Cats with Big Ear

Cats breeds with large ears showcase their big-cat ancestry, and this trait makes these cats more popular than ever. In addition, cats are famous for their delicate appearance with tiny toe beans, lithe bodies, and small noses. Know the cats with big ears. But the wild variety of cats have oversized ears which are essential features of these cats’ survival. For example, feline ears work like satellite dishes, helping wild cats hear the faintest sounds while they are on the hunt.

Most domesticated cats utilize their enhanced large ears to listen for their favorite person coming home, the crinkle of the treat bag, or the toy jingle. Cats with big ears belong to different breeds and hence have different looks and personalities. Some are athletic, active, spunky, and quiet.

A Brief About Big Ears Cats

Some wild cats have big ears like their big bodies. However, not all cats with big ears are big. Big ears cats breeds are different in size, color, temperament. Cat lovers usually seek cats with big ears because they give such a fantastic shape to their heads, but the breeds we have listed here have a diverse differences in physical appearance.

Another lovable factor of cats with big ears breeds is that they usually resemble their wild cats with big ears ancestors. Their big ears play various essential roles, whether to keep them alert against predators, stalk prey, or help them stay cool in the heat.

Cats With Big Ears Breeds

There are various aspects about cats that make them adorable pets, such as their Softail, tiny paws, and of course, their beautiful and glowing eyes. But at the top of the list is their ears, and the bigger they are, the cuter they are. So, to help you out to select the best cats with ears, we have listed them below.

Siamese Cats

cats with big ears: Siamese Cats

The Siamese are long, slender, and elegant cats with smooth coats that are generally a combination of chocolate, black, and cream colors. These cats are highly intelligent and affectionate with their owner. With such slender and long legs and tails, it is no surprise that their ears appear even larger than they are.

The Siamese cats have different variations but usually have darker color points on the extremities and lighter whiteness on the central body part. It is because of heat-sensitive albinism. The warmer body parts do not activate the enzyme, producing melanin, providing a white appearance on these areas.


cats with big ears: Chausie

This cat breed is a cross between Abyssinian and various Jungle cat breeds; the Chausie is amongst the largest domestic cat breeds, with a wild and exquisite appearance. As their look suggests, these cats retain many of the traits of the wild cats and are highly active animals that need ample space to play and roam.

The kittens somewhat look like lion cubs, with their deep chests and high-set large, round ears. The Chausie breeds are highly smart animals that need significant interaction and mental stimulation from their owners. Despite their wild heritage, they are popular for building strong bonds with their owners.


cats with big ears: Abyssinian
big ears cat: Abyssinian

The ears of the Abyssinian outstretch to each side, giving a look that they are always listening to something. It is amongst the oldest cat breeds, though its origin is unknown. These are medium-sized cats with elegant yet agile and robust bodies and round, wedge-shaped heads.

They don’t like being left alone for a long time and emotionally connect well to their human family. Also, they are playful animals that are good with children and retain this kitten-like playfulness well into adulthood. They are the best choice if you are looking for a friendly cat with big ears.


cats with big ears: Savannah

This savannah breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a medium-sized, large-eared African cat known as Serval. Despite their wild heritage, they are very friendly, sociable animals are known for their loyalty, often following their owners around the home.

These highly intelligent cats can open doors and cupboards independently, so be careful where you hide their food. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of work to keep them physically and mentally active.


cats with big ears: Oriental

This cat breed is probably the best-known breed with big ears. They have an elegant appearance with a long and slender body, glossy coat, and triangular-shaped head. The Oriental is a highly active breed and is popular to vocalize its need in a raspy and loud voice.

They are affectionate animals that will form a strong bond with their owners, and they tend to follow their companions around the home. Moreover, they are highly athletic and agile animals that always want to play; they are ideal for family felines.


cats with big ears: Singapura
big ears cat : Singapura

It is the smallest amongst the domestic cats; although they are small in size, they have oversized ears and large glowy eyes. They have a beautiful and luscious ticked coat that generally comes in a few variations of brown, and they rarely get bigger than 8 pounds.

Singapura may be small in size but not in personality; they are muscular and highly agile despite their size. They are affectionate, curious, and friendly animals that love to be the center of attention and are an excellent choice as a  family pet. Keep in mind that these cats do not like loud noises.


cats with big ears: Sphynx
big ears cat : Sphynx

They are mostly popular for their coat or lack thereof; sphynx have a medium size, they are a unique breed of cat. With their unique characteristic wrinkly skin, slender bodies, and large ears, they look quite attractive. They are amongst the easily recognizable breeds around.

These cats love to be close to their owners and are energetic and playful and demand attention. Like dogs, this breed tends to follow its owners around the home and build a strong bond with the owner. One of the significant advantages of these cats is that they are generally healthy and hardy cats that have relatively few health problems.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

The Cornish rex has a genetic reason for their curls in the coat, although it is not the same gene as the Devon Rex. The coat is usually curly but can be so thin that it may appear bald in some places. The reason for this, unlike most cats, this breed has a downy undercoat, which means that they are very soft but do not have sturdy protection.

In addition, they have a pointed triangular-shaped head with long ears. They are native to England. Specifically, in the county of Cornwall, where they got their name from, these cats are very affectionate and loving to humans.

Egyptian Mau

cats with big ears: Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is amongst the rare spotted cat breeds and is a muscular and powerful animal. Despite their active and strong personality, they are generally mild-mannered and even-tempered which makes them the ideal family cat. The Egyptian Mau has broad ears that are slightly curved, giving the cat an alert look.

This breed’s ancestors are most likely to come from ancient Egyptian wild cats and they are the only domesticated cat breed with a natural spotted coat pattern. These are notoriously good sprinters and love to climb. Interaction is essential to keep their minds and bodies busy.


cats with big ears: Balinese
big ears cat: Balinese

The Balinese have large triangular ears, likely originated from a genetic mutation that created a long-haired version of Siamese cats. Muscular and lithe, the cat’s smooth and silky coat lies close to the body and resists matting. They love to hang out with their families and often get along with other pets and children. They love to climb and tend to like high-up spaces.


cats with big ears: Javanese

This cat breed is also known as colorpoint longhair; the Javanese is an offshoot of the Balinese that doesn’t follow the required and strictly defined point coloration of the Balinese. Instead, they generally possess a long and silky coat in various patterns and colors, including tortoiseshell and tabby. They have the same vocalization trait as the Siamese ancestors and are intelligent, affectionate, and playful cats.


cats with big ears: Korat

It is amongst the oldest stable cat breeds and is short-haired with a stunning grey and bluish coat. Many people tend to mistake it with Russian blue due to their similarities in fur and green or amber eyes, but the Korat has a heart-shaped head.

In native Thailand, these cats are believed to be a good luck charm and commonly known as Si-Sawat, which translates to good fortune. They are extremely intelligent cats that form a strong bond with their owners.


cats with big ears: Ocicat

They may look like wild cats, but they do not have any of the wildcat genetics and are extremely friendly, loving, and playful breeds. The characteristic spots of Ocicat resemble an Ocelot, giving the cat its breed name.

These cats love human companionship and are playful that are great to have around children. While they are active animals, they are highly adaptable and can happily live in various environments. It is a small cat native to South and North America.


Cats are lovely and elegant pets that are energetic and playful; there are plenty of cats to choose from; after going through the article, you will have an easy time choosing the cat that suits you best as a pet. Cats with big ears are attractive and can change the house atmosphere drastically.

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