some health problems. Other exercises that your Russian Terrier Puppies and Dogs can be involved in include Bike rides, jogs, Swims, Playing fetch, and tug of war.

Training A Black Russian Terrier

Training A Black Russian Terrier

For your dog to inculcate good habits, early training is important. This breed is easy to train. Start with basic commands and how to behave in the public. You can teach them how to be obedient and positive reinforcement should be used if your dog successfully carries out a task. This helps build their confidence. Crate training is important for your dog in knowing the right and safe place to stay.

Nutrition Needs

Black Russian Terrier Nutrition Needs

Proteins are one of the most important nutrients in the Black Russian Terrier’s diet. For proper muscle development, you must make sure they get 18 to 25% protein in their meals.

Healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals are also important nutrients that should be included in the meal of this breed. Human food this breed feeds on are dairy products, apples, turkey, pork, and ham.

Children And Other Pets

Black Russian Terriers are good with children and families. They derive joy from playing with kids and getting attention from them. Russian Terrier puppies know how to be gentle and can be quite tolerant. In a family with younger children, there should be a guardian around looking out for the child.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Black Russian Terrier

Some of the pros and cons of the Black Russian Terrier breed include


  • The protective instinct of a dog toward his owners and territory.
  • Their alert temperament and black coat blend with the dark making them excellent guard dogs.
  • Black Russian Terriers are suspicious of strangers and take their time accepting a stranger.
  • Black Russian Terriers are large and intimidating in appearance, which contributes to their effectiveness as guard dogs.
  • Black Russian Terriers are extremely loyal to their owners. A seasoned owner who is capable of guiding and leading a strong-willed and at times dominant dog.
  • Black Russian Terriers are capable of being trained to a high level. Although training Black Russian Terrier puppies can be difficult for a beginner.
  • The Russian Terriers are essentially working dogs that can turn into well-behaved family dogs in the right hands.


  • The comprehensive grooming requirements of a Black Russian Terrier are one of the challenges of owning one. They require physical stimulation and attention daily and this can be hard for a busy owner.


If you are looking to get a Black Russian Terrier for sale, this article has provided information on what to expect from this breed.  You can either purchase this dog from Black Russian Terrier breeders or a rescue organization. Caring for this breed can be expensive. Money is needed to cater to their needs which include food, toys, veterinary expenses, and other necessary items. These breeds are good companions and having them can be so much fun. Get your Black Russian Terrier today.

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