how far can a puppy walk

Having a dog is not as easy as it looks. You have to take care of its needs like a baby. From his active time to what to give for eating, you should research everything well in advance. You are here to get the answer to how often do you walk your dog. Whether you are getting a full-grown dog or a puppy, every breed has its needs when it comes to walk and activeness.

So, here in this article, I will make sure you get all the answers related to how often you walk your dog. I will also cover inquiries like how far can a puppy walk, how much exercise do puppies need, when do puppies start walking, and even how long does it take to walk 5 miles. Hence, be with us till the end!

Why Does Your Dog or Puppy Need Walking?

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog


Well, this will be the first question that came to your mind, while searching about how often do you walk your dog. No matter what breed type or age your furry friend is, it will need exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. Apart from walking there are many exercises that will help your perfect friend grow strong and healthy like tug war games, chase games, and ball games.

Benefits of Exercise for Puppies and Dogs

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog

This is the right time to understand the benefits of walking for puppies and dogs, you can consider these benefits for the exercises as well. Let’s get going!

1. Improves Joint Health:

The foremost benefit of exercise and walking for dogs is joint health. The walking keeps your pup’s joint health fit and fine. A dog is an animal that needs to stay active, the activeness level may differ from breed to breed, but it is essential. Walking and exercising won’t only keep your dog in shape but will also keep his joints moving and in motion.

2. Helps Puppy Be Sane:

Puppies’ mental health can deteriorate easily. Walking and exercising will calm his energy levels, which releases endorphins. The endorphins help your pup to be mentally stable and calm. So, get your puppies walking to help them stay sane.

3. Improves Your Bonding:

Struggling to bond with your furry friend? Take him on a stroll. A dog is happiest when it is utilizing its energy levels. Take them for a walk to the nearest park and spend some quality time with your pup. Make this routine, and see how your bonding improves!

4. Enhances Digestive Health:

When on a walk dogs tend to pee, poop, and stretch which keeps their digestive health fit and fine. It helps them stay fresh and healthy. So, next time when you are on a stroll and a dog pees or poops in the neighborhood, don’t scold and be happy as your pup is going to stay healthy. 

5. Makes Socialization Easy:

It will be easier to socialize a puppy when you take your dog or puppy out where they will meet new people and other dogs. Take them to parks and teach them how to play with others. Once it is socialized, you will have the most adorable and lovable pup at your place. 

When Do Puppies Start Walking?

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog

This question is most common among pet owners. When do puppies start walking, or when can you take your pup out on a walk? The simple answer to this question is after the two weeks of final puppy vaccination. 

The three-week-old puppy will walk perfectly fine, but you should wait till the final vaccination to take it out for a stroll. Why? To save it from unwanted diseases. So, now you know when do puppies start walking, right?

How Far Can a Puppy Walk?

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog

Now, as soon as your pup starts walking, the next question in your mind is how far can a puppy walk. There’s a thumb rule for this. For every month up to eight weeks, your puppy can walk 5 minutes. So, if your puppy is 2 months old, it can walk for 10 minutes, if it is 3 months old, take it on a walk for 15 minutes. Keep this rule in mind, and you will never overtire your puppy.

This is a general answer, it can vary as per the breed as well. It is better to reconfirm with the breeder to get the exact answer on how far can a puppy walk. However, how will you know if your pup is tired? Be attentive. If you see your puppy sit down or lie on the road in the middle of a walk. Hold it up and take it home. Pup is tired and needs some rest.

You should never let a puppy or dog overtire, it can cause damage to their developing joints. Also, before you take your pup out on a leash walk, train it to be familiar with the leash. Once it is familiar and comfortable with the leash on, move ahead.

How Much Exercise Do Puppies Need?

how far can a puppy walk

Alongside the walk, your puppy will need playtime too. The playtime includes other activities for their overall development. You should not overtire your puppy on a walk so that it can’t enjoy the playtime or other exercises.

Three different things matter when calculating the exercise needs:

  • Breed
  • Size
  • Age 

The general answer to the question is at least one to two walks per day will do the work for most breeds. On the other hand, exercise will depend on the breed type. Many breeds (rottweiler, german shepherd, labrador, etc.) are prone to arthritis; it is recommended to make them walk as instructed to avoid the risk. 

Breeds like bulldogs and pugs have breathing problems, they can’t take in enough oxygen. So make sure you don’t over-exercise them. Take it slow and build the stamina for a walk. Also, the walk time and exercise time are not different, you can consider it the active time for the pup. Here’s a puppy exercise chart to help you:

Puppies’ AgeRecommended Exercise Time (Twice/Day)
2 months10 minutes
4 months20 minutes
6 months30 minutes
8 months40 minutes
10 months50 minutes
12 months60 minutes

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog?

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog

Now, as you have all the information on hand, about how much time a puppy needs to walk per day. It will be easier for you to calculate. However, I would suggest asking a breeder or veterinarian for help. As I said, every dog breed has a different requirement. Also, the way your pup behaves and eats will affect that.

The answer to how often do you walk your dog is twice a day for the recommended time. If you are infusing different exercises, make the walk time accordingly. You wouldn’t want to over-exercise or over tire your pup. 

How Long Does It Take to Walk 5 Miles for a Dog?

how far can a puppy walk

The answer to the above questions is a little tricky, as it depends on the dog breed you are having. If the plus point of your dog is agility, it might cover 5 miles in 20 minutes, while some will take 1 hour. Also, before making your dog walk for 5 mile, make sure it is capable. Don’t push the dog considering how long to walk 5 miles, even if it is tired. Puppies walk should not be measured with the miles, instead, stick to the time.

If you are wondering, how long to walk 5 miles for a dog? It might take from 1 hour and 5 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes for you. As a human, if you briskly walk alongside a dog, it will take you this much time. However, if you are jogging or running, it might take less time.

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Take Your Dog on a Walk to Spend Quality Time with It!

how far can a puppy walk

With this, let’s end the article here. You have got the answer to your question “How often do you walk your dog?” As recommended, always stick to the exercise time advised for the best physical and mental health of your pup. If you think your pooch still has energy, play around with it in the house itself. With this, you’ll have a cuddle-purrfect pet. 

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