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The fluffy Frenchie is a good-looking dog breed and a rare variation of the French bulldog breed. The Fibroblast Growth Factor gene, often known as the LH – long hair gene, is responsible for this uncommon variety of French Bulldogs.There are many names for this dog breed, such as long-haired Frenchie, hairy French bulldog, and fluffy French bulldog.

In the past few years, the demand for fluffy Frenchie has increased a lot. The popularity of this breed has skyrocketed; however, they are rare, and thus not many people have this dog breed as their pet.

This blog aims to provide complete information about this rare dog breed.

What is a Fluffy Frenchie?

fluffy frenchie

A fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF5) gene mutation gives the long-haired, fluffy, and furry purebred French bulldog the nickname “Fluffy Frenchie.”

The french bulldog fluffy has become very popular on social media. You can see a lot of posts on Instagram with #FluffyFrenchie, and other related hashtags. You can find many pictures of this dog breed on the internet. You must see fluffy frenchie price.


Height11 to 13 inches
Weight16 to 28 pounds
Coat typeMedium length and fluffy
Grooming needsEasy to groom
TemperamentPlayful, social, keen, affectionate, relaxed, alert
Nature with kidsGood
Nature with other animalsGood
Easy to trainYes
Energy levelHigh
Barking habitsInfrequent
Lifespan11 to 14 years


fluffy frenchie

The history of the Frenchie fluffy begins with the French bulldog’s history. Like other bulldog breeds, the French bulldog was created in Britain as a bull baiter. The use of French bulldog was done for bull-baiting. But soon then, the game was restricted during the 1800s, and hence the popularity of the bulldog breeds started decreasing.

After 1835, French bulldogs began changing their variety. Their character and attributes began to change – they turned out to be less forceful and shrank in size. As they become more modest, they become extremely famous in canine shows. Later many individuals began moving to France because of the modern unrest, and right now, the number of bulldogs has begun decreasing to the English bulldogs.

The French bulldog was an exceptionally well-known breed in France. Because of their engaging look, canines acquired notoriety among privileged societies. It is difficult to know the beginning of the Fluffy Frenchie breed, But, the LH quality that is responsible for the fluffier coat of the breed is available from the time of the French bulldogs.

Fluffy Frenchies: Are They Purebred?

fluffy frenchie

The answer is true if you’re seeking a prompt response to this query! Purebred Frenchies are the fluffy ones. The American Kennel Club and other organizations that recognize canine breeds, however, do not accept long-haired French Bulldogs since they do not adhere to the breed requirements.

The classic French bulldog was created in the 1800s by breeding the English bulldog with neighborhood ratter or terrier dogs to make them smaller.

If you really want to know whether your Frenchie fluffy is purebred or not, you can go for their breed identification test.

Looks of the Frenchie Fluffy

fluffy frenchie

The fluffy Frenchies are the same as French bulldogs in the look. The only difference between these two breeds is the presence of the LH gene, due to which this breed has longer coats. However, the fluffy fur is short, no longer than the traditional French bulldogs.

Although Fluffy Frenchie dogs come in various colors, this does not diminish their purebred status. These dogs have medium-length, quite fluffy fur. Although it is incredibly soft, the texture is wavy. Usually, their ears, mane, and chest are the fluffiest parts of their body. Even some Fluffy Frenchie dogs have distinctive fur markings.

The fully Frenches are small-sized dogs, having an average height of 12 inches. They have square heads, big ears, and dark eyes.

What Are Their Personalities Like?

fluffy frenchie

Every French bulldog has a different type of personality, but in common, they are energetic, playful, loving, patient, and friendly.

They are good companions for your children, and their behavior with other animals is also pretty good.

These dogs do not bark a lot; thus, they are suitable for staying in the apartment.

The variety may not require a lot of activities; simply a short day-to-day walk is enough.

They can be prepared effectively; you simply need to give them treats and acclaim them. You can see furry frenchie puppy.

Coat Colors of Long-Haired Frenchie

fluffy frenchie

The tones and markings on the layers of long-haired French Bulldogs are indistinguishable from those on their short-haired partners.

The approved coat colors are

  • White
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Or any combination of them.

The foundation color of the brindle or tiger-striped coat pattern is various hues of red, with black stripes on top. A dog with a piebald coat has black dots over its white base.

In rare cases, French bulldogs can also be of the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Blue and tan
  • Chocolate and tan
  • Blue merle

Dogs in rare colors like sable, pied, or cream are more expensive than usual. Due to this, many breeders have started their irresponsible breeding, making them more prone to health problems. do you know fluffy frenchie price?

Diet of Fluffy French Bulldog

fluffy frenchie

The breed needs 25 to 35 calories per pound of their body weight every single day. You need to give them their natural diet: beef, fish, or chicken. If you want to provide them with canned food, give them organic dry kibble low in carbs.

Allergen is a major issue for the cushioned Frenchie. What’s more, in this way, you should be extremely cautious while giving them the food.

Do Cushioned French Bulldogs Shed?

fluffy frenchie

For the most part, the French Bulldogs shed a ton more than the customary French bulldogs. Notwithstanding, you don’t have to push about cleaning the hair from the furniture consistently, yet take care of business at a planned stretch. Do make a point to keep up with normal prepping.

Medical Problems

fluffy frenchie

Medical problems are one of the issues with French bulldogs. They deal with a ton of issues contrasted with different varieties.

Let’s see some of the common health issues faced by this breed:

  • Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome:  An issue that occurs due to the design of the face and makes it hard for them to breathe.
  • Skin problems: Microscopic organisms can fill in the folds of their skin if they don’t wash up.
  • Temperature regulation: Because of their deterred ways, they battle to gasp and stay cool in hot conditions.
  • Eye problems: The square substance of the canine is inclined to the eye issues like glaucoma, cherry eye, and corneal clients.
  • Spine problems: Because of the issues with reproducing, they have been driven to spinal issues with sunset and butterfly vertebrae.
  • Knee problems: The variety is more inclined to disjoined kneecaps.

How Much Does Fluffy Frenchie Cost?

fluffy frenchie

The black fluffy frenchie is more costly than the ordinary French bulldogs and the other creator breeds. The typical expense of these canines ranges between $5000 to $16,000. The cost of the French bulldogs is less than the fleecy Frenchie, and the explanation for it is the presence of the LH quality. The females will cost more than the males. You can see fluffy frenchie puppy.


1. Is Fluffy Frenchies Hypoallergenic?

The answer to this question will be – No. The fluffy Frenchies are not hypoallergenic.

2. What Are Fluffy Frenchies Mixed With?

Nothing – the Fully Frenchies are purebred and not mixed with any other breed.

3. How Can One Get a Fluffy Frenchie Bulldog?

You can search for this breed online or go to a local breeder and ask if the Frenchie bulldog is available. Make sure to go to the breeder’s place and inspect the dog carefully.

4. Is Fluffy Frenchie Right for Me?

The fluffy Frenchies don’t require much space; they just need care and attention. So, if you can provide these two things, then it is the perfect dog for you.

5. How Long Does Frenchy Fluffy Live?

The average age of the Frenchy Fluffy is 11 to 14 years. However, it will depend a lot on their diet, exercises, health problems, etc

6. Do Fluffy Frenchies Bark a Lot?

No, the Fluffy Frenchies don’t bark until they are provoked.

7. Are Fluffy Frenchies Affectionate?

The fluffy Frenchie puppy is very affectionate. The dogs like to hang with their owner and other dogs.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that a Fully Frenchie is a very cute dog. Many people want to keep them at home; however, they are very rare as fewer people can adopt them. Also, it is an affectionate dog due, and you will get proper pet love from them.

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