How Long Do Guinea Pigs Lives

Guinea pigs are adorable pets that can put everyone in their awe. Here, we are going to discuss how long these guinea pigs live. For pet owners, their pet is like a part of their family only. They become an important aspect of their life. If you have a cute pet like a guinea pig, you need to know about the guinea pigs, and what is more important than knowing about their lifespan? So, the blog will be dedicated to guinea pigs and especially about how long do guinea pigs live.

The guinea pigs are also known as cavies and are very loving mammals. They can be fantastic as pets, and believe us; they are adorable!

Let’s move ahead and see the information about the lifespan of guinea pigs and other related information.

The Lifespan of the Guinea Pigs

The Lifespan of the Guinea Pigs

The answer to the question of how long guinea pigs live is – five to eight years. If the guinea pig is lucky enough to avoid diseases or complications, its life may extend for some years.

When the guinea pigs reach the age of four or five, their energy will start declining. It will not be interested in engaging the physical activities. It will start becoming gray or white in color, especially around the nose & mouth. It will also be easily prone to age-related diseases like cataracts, heart disease, strokes, cancer, etc.

The following table will show the common breeds of guinea pigs and how long guinea pigs live:

Guinea Pig BreedsAverage Lifespan
American Guinea Pig6 to 7 years
Crested Guinea Pig5 to 6 years
Abyssinian Guinea Pig5 to 7 years
Peruvian Guinea Pig7 to 8 years
Skinny Guinea Pig4 to 5 years
Texel Guinea Pig4 to 6 years
Teddy Guinea Pig4 to 5 years
Himalayan Guinea Pig6 to 7 years
Sheltie Guinea Pig7 to 8 years
Rex Guinea Pig4 to 5 years

Common Guinea Pig Illnesses

Common Guinea Pig Illnesses

Now, we have the answer to the question – how long do guinea pigs live as pets? We need to learn about common guinea pig illnesses. Here are some of the common guinea pig illnesses:

  • Bumblefoot

Guinea pigs can occasionally develop ulcers on the bottom of their feet from living in filthy cages or wire-bottomed pens. The term for this is bumblefoot; your pet will require antibiotics depending on the seriousness of the problem.

  • Digestive issues

Guinea pigs go through a lot of digestive problems. If their gut bacteria misbalance, they will be very prone to diarrhea.

  • Tumors

As they mature, older guinea pigs frequently develop tumors and other malignancies. Check your pet’s skin and tummy frequently for odd lumps and bumps, and don’t be afraid to contact the vet if you see anything weird.

  • Scurvy

Unlike other rodents, guinea pigs cannot synthesize their own vitamin C. Your pet may not get enough vitamin C from their food and could develop scurvy if they shed a lot, experience diarrhea, or are reluctant to move.

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy?

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy?

Here are some of the tips that can help to keep your guinea pig healthy and happy:

1. Monitor Their Diet

The most important thing to maintain your guinea pig’s health is to take care of their diet. You need to maintain a healthy diet for your pet; they will need the right kind of pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Take Care of the Cage

Guinea pigs spend most of their lives in cages; thus, to keep them healthy and happy, you must take care of their cage. Get a cage that comfortably fits your guinea pig to play and exercise.

3. Vet Check-Ups

You need to take your guinea pig to the vet time-to-time. It’s important to take adequate care of the guinea pig. Thus it’s vital to pay attention to any wounds or ailments they may have acquired while traveling.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Guinea Pig

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Guinea Pig

1. Genetics

Genetics plays a big role in the lifespan, whether it’s a human or a guinea pig. A pet could have congenital problems at birth or experience unforeseen genetic diseases later in life. The stronger the genetics, the more years you can expect your guinea pig to live, and vice versa.

2. Diet

Good quality food is important for the quality of life. These pets need a balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables, pellets, and hay. Also, make sure to include foods that are rich in vitamin C. A good and healthy diet can help you to live for more years.

3. Environment

Living conditions play an important role in the overall health of the guinea pig. If you have a guinea pig as a pet, it will live in a cage. Thus, you need to give proper attention to the cage’s maintenance. Keep it clean and use appropriate bedding. In a good environment, the guinea pigs can live for more years.

5 Ways to Increase a Guinea Pig’s Lifespan

Ways to Increase a Guinea Pig’s Lifespan

After knowing how long do guinea pigs live for, here are five ways that may help to increase a guinea pig’s lifespan:

1. Groom Your Pet Regularly

Many guinea pigs have long furs, and these pets need grooming at least once a week to keep them healthy and avoid matted fur. You can use a metal wide-tooth comb to help you remove tangles and snarls.

2. Find a Small-Animal Vet

Just as with any other animal, a guinea pig may get sick or injured. Now, a standard vet may not have proper knowledge regarding the health of a guinea pig, and thus you may need a special vet for the guinea pig.

3. Give a Friend to Your Guinea

The guinea pigs are social animals that need interaction to stay happy & healthy. Thus, we recommend you have at least two guinea pigs at the same time. By this, the guinea pigs will stay busy by interacting with each other.

4. Keep Their Cage Clean

To make sure your guinea pig lives happy & healthy, you need to keep its cage clean and fresh. These small pets will urinate in the same place where they eat and sleep. Thus, it becomes important to keep their cage clean. Change their bedding regularly to avoid any type of contagious disease.

5. Give Them Regular Exercise

Exercise is the best way to keep your guinea pig healthy. If they don’t get the exercise on time, they will become lazy and invite a lot of health problems, so make sure they get timely exercise.

Proper exercise will improve their mental health as well as physical health. However, make sure that your guinea pig does not come under direct sunlight, as this may harm them.

What Makes Some Guinea Pigs Live Longer Than Others?

What Makes Some Guinea Pigs Live Longer Than Others?

Genes play a significant role in the life expectancy of guinea pigs. Although many guinea pig pets are adopted or saved, if you buy one from a breeder, you might wish to find out how long their lines normally live.

Proper husbandry of guinea pigs is important. Many companies make the items for guinea pigs without any safety research.

A good guinea pig husbandry includes:

  • The diet is full of grass, hay, vegetables, and pellets.
  • Vitamin C supplementation
  • Proper cage
  • Safe toys
  • Regular veterinary care

Tips for Caring for Your Guinea Pig

Tips for Caring for Your Guinea Pig

After knowing how long guinea pigs live, it is crucial to take care of your guinea pig. A guinea pig needs a lot of exercise; it is important to give them outdoor exposure to help them stretch their legs. It will also help them socialize, which is also good for their health.

A proper diet is essential when it comes to avoiding any type of illness. Try avoiding foods like peas or corn, as these can cause significant health problems. Guinea pigs love fresh fruits & vegetables; apart from that, they need to be given dry pellets for nutrients.


1. What Does It Mean When a Guinea Pig Purrs?

If the guinea pig is purring, it means your pet is happy. You are doing great as a pet parent!

2. Can a Guinea Pig Die Due to Loneliness?

Yes, a guinea pig may die of loneliness.

3. What Is the Oldest Age a Guinea Pig Has Ever Lived?

The longest-living guinea pig had a lifespan of 14 years & 10.5 months, so almost 15 years.

4. Can Guinea Pigs Live for 20 Years?

No, a guinea pig cannot live for so many years.

5. Can One Guinea Pig Live Alone?

Yes, a guinea pig can live alone, but it is not advised to keep them alone. It is better if there are at least two guinea pigs together.


We would say that a guinea pig is a very adorable pet! We have mentioned every information regarding how long guinea pigs live. If you plan to adopt this cute little pet, this information will be very useful.

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