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Having a cat in your family is not an easy task. By saying a task, it means an actual challenge! One has to be very cautious in taking care of a cat’s health and hygiene for their long and healthy life. Usually, cats easily get trapped with health-related problems. Talking of which, cats have extremely fragile eyes. Is your cat eye watering a lot?

Cat eyes are susceptible. If you have a cat, I am pretty sure you must be knowing that cat eyes need a lot of care. Usually, cats have the habit of scratching their eyes when they have any irritation.

Cat eyes are healthy only if they have a healthy coating. As per the veterinarians, cat eyes are formed from three circular tissue layers. These layers play a vital role in keeping your Cat’s eyes safe and properly functioning. If any of the layers experience damage or harm, it can lead to improper functioning or partial blindness.

Why Is a Healthy Coating of the Cat’s Eyes Crucial?

Why Is a Healthy Coating of the Cat's Eyes Crucial
cats eyes watering

The exterior layer or coating filters and removes all the detritus from the eyes. Thus, the functioning and healthy eyes depend on the layers of the eyes. It provides the eyes with all the essential and beneficial nutrients.

If ever you notice your Cat’s eyes watering, ensure that you take them to the vet as soon as possible. Usually, watery eyes signify that your Cat’s body is fighting with some genuine health problem.

For your benefit, pets-nurturing has come up with this blog to help you understand the matter and guide you with the solution. Keep reading the blog for a better understanding.

Does Your Cat Have Any Allergies?

cat eye watering: Does Your Cat Have Any Allergies?
Does Your Cat Have Any Allergies?

If your Cat’s eyes watering is irritating your Cat, do not take it lightly. Such a condition requires immediate medication from the vet. Your Cat can have some allergic conditions. Sometimes cat allergic conditions result in cats’ watery eyes.

Some of the allergic conditions are stated below. Just refer to them. To know whether your Cat is facing any such allergic conditions or not, you have to get lab tests done.

  • Perfumes and strong scents.
  • Dust and Debris
  • Pollens
  • Some Particular Medications.
  • Food or Treats
  • Cat Products or any of your Household Cleaning Products.

Some of these factors can cause a cat’s eyes to water. To discover whether your Cat is experiencing any such allergic reaction, contact your vet. They will examine your Cat’s watery eyes and their medical history to understand whether they have any such problem or not. And if they find any of the above factors, they will recommend the medication and treatment required for your cat breed.

Is the Skin or Tissues Around the Eyes Red or Swollen?

cat eye watering: Is the Skin or Tissues Around the Eyes Red or Swollen?
Is the Skin or Tissues Around the Eyes Red or Swollen?

Do your cats cry tears? There are several reasons behind the same. And for every reason, you will notice different symptoms. One of the symptoms is the reddening or swelling of the eyes. If you notice any such symptoms, there are strong chances of your Cat facing some eye infection.

There are chances of conjunctivitis. In such conditions, a cat’s watery eyes are very normal, and you need not worry. It is commonly called ‘Pink-Eye.’ If you can rectify whether it is the same, contact the vet and ask for treatment.

Usually, conjunctivitis is caused due to excess formation of dust on the layers of the eye. It can cause cat watery eyes. Pinkeye is a contagious infection, so your Cat doesn’t have to get the infection by itself.

Pinkeye is usually seen in many of the cats. It is one of the common problems every Cat faces, especially if they have a regular habit of scratching their eyes. It is advisable to keep your Cat’s nails and paws clean and sanitized to keep them safe from the pink eye infection.

If you still have the question, ‘why are my cat’s eyes watering?’ It is beneficial to reach out to the vet. There are chances that your Cat is infected with the Feline Herpes Virus. Feline Herpes Virus is a lifetime health condition which your Cat has to live with. For this, you need to contact the vet who will help your Cat with vaccination shots, reducing the inflammation and symptoms.

Though a pink eye can resolve without any medication. However, if you feel you can’t see your Cat’s tears, we advise you to contact the vet immediately. They will assist your Cat and immediately treat them with the proper medication and ointments.

Encountering Extreme Adherent or Yellowish Discharge?

cat eye watering: Encountering Extreme Adherent or Yellowish Discharge?
Encountering Extreme Adherent or Yellowish Discharge?

Suppose you notice extreme Cat eye-watering with adherent or yellowish discharge. In that case, it indicates the infection your Cat is suffering from. Usually, the mucus discharge is normal, but if they are sticky with a yellow tone, it means that your Cat is experiencing some genuine eye infection.

In such conditions, it is advisable to follow the steps. Veterinarians recommend all the steps we are sharing below.

  • Firstly get your Cat tested in the lab. Get all the proper tests. Yellow Mucus discharge is a direct symptom of some health problems. Later contact the vet for further treatment.
  • If you feel the mucus is covering the eye and creating irritation to your Cat, clean it with wet baby wipes. If you see your Cat’s eyes watering continuously, avoid the cat touching or scratching their eye or the areas surrounding it.
  • You can reach out to the vet, and they will remove all the mucus behind the layers of the eye and clear up the area with the appropriate medication. They will provide you with eye drops that will keep cleaning the area and help to remove the infection.
  • If the mucus is turning yellowish or green, it clearly states containment of infection in it. Thus, it is advisable to visit the vet for immediate help soon. The vet will examine the Cat’s eyes watering and perform the treatment accordingly.

One of the most common treatments for excess mucus discharge is cleaning them with clean and sanitized wet wipes. As per the vets, mucus contains infections. Thus, cleaning the mucus in regular intervals recovers the infection soon. Many times even the vet suggests that cleaning the mucus in regular intervals will help your Cat recover from the infection soon.

Why Are My Cat’s Eyes Watering?

cats eyes are watering: Why Are My Cat's Eyes Watering?
Why Are My Cat's Eyes Watering?

It is not always an infection or severe health condition that leads to your Cat’s eyes watering. There are some other reasons too for your Cat’s teary eyes. Some particular cat breeds are prone to teary eyes. Being a cat owner, we get tensed if our Cat faces some problem or is in pain? However, they can even have some defects in their body, which leads to the water eyes.

In some cat breeds, their round skull with shorter faces leads to continuous stretching of the eye layerings. The excess stretching of the eye coating leads to cat watery eyes. The continuous tear flowing down the skin and coat of your Cat leads to irritation and itchiness.

To eliminate the problem of discomfort and irritation, you can contact the vet. After examining the problem, they recommend you with the products to consume or apply to reduce irritation and itchiness. This will help your Cat to stay comfortably.

If at all your Cat’s eyes are watery because of the body type. In that case, there is no other way than to provide them with the products to control the cat’s tears and allow them to live comfortably.

Cat’s Watery Eyes – Is It a Sign of Ulcer?

Cat's Watery Eyes - Is It a Sign of Ulcer?

If you find that your Cat’s eyes are watering with a cloudy effect, it means they may be facing an ulcer problem. An ulcer is sores that are generated behind the layers of the eyes. If you notice your Cat’s teary eyes continuously squinting and rubbing their head, it states the experiencing of ulcer.

In such situations, immediately contact the vet and let them examine the matter. If you ignore this condition, your Cat can lose their eyesight. You need to understand that ulcers can lead to severe eyesight problems.

Thus, for your Cat’s healthy eyesight, reach to the vet and get them examined. If you ensure to take them to the vet at the right moment, it will help recover your Cat from pain sooner. Your Cat’s eyes watering may take time to heal, but avoiding the matter can lead to severe problems.

Are Your Cat’s Eyes Watering Permanently?

Are Your Cat's Eyes Watering Permanently?

Unless Cat’s eyes watering is a genetic or biological problem, it can resolve the problem. You need not worry. Watery eyes will get resolved if you take proper care of your Cat’s health problems and eyes as suggested by the vet.


Under the vet’s guidance, take proper care of your Cat and keep their eyes clean and do not let them scratch or touch their eyes again and again. If you manage to consider all these things, we are pretty sure your Cat will be all fit and fine again.

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