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Big Fluffy Dog Breeds Who Can Be a Perfect Companion to You!


Fluffy dog breeds are always made for cuddling and love. They have a cute and fluffy body figure, which tempts people to adopt them. But one must know that grooming plays an important role when owning a fluffy dog. Whether they are long-hair or short-hair, maintaining a healthy coat by brushing regularly, giving them a proper bath, and proper grooming is essential so that you can control their shedding. Grooming services regularly for specific breeds can be done quickly at home, but some fluffy species need proper grooming so you may require to hire a certify groomer for your breed’s betterment and a healthy coating.

There are some cute, unique, and loveable fluffy breeds who innocently exhibit their long or short coats and embrace with ease and attitude which is very attractive and ‘aww’ at times.

Rapid Wayfinding your Fluffy Dog Breed

So Fluffy Dog Breeds are commonly classify into three types of dog breeds:

  1. Giant Fluffy Dog Breeds.
  2. Small Fluffy Dog Breeds.
  3. Medium Fluffy Dog Breeds.

So Explore more of these cute and smart big fluffy dog breeds.

Big Fluffy Dog Breeds:

1. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog: Fluffy dog breeds

Source: piczasso.com

Shetlands have a remarkable and comprehensive history of working and herding with farmers of the Shetland Islands. This makes them beyond belief active and hardworking and severely intelligent. 

And no wonder Shelties are very agile and obedient. They have a nature of never-ending love for their family. 

One of the most important features is that they love to please their owners, and in return, they expect the same amount of love and dedication towards them.

Shetlands requires a lot of daily exercises and mental refreshment to keep them calm, healthy, and happy. 

2. American Eskimo

American Eskimo: fluffy dog breeds

Source: wikimedia.org

Energetic and curious, these big fluffy Eskimos daily need some exciting and joyful activities. American Eskimos are very excite, intelligent, and adoring in life, and so they are the perfect match for family dogs. 

Furthermore, Eskies are said to have a velcro nature, and thus they keep roaming behind you everywhere in the house to see what you are doing the entire day just like your shadow. 

This active fluffy breed needs daily physical and mental activities to keep its physical and psychological health healthy. And the most important thing you can not leave this breed alone for an extend period.

3. Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphund: fluffy dog breeds

Source: purina.com.au

These long-coat fluffy breeds are different level friendly and loving companions. They are combine with the ability to please and love Lapphund’s excel in agile and obedience. These cute fuzzballs are a very hardworking, active herding breed that originates from Lapland, Finland. 

Lapphund has retire from herding reindeer and has adopt a relaxing and happy lifestyle, and thus they are very close to their families. Finnish Lapphund need lots and lots of healthy exercise and mental games to keep them healthy.

4. Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie: fluffy dog breeds

Source: wikimedia.org

Beard is known for being quite active and agile, happy, and intelligent! Every breed has a drawback, and this one has a self inviting trouble when they get bore and have nothing to do. So it would help if you kept them happy and active.

The best option for a busy family, this breed can keep itself active on its own but needs some time of yours for love and affection.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog: fluffy dog breeds

Source: amazonaws.com

This mountain dog is consider a working and active breed, and this one is more adjustable to a relax and comfortable lifestyle. They are very impatient to please their masters and owners. The only problem to adopt this breed is its size. They can exceed 100 pounds and do not notice how large they are and can welcome accidents because of their silly nature, to your family, but sometimes funnily.

6. Malamute

Malamute: fluffy dog breeds

Source: blogspot.com

Alaskan Malamute is a great and robust working breed often employ for hiking, backpack through the irregular arctic topography, and sledding. You can call them a perfect definition of a big fluffy dog.

Because of its dynamic nature like; chasing, shedding, digging, and pulling this breed is happily adopt by families. The only drawback is they need a long period of training to overcome their stubborn nature.

Being a big fluffy dog they have significant shedding of hairs, so it is advisable to brush them regularly to avoid and control their shedding. And thus first-time owners are not suggest adopting this huge fluffy breed.

7. Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier Des Flandres: fluffy dog breeds

Source: wikimedia.org

They originate as farm dogs who use to help in herding on the farms. Bouvier des Flandres are fearless and powerful and hence are also known as sport dogs. They are so vast and strong that at times they even weigh 100 pounds, yet they can run actively with their strong and fast legs.

Though this furious blood has a sharp attitude look, they are charming and adorable from within. Plus point they easily blend with small kids, but the only problem is they can be overactive at times, so need to take care of your kids not getting hurt.

Small Fluffy Dog Breeds:

8. Havanese

Havanese: fluffy dog breeds

Source: netdna-ssl.com

Havanese are the most adorable breed of fluffy dogs. They have a huge loving heart and thus blend with the family. Also, they need a warm and cozy corner to sleep, and therefore they are even known as a lapdog.

They have anxiety about staying alone and start barking and howling when they are left alone for a long time. This can make them unfavorable for apartments, but giving them proper training at a young age can help them to get socialize and can reduce their anxiety.

9. Coton De Tulear

Coton De Tulear: fluffy dog breeds

Source: brit-petfood.com

Cotons are known for their cute, calm, and sweet mannerisms. They are also brilliant and smart. Coton looks fluffy and soft in appearance, but they are very buckling as they keep following you everywhere you go. 

And that is how this can be a perfect match for your family, all they want is your love and some of the time in the day.

Being calm and active nature, they are very flexible according to your routine, unless you are okay with them following you everywhere.

10. Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle: fluffy dog breeds

Source: emborapets.com

Toy dogs are brilliant and active, but quite stubborn at times when someone tries to envy their interest and space. They are very noisy and bark whenever they are being disturb by their part. 

If you know, they are knowledgeable, active, and exactly a toy that you can play and live with. 

Training and nurturing a toy poodle is a lot of fun and joy, and they turn out to be compatible with your family.

11. Pomeranian

Pomeranian: fluffy dog breeds

Source: mystart.com

Pomeranian is very popular and sometimes a trouble-maker. Poms can be correctly define as enjoyable, curious, confident, cute, mischievous, and royalty breeds.

They are adventurous and like to learn and explore new things. Their hairy coat needs regular brushing and maintenance. 

Just keep in mind they are not adapt to dry and heat places, try to keep them indoors and in air-condition areas to avoid their health issues.

Medium Fluffy Dog Breeds:

12. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso: fluffy dog breeds

Source: orvis.com

Lhasa Apso was very famous for guarding the royal families and palaces in Tibet. They still have this nature of defending families, and they are proud to flaunt that attitude of theirs in public. Lhasa Apso is self-independent breeds who take the duty of guarding very dedicatedly. 

And this can turn out to be like the dog is utmost loyal towards the owner and the family, and can be extremely unpleasant to strangers and guests.

Though they have a thick and fluffy coat, they don’t shed quickly. It would be best if you took care that they get proper training by a professional so that they can be friendly and socialized well at a young age.

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13. Chow Chow

Chow Chow: fluffy dog breeds

Source: wikimedia.org

Chow Chow is amazingly an adorable and the fluffiest breed out of all the other soft species. The best is that they do not follow everywhere you go and have a very independent nature. They are very protective of their family and get mistrustful about other animals and strangers coming into their sight.

The best option for active chow is to train them at an early age by professionals so that they can quickly adapt and accept strangers and other people.

14. Keeshond

Keeshond: fluffy dog breeds

Source: shopify.com

Keeshond Loves to spend time with the family and with their favorite people in the family. The surprising fact is that this one of the happily social breeds out of all the others. 

They do not like to be kept alone, and they start getting depressed. 

Have a significant shedding of their coats, so you need to groom and brush them daily correctly.

Also, they bark and yell a lot if not appropriately treated, as they love to be given attention and would follow you everywhere.


So this was the gist of having big Fluffy Dog Breeds as a member of your family. All the breeds are very family adaptable, but the only thing you need to take care of is proper brushing of their coats to avoid and controlling their shedding. 

I am sure you must be confused about which one to get home and enjoy for the rest of your life. Just choose the right breed according to your family, routine, financial stability, and significantly the amount of time you could give to them. So if you did like this blog, do share it with all the other dog lovers and tempt them to adopt these Big Fluffy Dog Breeds.

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