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Are you a parrot lover? If you are one of those, I am pretty sure you must have heard of different species and types of parrot. One of the interesting species of Parrots is the Parakeets. Suppose, you are looking to adopt or buy a Parrot. In that case, you should consider the parakeets as a new companion and a member of your family. When you plan to buy a blue parakeet, the most frequently asked question is, how long do parakeets live?

As per aviculture, If you manage to take proper care of your Parakeet, they can live for more than ten years of healthy life. The ultimate point of consideration is taking excellent care of their long and healthy life. Before finalizing the Parakeet for your family as a companion, it is advisable to collect detailed data for your benefit.

In this blog, I have prepared a complete guide for your reference, which can help you understand how long Parakeets live.

History of Parakeets

History of Parakeets

Parakeets are medium-sized species of Parrots. They are incredibly stunning and full of life. These parakeets originally belong from Australia. Parakeets have lived a long and healthy life since they were bred for the first time. John Gould, an artist, and bird enthusiast got a pair to Britain in 1840 after spending an entire decade of the 1830s researching and exploring the parakeet pair.

After the overall research and exploring the species, how long do parakeets live as pets were discovered? Ever you heard can parakeets talk? What do parakeets eat?

As per sources, the longest living Parakeet was Charlies, a Budgerigar who lived for more than 29 years of a healthy life. The bird was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995.

Parakeets are bred in three different types of parrots, the Budgerigar, Monk Parakeet, and the Plain Parakeet. Thus, if you want to get a parakeet, you have three options you can consider for your family. All three species are incredibly adorable and fun-loving.

Suppose you find the history of the Plain parakeets interesting. In that case, I am pretty sure you will enjoy learning more about this breed.

Parakeet Lifespan

Parakeet TypeLifespan
Budgerigar5 – 8 Years
Monk Parakeet20 – 30 Years
Plain Parakeet15 Years
Parakeet Lifespan

Have you ever wondered about staying in captivity with someone? I am pretty sure your answer would be a big ‘No.’ After all, who would want to remain in prison?  In the same way, how long do parakeets live even depends on where they live and in which conditions?  If you are committing to a blue parakeet, it is beneficial to understand it prior.

As the parakeets belong to a Parrot community, they will live a long and healthy life. If you are ready to commit yourself to a parakeet, understand that they will need a comfortable and spacious cage for themselves. You must realize that your little friend is delicate and a small creature.

Wild Budgerigars (plain parakeets) can live a life of five to six years minimum. It is not easy. If you plan to reside your Parakeet in a cage, it is beneficial for both you and your parrot.

Parakeet Life

Parakeet Life

We always wonder about the lifespan of a Parakeet. And it is natural and obvious that you will consider the longevity of the parrot breed if you plan to adopt or buy one as a companion.

Have you ever wondered how this name derived ‘Parakeet’? The name replicates the Australian Budgerigar. It is believed that they are smaller in size in comparison to all other parrot species. They are tiny and happening species that make the best companions for you and your family.

Being smaller in size, plain parakeets are likely more popular than other parrot breeds. Especially if you have other pet breeds in your family, the cage is a safer home for your Parakeet. They will have their own space and enjoy the freedom of staying securely.

Though you can better your cage for the convenience of your little friend, having a safe and secure life is essential for every living being. Your worries will fade out when you know how long do parakeets live in a cage. They feel highly safe and enjoy their stay in the cell.

It is crucial to decide what kind of cage you have to consider for your Parakeet. So, explore more and more before finalizing one final cage. You can take care of many things. The most crucial feature, the diet will be nicely taken care of. Diet is an essential factor in everyone’s life, whether an animal or a human being.

If you succeed in taking proper care of your budgies, they can live a healthy and long life of almost 20 years.

How Long Do Parakeets Live as Pets?

How Long Do Parakeets Live as Pets

Every person who plans to commit to a parakeet will first think about how long do Budgies live? I have adopted a blue parakeet for myself, and believe me when I say that, they are fun to have as a companion. I mean that with my own experience. It’s almost been six years since I have had a Parakeet with me, and he is enjoying a healthy life experience. With this, you can expect five to six years of a minimum life expectancy of your Parakeet.

I know they say that short size animals and birds have a short lifespan. However, I can share my personal experience that these small birds live happier and longer lives if we manage to take proper care of them. Though parakeets indeed have a shorter life expectancy than any other Parrot Breed.

As we discussed earlier in the history of Parakeets, a parakeet can live more than 20 years healthily if taken care of its crucial necessities. However, when we are discussing, how long do parakeets live as pets? They can healthily live a minimum life span of five to six years.

Please ensure that you are taking utmost care of all the necessary things,  especially their lifestyle and diet. They are delicate birds, and they need utmost care and love from your end. If you are a working person, ensure that you train them accordingly. Whenever possible, please spend some quality time with them and make them feel the worth of their presence in your life.

Please provide them with all the necessary lifestyle and experience for themselves, that is how long blue parakeets live! Believe me, and these little angels are a blessing for every pet lover. You will experience the most beautiful minimum of five years of life with these companions.

Parakeet Lifespan with Health Expectancy

Parakeet Lifespan with Health Expectancy

It is crucial to understand that exposing your Parakeet to any disease or health risk can reduce its lifespan by a drastic drop. If you want to know which diseases or health issues can drastically reduce the lifespan of your bird, they are:

  • Psittacosis
  • Avian Bornavirus
  • Feather Diseases
  • Psittacine Beak

All these listed health problems can severely affect your bird’s life expectancy. Usually, these health problems are transmitted from other wild birds who have not been tested and examined in recent days.

Suppose you are adopting any other breed of bird. In that case, it is beneficial to get them tested to avoid any health issues for your bird friend. Reach out to your pet doctor to regularly get them assisted and examined and take proper care and help from the doctors for your bird’s healthy life.

Many viruses, infectious yeasts, and bacteria can seriously affect your bird and lead them to life-risking problems.

What You Need to Do to Avoid Risks:

All the problems and risks can be avoided by considering some of these beneficial actions.

  • Increase the immune system of your bird with a healthy diet.
  • Get them regularly and adequately vaccinated.
  • Take proper care of their health.
  • Keep cleaning their cage. Please keep it clean and sanitized.
  • Make sure to take them outdoors for some fresh air that is required for their health.

If you take care of all these points, I am sure your Parakeet will lead a healthy and long life.

Take Some Care While Get Below Symptoms In Parakeets

If you can notice any of the following symptoms listed below, immediately contact your pet doctor for the proper assistance and speedy recovery.

  • Abnormal feces
  • Unwanted discharge
  • Sneezing
  • Unexpected and irritating behavior

All these symptoms, as mentioned above, are apparent symptoms of health conditions that may cause them life risks. Please make sure that you are taking the utmost care of your bird’s health. Even small and minor issues can lead to serious health problems.

How to Increase Parakeet’s Lifespan

How to Increase Parakeet's Lifespan

Here are some of the tips and advice that you can consider for increasing the life expectancy of your Blue Parakeet. There are so many things that can help you improve your Parakeet’s lifespan. It is not necessary for you to always reach out to your vet for the longevity of your Parakeet’s life.

Consider these points, and you will experience by yourself how long do parakeets live.

General Care of Parakeets

General Care of Parakeets

Taking the proper care is essential for your Parakeet. They are incredibly delicate and small creatures, and they require utmost care. Right from food to general routine, they do require the right amount of concern and basics.

The first thing is food and diet. The right food and diet will lead parakeets to experience a healthy life. Change the water daily clean the utensils nicely and dry them up before serving the food and water into them.

Keep your parakeets busy with some mental and physical activities. You can install swings and climbing puzzles in your bird’s cage. Installing this furniture will help them stay engaged in their activities.

Parakeet Selection

Parakeet Selection

Yes, the selection of the right blue Parakeet is a challenging task. You have to be cautious about the assignment. Reaching out to the breeders and performing actual research will lead you to a healthy parakeet, ultimately having a healthy and long life.

At times breeders are insensible and breed the wrong parent parakeets, resulting in unhealthy parakeet offspring. Thus, before finalizing the bird, ensure that it has been adequately tested and examined.

If you find out that the Parakeet is already facing some health problems, you will need extra care. Unfortunately, you will end up visiting the vet for your pet friend. Thus, for your Budgies’ healthy and long life, you will have to confirm its breeding history.

Cleansing and Health-Caring of Parakeets

Cleansing and Health-Caring of Parakeets

The third thing on the list that will increase the longevity of the Parakeet as a pet is their shower and health-caring. If you have researched earlier, you must know that birds love to play in the water. It is crucial to clean their paws and beak.

Cleaning the claws and beak is essential. They keep scratching their skin with their claes and eat and drink from their beak. Thus, both these features will play a vital role in increasing the blue parakeet lifespan.

Body maintenance will increase the metabolism, reduce the tension, and satisfy them with the ultimate pleasure of water. Keeping the body clean and fresh will avoid most skin diseases.

Let me warn you that birds have soft and sensitive lungs. It means that you have to ensure that you keep them away from any smell and fragrance that can cause them harm and discomfort in breeding. Natural scents and aromas are still acceptable for them to breathe in.



The last thing you must consider is to socialize with them. It is preferable to keep them in a group or in pairs, which will keep them engaged and happy. Your pet friend will lead a comfortable and enjoyable life if they stay in their group.

Please do not leave them all alone when you are not around. They get over-excited and start behaving stressed, which can lead to hypertension and end into depression. Stimulate the mimicking behavior that will keep them engaged in keeping themselves entertained.

How Long Do Parakeets Live – The Ultimate Summary

How Long Do Parakeets Live - The Ultimate Summary

With all that we have explored in this blog, it must have answered your question of ‘how long do parakeets live’? The point is the longevity of your Parakeet’s lifespan depends on how you are caring and nurturing it. You have to understand that they are small and fragile species. So, how long do parakeets live as pets depends entirely on the love and care you are pouring into them.


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