Doodle Dogs

With a cute name and curly coat, it’s pretty obvious that anyone can easily fall in love with Doodle dogs! From Instagram to Youtube, this puppy can be seen everywhere. People from all over the world are gushing over a doodle puppy. Are you planning to adopt a doodle dog? Or just curious to know about these unique doodle breeds? Keep on reading to find all the amazing information and facts in this in-depth doodle dog breed guide.

These days this breed is so common that you may have already run into Doodle dogs. But why are these dogs so popular? The reason is pretty obvious. Because of their cute faces and adorable names. Over the years, these doodle dog breeds have made a special place in people’s hearts. They have quickly become beloved pets all across the United States.

Let’s know more exciting things about them, such as what are doodle dogs, where these cute canines came from, why they’re so famous, doodle diet and nutrition, and many more.

History of Doodle Dog

History of Doodle Dog

It all started back in the 1980s when a woman from Hawaii reached out to Wally Conron, who was a breeder at the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia. She needed a guide dog to help her, but her husband was allergic to dog fur. So, she asked Wally for a hypoallergenic guide dog.

Canron already knew the standard poodle dog breed. Then he came up with an amazing idea to breed a non-shedding Poodle with a Labrador Retriever. He bred a poodle with a solid and loyal working dog, a Labrador retriever from Sweden, and thus after two years and 33 trials later, the labradoodle was born!

In simple words, a Doodle is a cross between a Poodle and another dog breed.

In the initial years, this breed isn’t so popular because people usually preferred purebred dogs. However, over the years, with a branding push, the labradoodle becomes one of the most lovable dogs. Suddenly, there were doodles dogs are everywhere.

Because of this, any breed mixed with poodles was started to be advertised as “hypoallergenic.”.; still, Later many types of breeding started, and Oodles and Poos were created, such as Schnoodles, Yorkiepoos, and Cockapoos.

Types of Doodles or Poodle Mix Breeds

The personality of Poodle Mix Dog Breeds

Anyone can become fond of this designer dog because of its winning temperament. They’re extremely good-natured, smart, and sweet family dogs. Perfect for those who have allergies because they shed either a little or not at all.

After the first successful breeding of Labradoodles, many other types of poodle crossbreeds started popping up.

Here are some of the most popular doodle dog breeds:

  • Aussiedoodles (Australian shepherd and poodle)
  • Bossi-Poo (Boxer and Poodle mix)
  • Bernedoodles (Bernese mountain dog and poodle)
  • Cockapoos (Cocker spaniel and poodle)
  • Cadoodle (Collie and Poodle mix)
  • Goldendoodles (Golden retriever and poodle)
  • Jack-a-Poo (Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle)
  • Irish doodles (Irish setter and poodle)
  • Peekapoo (Pekingese and miniature poodle)
  • Pomapoo( Pomeranian and Poodle mix)
  • Whoodles (Poodles and Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier)
  • Saint Bernadoodle (Saint bernard and poodle)
  • Shihpoo (Shih Tzu and Poodle mix)
  • Schnoodles (Miniature schnauzer and poodle)
  • Sheepadoodles (Sheepdog and poodle)
  • Weimdoodle( Weimaraner and Poodle mix)
  • Westiepoo (West Highland White Terrier and Poodle mix)

These are only a few; there are currently so many poodle mix options. You can indeed find a dog with the traits you want while still enjoying its fluffy and cute poodle coat.

The personality of Poodle Mix Dog Breeds

doodle breeds

Doodle dogs are known for being low-shedding, laid-back, good-natured, and smart family dogs. But unfortunately, these designer dogs aren’t recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

When it comes to their personalities and characteristics, they’re generally cute and well-behaved dogs. However, it is vital to remember that a canine’s personality can be different from dog to dog, no matter what its DNA or lineage.

The Poodles and other parent breeds have their own unique traits, and these could be expressed differently in every puppy. Each individual dog has a very distinct personality.

For example, you shouldn’t assume that every Aussiedoodle will be easy to train. You can research the parent breeds and their traits; however, you won’t know how a dog will be until you meet them for the first time.

Overall we can say that doodle dogs are fun-loving and affectionate, happy and friendly with other pets and kids. Poodles offer multiple appealing characteristics, which makes them popular among people. Here are some of them:

  • They don’t shed
  • They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds
  • Enjoy working
  • They are typically easier to train
  • They are highly responsive, playful, and affectionate

You can find Doodles Dogs in all shapes and sizes. For example, a Westiepoo is around 20 to 30 pounds in weight, while a Newfypoo can easily weigh more than 100 pounds!

Doodle Diet & Nutrition

Doodle Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition are important parts of your Doodle’s health and wellbeing. A portion of good quality food and a suitable diet will provide strength to your dog’s immune system resistance to disease and quality of life.

So how will you select the ‘best diet’ for your doodle? First, it is essential for you to know that one food is not meant for every dog. Each doodle has its own diet and food requirements.

Also, make sure to give your furry friend a variety of foods. Along with the regular diets, feed your dog with different foods that can help fill nutritional gaps that particular food or brand doesn’t fulfill.

You can mix two or three different brands using different protein sources and grain fillers in your pet’s daily food. Plus, rotate these ingredients as per your choice between a daily basis to every few months. This will also prevent developing any type of food allergies in your canine.

What to Include

You can also include fresh foods to the diet, including eggs, meat (raw or cooked), tinned fish (sardines, mackerel, in oil, never in brine), healthy leftovers (steamed vegetables, meat, and fish scraps), and dairy (bio yogurt, cottage cheese).

What Not to Include

The only thing that you should keep in mind is never to feed every exotic protein available (e.g., duck, rabbit, venison) to your dog. Here are some more foods that you should avoid or restrict in the doodle’s diet:

  • Onions: You should never feed onions to dogs as it can cause a form of anemia.
  • Grapes and Raisins: These can cause kidney failure.
  • Chocolate and Caffeine – these products contain Theobromine which is harmful and toxic for dogs.
  • Macadamia Nuts: It is highly toxic to dogs, even in very small amounts.
  • Raw salmon, trout, and related anadromous fish from the Pacific Northwest (California to Alaska): These food items can carry a parasite that causes Salmon Poisoning in dogs.

Training & Grooming Of Designer Dogs

Doodle dogs are not only cute and loving but are also highly trainable and outright brilliant dogs. The great thing about this breed is that they have acquired the best hereditary genes. This makes them non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

Characteristics can be different from breed to breed. For example, Saint Bernards are gentle, loving, and eager to please dogs. This makes Bernedoodle a great potential family furry friend when socialized. Similarly, Australian Shepherds are also quite intelligent and trainable dogs; thus, these traits can be seen in Aussiedoodles.

When it comes to grooming and maintenance, you’ll be happy to know that doodles are easy to maintain. These adorable puppies have natural curls. Even some doodle mixes have stunning multi-colored coats. Due to their wavy fur style, they sometimes look a bit like living teddy bears.

101 Interesting Facts about Doodle Breeds

101 Interesting Facts about Doodle Breeds

Do you want to know more fascinating things about this incredible dog breed? Here are some funny and interesting facts about the doodle dog breed:

  • The first-ever Doodle was a Cockapoo that was breaded in the 1940s in the United States. This was a result of the crossing of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.
  • They’re totally unpredictable. How? If a tiny Poodle is being crossed with a large-sized Bernese Mountain Dog, there are high chances that the puppies may have different sizes and traits. You never know whether your puppies will inherit traits from their parents or not!
  • Even though the doodle breed is so popular and many breeders are developing some healthy breeds, still these wonderful dogs are not recognized by AKC.
  • Doodle dogs have multiple generations called F1, F1b, F2, F2b, and others.
  • The cross between two or more different Doodle breeds is called Double Doodle.
  • Currently, there are over 100 breeds of Doodles available.

Live Happily with a Doodle Dog

So this is all about the famous Doodle breeds. If you’re planning to get a doodle puppy, make sure to do in-depth research. Try to get all the necessary information and then decide whether they’re compatible with your desires or not.

Also, it would be best if you tried to adopt a doodle puppy from an animal shelter or from a reputable breeder. This way, you’ll get a healthy and happy puppy. You can find a poodle mix breed almost in any size.

So welcome one in your family that is the right size for you and your family. Also, don’t forget to appreciate each dog’s individuality and uniqueness, no matter what Doodle type you get.

I hope this in-depth Doodle breeds guide helps you understand these super cute, happy, and friendly dogs. For more information on pet care, breeds, or pet foods.

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