Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

You would have always planned a trip with your friends or family and would have enjoyed it as well. While you were enjoying your pet was at home feeling lonely, and we know you also missed him. Don’t stress out; plan your next trip or vacation along with your furry friend. Don’t get confused; we are serious about this. Now you will be thinking, but where? These beaches will give you and your doggo an experience that you both will always cherish. So let’s start our virtual expedition to the Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida.

Pet lovers and owners are always in seek of places to travel with a dog, and so you are! And that is the reason you are here. We will provide you answer for this. There are many places in this world where you can take your dog, but a beach vacation is what everyone loves, and your friend’s safety is also essential.

Florida is such a Beautiful Place and has never disappointed anyone who visited there. This time also Florida made us fall hard for its incredible beauty that you can enjoy with your four-legged friend. So here we are with the five most favorite Pet Friendly Beaches in Florida.

Brohard Paw Park

Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

The beach in Venice, Florida that will make your furry friend happy to the level that he will start wagging his tail. It is located just opposite the Venice Municipal Airport. You can directly go there after landing if you are not tired enough. It is a “dog’s paradise” that you will also love to be at.

You will find many pet owners chit-chatting and playing with their babies (Dog!). Barking, woofing, laughing, and much more excitement is there in its atmosphere. Make sure to get fresh water with you there are Water Fountains but only in the paw park area. When on the beach, your portable freshwater will be useful when your pet is thirsty.

Fort de Soto Park

Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Fort De Soto Park is one of the most beautiful and counts among the best beaches in Florida. It is located in the Tierra Verde. You should not miss this perfect place no matter what, the white sand beach is all that your puppy needs to run when un-leashed.  You, along with your dog, can soak up the sun at the beach and enjoy the enticing view.

Apart from the beach, there is also a 2.5-acre of dog park next to it for your dog to enjoy playing and making new friends (who knows you also find one!). There are also water fountains installed there to keep the fur ball cool when not surfing. After exploring the beach, make sure to explore other trails that it offers.

Bonita Beach Dog Park

Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Bonita beach dog park is located on the edge of Lover’s Key State Park and Fort Myers beach. This is off-leash beach as it is located off-side of the main road. You can let your doggo enjoy own its own without any tension. On this beach, you will find a lot of dogs of different breeds playing and running after each other with or without their parents.

Many people who don’t have a pet also come here to see the fantastic scenario and to get some peace. The main reason your baby will love this place is that it has clean water and softer sand; he will feel cozy and playful. This beach also offers waste bags and dog showers that make it the best of the places.

Canova Dog Beach

Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

Canova Dog Beach is the only beach in Brevard County that is dog-friendly. Still, you will have to check the signs where you can take your furry friend. This beach is spread across 9.1 acres and offers amenities like pavilion, grills, covered picnic area, restrooms, showers, and water fountains.

But before going there, make sure your dog has all the current tags with the information about the latest vaccination and license. You won’t have to carry water dishes and dog bags.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Florida

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