Biggest Spider in The World

All You Need To Know About The Biggest Spider Of The World


Watching a huge spider is not less than any nightmare and most of the people have a phobia from spider and there is hardly one who can handle a spider. Have you ever imagine a spider so big that it can eat an entire bird? Well, this is not a horror storyline rather it is a reality. You would be stune to know that there is a spider that can eat a bird in reality and this is none other than the biggest spider in the world that is commonly known as birds eating the spider.

The original name of this spider is Goliath Bird-eater spider. I am sure the thought of this spider is already scaring you but fortunately, this spider is not found worldwide and it can only be found in the forest of South America. 

If you are going to visit that place then you need to be very careful otherwise you may have to face the Largest Spider in the world that you may not want for sure. This spider is pure carnivorous and would never eat plant material in their life. If you are wondering more facts about the Biggest Spider in The World, then here are some of them list below that you need to check out:

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About The Birds Eating Spider

Biggest Spider in The World


This spider is very huge and that is the reason that it is call the king of all spiders and the real horror scene for anyone who has a phobia from spiders. Also, this spider is so huge that it can be like a dinner plate and if they would spread legs then the height can even increase a bit. 

This spider has huge 8 legs like any other spider and if they would spread their legs then that can be about 12 inches that is quite huge. You would be shocking to know that this spider can have a body weight of about 6 ounces that is unbelievably too much for a spider. The interesting fact is that the female goliath can live for about 20 years however the male would not last more than 4 years or so. 

Most female spiders eat their male mates after mating but this spider doesn’t do that. But male dies early due to maturity. Despite their name, this spider is not use to eating birds however. If they would not get anything else to eat then the bird would be their meal.

You would be amazing to know that these spiders are great mothers. That is the reason that they keep and babysit. They are baby until they become mature enough to face the world. 

Diet of the Goliath Spider

Biggest Spider in The World


As you already know that this spider is famous as a bird eater. But they hardly invest their time to catch a bird and eat rather they like to settle with insects. As this spider is quite huge in size so it can have many insects and warms at a time. Keep on searching for new prey all the time. 

This spider can even settle with earth warms and if they would get nothing. They would enjoy having lizards and frogs as well. This spider would first sting venom into its prey’s body. Then it would drag its meal into its burrow and then they would melt the body of its food. Finally, they would eat up the liquid body of their prey as they cannot eat solid food. Here you can also read about Curly Hair Tarantula

They have been seen eating the hummingbirds as well. That is the only reason this spider is call a bird eater.

Do you need to be Scare of this Spider?

Biggest Spider in The World


Well, most of the spiders indeed have poison inside them and 90 percent of them can harm humans but this spider is not among those 90 percent. However, they do have venom inside them. But that is so light that humans would not even feel pain. If they would bite humans though it is always suggest to keep a distance from them. If you don’t want to get infect. 

Many people try to pet them but that is a bad idea because this spider is very aggressive in nature. So, they would not obey you at any cost.

They have a special hair shaft on their leg that they use as their weapon. Whenever they feel threaten they release those hairs towards their predators. That can be dangerous for animals and this can even hurt humans a bit. This spider can be of different colors. But sadly now this spider variety is already endanger species. So, you may not be able to see them easily even in forest areas. 

The deforestation and disturbance of civilization is the only reason that these spider species are now endanger.

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These were everything that you need to know about the bird eater and to know more about such things you can browse through Petsnurturing.