Shiba Inu dogs

If you would look around then you would find out that dogs are the most loved as well as owned pets followed by cats. There are so many varieties of dogs that you would always find the perfect match for you. There are mainly three varieties of dogs such as guard dogs, hunter dogs, and toy dogs. Shiba Inu Dog is a very sweet guard dog but because of its cute look, many people mistake it with that of a toy dog.

This dog is quite popular all around the internet these days. People love watching them playing and even a small picture of this dog can make people crazy about it which is great. If you are into guard dogs that would look super cute then this is the perfect dog for you. But you have to understand one simple thing that is every dog breed is different from each other.

Shiba Inu Dog

Since they are different from each other so you would have to treat this dog differently at the same time. They also have different complications that you can to take care of. If you want to have a Shiba Inu Puppy in your home then you would have to understand about this dog breed. As that would help you in taking good care of your dog so that your dog would be able to stay healthy for a long time.

Overview of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Shiba Inu

Breed Group: Non-Sporting

Height: 13.5-16.5 inches

Weight: 17 – 23 Pound

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Coat: soft double coat

Color: red, black and tan, sesame, or cream

Temperament: independent, loyal, and playful

Needs for Grooming: weekly brushing and minimal bathing

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: Japan

The Temperament of Shiba Inu

Get this breed only if you are ready to deal with a stubborn dog that would not respond to your words most of the time. If you have that patience then only you would be able to be cool with this dog. This dog is so intelligent that you would not be able to command this dog any stupid thing and moreover. It would only do things that make sense to this dog.

They know what is genuine and what is just joke so it would judge your command accordingly. That is the reason that you would have to train them accordingly without any false command. Otherwise things can go wrong between you and your pup. It is said that this dog breed is the toughest one. When it comes to training them and it would not listen to the master in one go and you have to make effort for making it understand what you want.

This dog is very stubborn and so training it is a task for sure. It would take a long time for you to train them so you have to be very calm throughout the time. Otherwise your pup would not listen to you even.

The Temperament of Shiba Inu

Activity Level

If you would talk about the activity level of this dog them you would be able to find out that this dog loves to play all the time. This dog is so curious that it would run after suspicious things all the time. If you are someone that can cope up with the activity level of this dog. Then you would be able to train this pup properly and even the dog would love to be around you. As well as, play with you at the same time which is great for sure.

Since this dog gains weight easily so you would have to make sure to carry them for routine exercise. This is very important for them otherwise this dog would come up with many complicated health disorders. That are worst than ever. However, this dog doesn’t have any interest in any kind of sports. So you would never hear about a Shiba Inu winning any sports competition but they would run in their space. It would also run after person if it would find that person suspicious so you have to be careful around them.

You would have to make a healthy workout routine for this dog. You would make to make them follow the workout routine religiously. Otherwise you might have to deal with their fatigue and bad mood at the same time which is the worst thing for sure.

Attentive and Alert

As you already know that this dog is a guard dog so it has all the qualities of a guard dog. It would react in that way only which is good. Just like any other guard dogs, this dog also stays alert and even a small noise can make them curious. They can even attack if they would feel like.

If you would get this dog at the doorstep of your home then you have to deal with lots of noise. Because it would bark like anything if it would find anyone suspicious in front of your gate. Which is good and this would also make you alert. This dog breed is alert as well so at times if you would ask of shout for help. Then it would observe the situation. Then it would jump to help you as soon as it would come to hear your voice.

Attentive and Alert Shiba Inu Dog

If you would live in with this dog then your stay at the home would be quite safe as this dog would make your space safe. This dog is a dog with kids but since it is very stubborn. So you would have to be very careful if you are leaving your kid with this dog. As it can even harm your kid if this dog would feel uncomfortable.

Once this dog would come to know about your kid and would become comfortable with your kid. Then it would also help your kids in various ways which are a great thing for sure.


This dog can grow up to 16.5 inches that is quite huge but not too much but it is not small either. They can have a body weight of about 23 pounds which is not too much. So you would be able to carry this dog anywhere you want in your arms which is a great thing for sure.

This dog needs good care and if you would give this Japanese dog the best care. Then it would live with you for more than 15 years which is a great thing for sure. The best thing about this dog is the way it looks and the furry body of this dog makes it look the best.

It has a long tail that they wiggle all the time and their pointed ears always compliment them cute looks. Their black pointed nose completes their look which is great.


Here you would have to brush their fur almost every day and once in a while. You would also have to give this dog a good bath so that the quality of their fur never degrades. You would also have to maintain a healthy meal for this dog otherwise it can easily cause digestive issues. That you may not want for sure.

This dog is a lap dog so you would have to get it some space and you should not cuddle with this dog all the time, however, they would wiggle their tail whenever they would want to get some love from you which is great for sure.

These were everything that you need to know about the ancient Japanese dog, Shiba Inu and if you wish to buy one then one puppy would cost you around $2,500.

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