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Sheepadoodle: The Ultimate Breed Guide


Are you searching for an interesting and unique breed? Sheepadoodle is one of the best options for you. If you are wondering why so? I was surprised when I discovered the reason why they are popular as a unique breed. The reason is they are not the original breed, and they are the hybrids of the Old English Sheepdog and Poodle Dog breed.

The uniqueness of Sheeppoodle is that they have different types and are known as ideal dog breeds. Sheepadoodles are incredibly charming, cute, adorable, and best to cuddle along. Being a mixed breed, they turn out to be exciting pets as companions. If you plan to adopt a Sheepadoodle, we have prepared a detailed blog about the breed. After reading the blog, I am sure you will fall in love with this adorable Sheepadoodle dog.

Just imagine if the name ‘Sheepadoodle’ is so interesting and unique, how exciting it will be to live and share your life with this adorable and active dog breed. 

Basic Overview Of Sheepadoodle

Breed Name: Sheepdoodle Dog 
Breed Group: Hybrid 
Cost: $2000 – $5000
Height:  18 to 28 inches. 
Weight:  62 to 68 pounds. 
Life Span: Expected – 10 to 12 years.
Coat Type:  Mid-length and curly. 
Coat Color:  Black, White, and Mix of Black & White.
Temperament: Extremely understanding, intelligent, friendly & Loving, and very protective. 
Grooming Needs: Low
Training Needs: Medium 
Other Names: Sheepadoodle Hiking Dog, Sheepdog Poodle Mix
Recommended Families: For all kinds of families and even if you have other pets. 

Breed History

Sheepadoodle Puppies


There has always been a deep history associated when it comes to finding the originals of this breed. Whereas for years, breeders have been cross-breeding them. Though the proven fact is that Sheepadoodle breed history is clear, they are a mixed, cross-breed. As per the breeder, the initial breeders of the breed wanted to come up with a large, smart, and stubby shedding dog breed. Their main motive was to create a Sheepadoodle who became the ideal dog pet and companion for every kind of family.

Sheepadoodle was bred as a fancy and luxurious dog breed. Due to their large popularity, they were either adopted in rescuing security or a family breed perfect as a companion and helping dogs.

It was discovered in the 1980s, after exploring, that they shed low and are very well bearing with the allergy or any severe health conditions. The tolerating quality of the dog breed increased the popularity and demand of adopting them as the family or the security companion. 

To date, these have a huge demand and are admired a lot as family pet companions. They are accommodating, understanding, and perfect in all ways. And this is the only reason why there is an excellent demand for Sheepadoodle for sale.

Mini Sheepadoodle

Many times, people confuse Mini Sheepadoodle with puppies. However, the fact is they are one type of the same breed. They are the tiny versions of the standard size Sheep-a-poo. If I try to google the articles on mini Sheepadoodle, they turn out to be puppies of the standard size.

Mini Sheepadoodle hardly weighs up to 20 to 30 pounds at the maximum. And this is what the grown-up or the adult version will weigh. Though, commonly, even this version will encounter some changes in them that are very normal.

The fact is Sheepadoodle are prone to health problems because of their size. The only reason that mini Sheepadoodle are prone to health problems is their tiny size. As the mini Sheepadoodle is not an original breed, they tend to face health issues due to their size. 

Mini Sheepadoodle can lead a long and healthy life if you invest proper time in them. Time investment means you have to look after their diet, nutrition, health, routine, and exercising precisely to help them enjoy a healthy and long life. 

Sheepadoodle Puppies

mini sheepadoodle puppies


Sheepadoodle puppies are extremely adorable and exciting to adapt as pets or companions. Are you ready to adopt a Sheepadoodle? If you are sure enough and ready to dedicate a minimum of 12 years of your life to them, go for a puppy. After all, Sheepadoodle are living beings. When you plan to commit to newbies, you must be very confident and ready to face some challenging situations. 

Sheepadoodle puppies are not one of those dog breeds that will stay inactive. They won’t understand and sit quietly in one particular corner of your home or their kennel. Being newborns or growing pups, they require most of your time. Their initial years will nurture them into an understanding, responsible and enjoyable pet for your family.

Sheepadoodle puppies are extremely active, and they need your time and support so that they can get used to your environment. They love to be an active part of your daily life and love to be a routine part of your life. Thus, if you commit to the puppies, you have to be physically and mentally prepared to spend hours of your daily life with them. 

The Appearance 

The appearance of the Sheepadoodle tends to be either of their parent breeds. They commonly have a domed head like the poodle, and some of the exceptional dogs have a square cut face like the traditional Old English Sheepdog. More than average Sheepadoodle dog breed has the ideal black and white marking on the body. And believe it or not, the marking on the coat enhances every single feature of the Sheepadoodle. 

Once the breed starts growing older, there are chances that the color of the coat starts fading in grey shade. The same factor is noticeable in the parent breed- the Old English Sheepdog. They have defined facial features that give them an appealing and adoring look. There are some absolute rare occasions where you will find a white & red shade of the dog. You will only notice one difference between Bernedoodle and Sheepadoodle breeds: the color options that are missing in the Sheepadoodle.

Sheepadoodle have a straight coat just like the poodles. Unless they are bred from a toy poodle, they will always grow up to the standard size. These dogs give you a wholly fluffy and chubby teddy bear vibe when they grow older to their ideal standard size. 

Sheepadoodle Temperament & Personality

Sheepadoodle Dog Breed | PetsNurturing


The Sheepadoodle has cultivated all the traits of the Old English Sheepdog. Sheepadoodle has an extremely free and charming personality. They are full of life. If you have ever noticed this breed, they are never sitting idle. They have a sporting personality. Sheepadoodle is a fast-learning dog breed. They love to swim, play outdoors, and keep themselves engaged in some of the other physical activities

By now, you must have understood that they have dynamic personalities. Thus, it is crucial to train them from a young age. Even the Sheepadoodle breeders have experienced that they are incredibly active and impatient to discover new things. They are always enthusiastic about learning new tricks and activities, which can stimulate their mental ability. 

These large companions are very loyal and supportive of their favorite person and the family. To your surprise, they are officially recommended as companions for emotional life support. Their active, joyful, and engaging personality is beneficial to all owners facing or dealing with emotional imbalance or disturbance. 

Sheepadoodle Size

Sheepadoodle size is always confusing for all those curious surfers searching for the right breed size to understand better. There is always confusion between the mini doodle and the standard size breed type. Whereas the size of the breed entirely depends on the size of the parenting breed. 

The poodle parent breed has variations in their size. They are varied in standard, toy poodle, and miniature versions. It depends on who the Sheepadoodle breeder has mixed the parent Old English Sheepdog with for breeding. 

If the parent breed is the standard size poodle, they can grow as a large dog breed. And if they are a standard size doodle, they will rise to the average height range of 17 to 22 inches and weigh up to 55 to 80 pounds to the max. And suppose the Sheepadoodle size is comparatively lesser than the mentioned variations. In that case, they are either the mini or the toy version of the breed. 

Coat & Color

Sheepadoodle: PetsNurturing


When we talk of the coats, the entire coat is a mix of both the parenting breed. Usually, there are chances that a mixed breed can have its specialty in its coat and colors. However, over here, the case is different. The Sheepadoodle coat is a complete photocopy of the parent breed. They have a long-flared, wavy, curly, or flat coat. It is crucial to brush them twice or thrice a week. And it is even crucial to savagely groom their coat after a period of every eight weeks. 

Sheepadoodles have long coats, which means they can easily adjust in cold weather. And suppose you are residing in moderate or warm weather. In that case, it will be helpful and comfortable for your little one to adjust to the environment if you trim their coat to a comfortable length.

Sheepadoodles have a standard coat color. They commonly have a mix of black and white coat colors. However, there are possibilities that it can grow in gray or solid black shades. In rare cases, you will even find a red and white mix of coat colors. 

Lifestyle and Exercise

The lifestyle of Sheepadoodles differs based on their size. They are usually large dogs and need some space of their own and regular exercise no matter what. If you have your own space, you can let your dog enjoy the outdoors.

If you reside in an apartment, it is crucial to take them on a regular walk or exercise. As per vets, it is essential to take this large Sheepadoodle on walking, running, or playing outdoors regularly to continue the physical activity.

If we discuss their lifestyle, they are easy to adjust to. You have to maintain and fulfill their basic requirements. Ensure that you are considering your dog’s coat length according to the climatic situation in your area. As per breeders and salespeople, Sheepadoodles love to stay and spend time with other dog breeds.

So, if you are planning to adopt any other breed, you won’t find any complaints between the different breeds. They love to have companions. It is essential to take Sheepadoodles outdoors. They belong to a herding environment, which means they tend to guide and take care of other animals, small children, or older members of your family. 

Training and Grooming Needs

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Sheepadoodle breeders recommend training them from a young age. They are fast and active learners. Suppose you train them from a young age. In that case, they will enjoy the companionship of other pet breeds, and other people will generate interest to interact and connect with the dogs. Sheep-a-poo is an extremely intelligent and smart breed. It is beneficial to stimulate their mental abilities for their enjoyment. 

Grooming needs are very crucial for your large friends. Even when you are searching for a Sheepadoodle for sale, one of the important guidelines every Reeder will recommend is to maintain this breed’s grooming. They are extremely hyperactive, which means you have to keep trimming their nails regularly. 

If we talk about their coats, you need to brush them twice to thrice a week regularly. They do not shed, which means there are chances they can suffer from allergies. To avoid such health problems, they keep brushing their coat after every eight weeks to maintain the quality and hygiene of their coat.

Diet and Nutrition 

The ideal diet of your large dog friend is supposed to be as per the high energy breeds. Before providing them with their meals, understand that they tend to gain weight quickly. Thus, break down the duration of serving the meal. After consulting with your vet, divide the meals into different portions. This will control the consumption or overeating of sheepadoodles. 

Please ensure you are not engaging the dog with exercising after meals. Maintain an accurate time interval between the meals and exercises. The nutrition proportion requirement will differ from your sheep-a-poos puppyhood to adulthood. To provide them with the required nutrition, keep consulting the veterinarian for the proper guidance. 

Sheepadoodle Breeders

Sheepadoodle Puppy


Reaching out to a Sheepadoodle breeder is not a simple task. It is a challenging process to reach out to the right breeder. Dog breeding is not just mixing two adoring, charming, and appealing parent breeds. It needs a complete dedication to breed a healthy, long-living, attractive, and ideal temperament dog breed. 

Ensure that the breeder has consulted the veterinarian for both the parent breeds. Getting their hips checked,x-rays, and assisted before mating them is very crucial. Large dogs commonly face Hip dysplasia, so for their healthy life, it is essential to look after this mattress. 

After considering and looking into all these matters with evident proof, finalize the breeder. 


Being a mixed breed, Sheepadoodles face some of the common health problems that the parenting breed has. Anyhow, most of them will lead a healthy and long-living life. Still, it is better to know the health problems that your large friend will face in the future. 

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Joint Issues
  • Bloating
  • Skin/Coat Disorders

You can avoid some of these health problems if you take proper care and provide them with a nutritious diet and visit the vet regularly to assist your dog. 

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Is Sheepadoodles a Family Pet?

Sheepadoodles belong to a herding family, so there are no chances that they are not suitable for your family. If you have other pet breeds, small children, and older family members in your family, your large companions will easily adjust with all of them. 

It is crucial to make your children understand that they must interact and connect nicely with these large dogs. If you try to put in efforts to gel with them, sheep-a-poos will behave in their best behavior. You will love to be around them. They are very active and full of life dog breeds. What else does a dog owner want in their dog friends? They are one of the ideal dog breeds for your family


Do Sheepadoodle Sheds? 

Sheepadoodle shedding is very rare. Though it is not guaranteed they won’t shed at all, however, the chances are incredibly scarce that they shed. 

Do Sheepadoodles bark much?

Sheepadoodles don’t bark much. Even though they are hyper-active and large dogs, they are very peace-loving and calm dogs. 

How long can Sheepadoodles stay alone?

Sheep-a-poos can stay alone for 4-5 hours. Unless you have a puppy younger than six months, they can’t be left alone for more than 2 to 3 hours. They are a bit high-maintenance pups. 

The Bottom Line

Sheepadoodle is an ideal mix and large dog breed for families. They are quick learners and easily adjust to any circumstances, which makes them an easy-to-maintain breed. The only thing you have to take care of is that they need your love and support to live a happy life. 

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