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Why Does My Cat Have Watery Eyes? Know the Reason Here


If you are having a cat as a pet and you often notice water coming from their eyes, you get worry. Well, cats do not always produce water from their eyes if they are emotional. Sometimes, the reason could be different from our basic assumption. There are numerous reasons why cat eyes shed water. Cat-eye watering is a common problem face by many people who have cats. There may be a possibility that there is some need for attention from the doctor. Such conditions are not too common, but still, you need to be precautious. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss various reasons for cat eye watering.

Eye Discharge from Cats

cat eye watering


No matter how healthy your cat is, it may be possible that your cat sheds water from his or her eyes. When some bacterial infection or virus has enter the eyesight of the cat. The eye will generate tears to resist the bacteria or the virus from spreading. 

Moreover, if sometimes an injury has occur near the eyesight of the eye. The water may be shed from the eyes. Also, at times, to remove the debris from the eye and to keep the eye slightly wet. The eye of the cat produces a film of tears. 

What Are the Causes of Discharge from the Eye?

cat eye watering


As we already mention, there are various reasons due to which the eye can be watery. If there is an inflammation or an infection, then the eye can shed tears. If the cat is facing some kind of allergy to some substance or environmental conditions, then such a situation can arise. 

You will be astonish to know that the cat’s face may be responsible for shedding the tears. To evaluate the cause of the problem, we need to go step by step and check for various problems. If the conditions match with the given segment, check deeply with that. 

The Eyes of the Cat Are Red and Are Inflamed

If your cat has reddish color near the eyes or if it seems that the cat’s eyes are inflame, then there is a possibility of conduction of conjunctivitis in your cat’s eye. Conjunctivitis is also known and refer to as cat pink eye. The cause of conjunctivitis is infection or allergy. In some cases, it may be possible that the cat has contract the feline herpes virus. 

The cat seems to be in some sort of trouble, or the water and reddishness are persistent, then we advise you to take your cat to the vet doctor as soon as possible. If you are having multiple cats at home, we advise you to check each one of them as cat conjunctivitis is contagious. 

Some cats face any type of problem, do check for the same symptoms in them too. Generally, such problems are cure with a minimal amount of trouble. Some antibiotics may be prescribe by the doctor which will heal your cat’s disease.

Greenish or Yellow Discharge

If the discharge from the eye of your cat seems to be greenish or yellow, or even if it feels sticky in its form or condition, it may be possible that your cat has been infect with some kind of infection. Eye drops which are antibiotics or creams can be use to clear the infection near the eye. This generally clears up on its own and hence, no serious trouble is face by the cat or the owner of the cat. Make sure if the problem persists for a longer period, you go to see a doctor soon. 

Allergic Reaction Due to Various Substances

If you see the problem in the eyes of the cat after consuming a certain product or during a particular season of the year, it may be possible that the cat is allergic to that thing. Due to some environmental changes occurring in our atmosphere, cats are infect by them. Moreover, some products may not suit your cat completely, and hence, allergic reactions can pop up. Following are various things due to which your eye may catch allergic reactions:

  • Dust and Perfumes can cause allergies to your eyes. 
  • Certain types of products and medicines can also cause an allergic reaction as well as side effects. 

If such things cause allergies frequently to your cat, we suggest you take your cat to the nearest vet. The doctor will track any suspect allergies and will give proper treatment to your cat. 

Cloudy Eyes

If your cat’s eyes seem to be too cloudy and irritation persists near them, it may be a sign of ulcers develop near them. If the symptoms persist for a longer period, we suggest you visit the vet as quickly as possible. Exposure to a certain type of dangerous chemicals or untreated bacterial infection near the eyes can cause ulcers and then can lead to fatal things such as loss of vision for your cat. 

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Do Certain Types of Cats Have More Teary Eyes?

cat eye watering


Yes, we have found that certain types of cats do have more teary and watery eyes. Their shape of the face causes them such a thing. Cats having short yet round skull faces often have this problem of watery eyes. Though everything is up to some extent, if your cat, be it of any type show immense teary eyes, go to your vet as soon as possible. 

When Should You Reach Out to a Vet?

cat eye watering


Well, you should reach your vet in cases where there are excessive tears from the eyes of the cat. If your cat very frequently rubs the eyes, or the eyes are swollen or red or inflammable, then we suggest you go to the vet immediately. The vet doctors will look inside for more damage to the eyes. They have tools that will enable them to check whether the flow of tears is normal or not. This way you can take it to your vet and get the complete diagnosis done. 

This was all about the causes of teary eyes for your cat. Cat-eye watering is a problem that is face by many cats. It is very irritating for the cat if such a problem has severe causes underlying. 

We have suggest various conditions in which the problem depict may be present. We hope that this article has serve its purpose and during the time of need, it will help you in detecting the problem in your cat’s eyes. The ultimate point is to take your cat to the vet if something unusual happens for a prolong period, that’s it!

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