Dog Seat Covers

Is your dog your travel buddy? 

Making your beloved dog your travel companion sounds super fun and exciting; however, this can leave your car messy and dirty. To avoid such situations, here is the perfect solution for you: dog seat covers! So why is a seat cover necessary? A seat cover protects your vehicle’s interior from dirt, dust, or anything else that your pup can bring along during the trip. This could be anything from a dog’s hair, wet paws, or toys. To keep your car clutter-free and clean, it’s essential to get seat covers.

Today, in this blog, I’ve gathered the best-rated dog car seat covers to make your shopping easy. These dog seat covers come with plenty of features, such as spill-proof, stylish and durable design, and an affordable price range. Let’s start.

1. Petsafe Quilted Bench Car Seat Cover

Petsafe Quilted Bench Car Seat Cover
Size60 x 46 x 11.75 inches
Weight4.5 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

Let’s start with a bench seat cover, which is easy to install and use. This one is from the famous PetSafe brand, which already has a name for developing high-quality pet products. It is made from heavy cotton and trimmed with genuine leather accents, offering a beautiful finish. 

It comes with two adjustable leather headrest straps and seat anchors to securely attach it to the back seat of your car, truck, SUV, or vehicles with wider bench seats. Furthermore, it also has a non-slip backing while offering enough space for your pets to rest and play. Another great thing about this cover is that it is easy to maintain and machine washable. 

2. Barks Bar Luxury Waterproof Dog Seat Cover

Barks Bar Luxury Waterproof Dog Seat Cover
Size54 x 58 inches
Weight ‎2.3 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

If you’re looking for durable and thick dog seat covers for trucks, this is an excellent 

option to consider. It is made from heavy-duty polyester and comes with built-in Velcro openings to fit it onto the seat securely. These dog seat covers for SUV are also waterproof, so there will be no worrying about your pet spilling food and water. And even if it gets dirty, you can easily wash it in your regular washing machine.

Moreover, when it comes to the interiors, these truck dog seat covers have a quilted design, which looks great. It is also convertible, so it can be easily and securely fitted to various car models and SUVs. 

3. 4knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock

4knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock
Size13.4 x 54 x 3.54 inches (regular), 15.55 x 12.44 x 4.53 inches (extra-large)
Weight 2.95 pounds (regular), 3.68 pounds (extra large)
Breed SizeAll sizes

The next seat cover is perfect for owners with large dogs. This 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock is a bench-style cover made from heavy-duty quilted polyester. It also has thick UV-coated straps and durable nylon clips, so it will perfectly fit onto your car’s back seat. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about your pet making a mess in the back of the vehicle; this cover protects your car. All the materials are colorfast, making them safe for machine washing. This dog hammock is not only durable but also quite comfortable, so your pets will never feel any discomfort, even on long rides. However, it’s not chew-proof, so you have to watch out for this!

4. Kurgo Copilot Dog Seat Covers

The Kurgo Capilot Dog Seat Covers
Size0.25 x 30 x 60 inches
Weight0.86 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

Do you want to make your car seat dirt-free without compromising on the interior? There are so many dog seat covers available on the market, but they all look the same—solid black! However, that’s not the case with this one! It is available in contrasting color options like khaki, gray, and black and in both hammock-style and bench seat-style designs.

This covers snugly, fits, and protects the front and back parts of your car. With this Kurgo CoPilot car seat protector for dogs, say no to muddy paws, dog hair, and odors. However, this cover isn’t recommended for vehicles with seats that have integrated side airbags. 

5. Carhartt Universal Nylon Duck Canvas Fitted Bucket Seat Cover

Canvas fitted bucket seat cover
Size8.82 x 6.18 x 4.53 inches
Weight1.52 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

What are the best seat covers for dog hair? Canines can bring mud, dirt, and other random stuff while moving in a vehicle. We can’t stop them, but we can do it to protect our vehicles. Carhartt Universal is a popular backseat cover for dogs that is available at an affordable price. 

This one is specifically designed for the front seat so that you can enjoy the road views along with your doggo. It is made from durable ripstop fabric with triple-stitched seams, which gives it strength. Additionally, it has a water-repellent coating that gives good protection against stains. Even if you have a compact car or bucket-style car seat, this dog seat cover works perfectly. So, next time, when you’re planning a trip with your pets, first buy a seat protector.

6. PetEvo Car Door Protector

PetEvo Car Door Protector
Size27 x 27 x 22 inches
Weight 1.01 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

Does your pup love watching views from the window of a moving car? 

However, this excitement can cause scratches or marks on your car door. So, to prevent this, get a car door protector! We’re talking about the PetEvo 2PCS Car Door Protector. 

This protector is constructed from high-quality and waterproof polyester material that gives protection from both dirt and drool. Also, it has Velcro straps and hooks, so it doesn’t slip or move. Available in one size, this back seat cover for dogs is a must-buy for your vehicle.

7. Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Seat Covers 

RuffWear Dog seat covers

62.55 x 55.08 x 0.25 inches
Weight2.4 Pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

Sometimes, putting on and removing a car seat protector seems like a challenging task. Are you facing the same issue? If yes, it’s time to replace your old dog seat cover with a Ruffwear seat cover for dogs! 

This dog seat protector comes with a simple design in hammock style, which is super easy to install. You can attach and remove it quickly, making your task easy. It is made from lightweight and easy-to-adjustable material, and it features a large built-in pocket where you can put leashes and treat pouches.

8. KONG 2-in-1 Bench Dog Car Hammock

Size3.94 x 3.94 x 8.66 inches
Weight 1 pound
Breed SizeAll sizes

Buy this really cool 2-in-1 convertible seat cover that comes with plenty of good things, including six anchor points, adjustable straps, zippered pouches, and a non-slip surface. You can easily convert it from a bench seat to a hammock in a few steps. 

The waterproof quilted fabric gives a comfy space to your beloved pooch while keeping your car or SUV seat dirt-free. There are also two zippered pockets to store toys and treats for your pup. So, don’t think much and get this back seat dog hammock at an affordable price.

9. Arf Pets Cargo Cover

The Arf Pets cargo cover
Size55 x 82 inches
Weight ‎3.1 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

Whenever you travel with your dog, does he turn into a slobbery pooch and create a lot of mess at the back? If yes, it’s time to buy the Arf Pets cargo cover for your vehicle.

These types of multipurpose dog covers offer slide-proof protection and comfort at the same time. It is made from multiple layers of polyurethane material with extra cushioning. There is also an extra flap on one side, which you can close once your dog enters the car.

10. 3 Dog Pet Supply Bolster Seat Protector for Pets

Seat Protector for pets
Size54 x 45 x 8 inches
Weight6 Pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes

Sometimes, it is hard to get dog seat covers for compact cars because most of them are either too big or too loose! If you’re also constantly looking for a dog cover for your car, here it is! The 3 Dog Pet Supply brand offers fantastic dog car seat covers specially designed for compact cars.

It features cushion padding at the bottom and the edges, making it perfect for those bumpy road rides. You can install it with the help of elastic straps with hooks and also adjust the headrest straps. It will keep your vehicle free from dirt, dog hair, and paw scratches. Other features are waterproof lining, machine washable, and easy to maintain. 

11. Plush Paws Products Quilted Dog Car Hammock

Dog car hammock
Size65 x 63 x 0.5 inches
Weight3.8 pounds
Breed SizeAll sizes 

People who are searching for a seat protector that is heavy-duty and quick to install should take a look at this hammock-style car seat cover by Plush Paws Products. This rear seat cover for dogs is specifically designed to protect your car’s upholstery from any kind of mess created by your pooch. It comes with secure hooks and a large extra flap, which can be easily installed or removed.

Available in two sizes and three colors, you can buy one as per your vehicle size. This durable cover is claw and paw-proof, tear-resistant, and provides complete protection from spills. So, if you like these features, order these dog seat covers now! 

Final Thoughts

Make your travel more adventurous and fun with your pets and dog seat covers. However, while selecting one, consider factors like whether it’s washable material and spill-proof or not. Also, check for extra safety and installation. Try to find dog seat covers made from high-quality and durable materials that give protection from wear and tear. The dog car seat covers mentioned in this blog have all these features, so you can place your favorite one right away!

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