How to Groom Your Beagles

If you’re a dog owner, you’re probably already in love with petting your canine companion and would like to keep their lovely coats clean, tangle-free, and as healthy as possible. As a dog parent, you may be wondering how to groom your beagle properly. Grooming keeps our beagles in prime health, keeping away any chances of health complications and infections that may trouble our four-legged friends.Don’t know how to go on about it? We’ve got you covered – here’s an easy, simple guide to keeping your beagle well-groomed:

Easy Grooming Tips for Your Beagle

Grooming is not the hardest thing to do. While you can certainly avail yourself of professional services, remember that grooming your beagle by yourself can help you form strong bonds with them, and teach you some important lessons about dog care.

Here are 5 easy grooming tips on how to groom your beagle.

Brush Once Every Two Days

Groom Your Beagle: Brush Once Every Two Days

If you’re a new beagle parent, you’ve also learned that they shed… quite a lot. While beagles are considerably less furry than many other breeds, regular brushing is still an important part of their grooming routine.

Your beagle can, during exploration and frolicking, be exposed to mud and dirt and may pick up other nasty things in its coat – something that this curious breed is bound to do on walks.

How do you comb a beagle?  Simply use a de-shedding tool to collect the dead hair before it spread it all over the floor and furniture. Brushing can sweep away all the dirt and debris and remove dead hair, keeping the fur in good shape. It also makes your dog feel lighter and more relaxed, especially during warmer months.

Remember that beagles have a warm undercoat that they shed seasonally. If you find that they’re dropping more fur than usual, make sure to deshed them a couple of extra times per week.

Clip Their Nails

Clip Their Nails to Groom Your Beagle

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that dog nails tend to grow back at an alarming pace. When we don’t pay attention to this nail growth, they can curl inwards and become ingrown, which can prove to be quite painful for your beagle and will require a vet visit to take care of.

It’s best to cut your beagles’ nails every 5-6 weeks. If you can’t keep tabs on the schedule, the clickety-clack sound they make on the floor will serve as a reminder.

Clipping your beagles’ nails requires attention and care. Right under their toenails, they have an area of highly sensitive pink flesh called the ‘quick’. This contains nerves and blood vessels. You can sever this delicate part when you cut your dog’s nails too short, resulting in profuse bleeding and pain for your dog. Remember to be patient and attentive.

If you’re uncertain, you can always get the help of a professional.

Bathe Every 4-6 Weeks

Bathe Every 4-6 Weeks to Groom Your Beagle

The beagle’s short and tightly packed coat can be deceptively hard to take care of. It hides dust, debris, and everything in between, fooling you into thinking they don’t need a bath, even after they’ve been out of the house multiple times in a row.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should bathe your beagle every time they traipse back inside the house. Overbathing dogs can lead to dry skin compilations.

Depending on the size of your beagle, you can give them a bath in the sink or in the bathtub. Use soap-free dog shampoo and conditioner.

We know we got you thinking – do beagles need conditioners? In fact, they do! Conditioner adds a layer of protection, protecting the coat from dry air, sun, cold, and contact friction damage.

​​How Often Do You Bathe a Beagle Puppy?

A beagle puppy requires a bath just as often as an adult beagle. You don’t have to make any changes to their grooming schedule because of their age – even as adults, they are relatively compact dogs with the same kind of fur they had as puppies.

However, if your beagle puppy is super active, it may require frequent baths – beagles have a natural instinct to dig, and this often results in a very muddy pup that’s in need of serious scrubbing!

Just remember to be gentle and speak to them as you wash them up. Puppies can find bathing quite anxiety-inducing – making these early experiences as calm as possible can help them stay bath-friendly as adults.

Trim Their Fur

Trim Their Fur to Groom Your Beagle

Do beagles need haircuts? Not really. Beagles are short-haired. You don’t actually need to trim their hair unless, of course, you plan to enter your beagle into a dog show.

The best way to trim beagle hair if necessary is to use electric clippers. Remember to lightly trim the pads of the feet and the fur around the feet for tidiness and neatness.

Beagles are short-haired, so frequent haircuts are a big no-no. However, you can schedule occasional trims as the fur can grow in uneven patches over time.

Can I shave my beagle?

Coats provide a crucial element of protection to your beagle. Plus, shaving your beagle is not going to prevent shedding so it really has no purpose.

Clean Their Ears Once a Week

Clean Their Ears Once a Week to Groom Your Beagle

As a dog parent, you’ll have to routinely check your beagles’ hanging ears for any signs of infections, presence of excessive hair, or wax-build ups. The beagle’s droopy ears may look adorable but they create a dark and moist environment, resulting in a lack of air circulation that can make your beagle prone to infections.

An effective ear-cleaning solution can eliminate odors, break up wax, soothe irritation and discourage the infection build-up. Just dampen a cotton ball with the ear-cleaning solution and wipe out the inside of the ear thoroughly. Repeat the same with the other ear, using a different cotton ball.

Need more tips on how to care for your beagle? Here is all the beagle information you’ll need.

Grooming Essentials For Your Beagle

Having a grooming kit can help you groom your beagle whenever you want, without having to search the whole house for grooming equipment.

As beagles are short-haired, they’re pretty low maintenance compared to other breeds and don’t require many grooming items to keep them in prime health.

Here’s a list of things you should keep in your grooming kit.

  • A good quality brush – Get a small brush for your beagle puppy and a medium one for your adult beagle.
  • A grooming mitt – This helps pull out dead hair. Dead hair, when accumulated, will fall into the dense coat and clog pores.
  • Clipper or grinder – This ensures that your beagle’s nails stay properly trimmed.
  • A good quality bath brush – Cleaning a beagle’s wet fur during a bath needs a different kind of brush. This also helps in cleaning sensitive areas.
  • Paw Wax – This helps your beagle have a bit of extra grip while walking, and offers a protective coat against rough surfaces.
  • Dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner – Helps keep their coat fresh and shiny after each bath.
  • Ear-cleaning solution – To prevent infections and wax build-ups.

The Takeaway

Grooming is an essential part of pet care. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to groom your beagle.

Grooming your beagle is an effective way to keep them in prime health, protect them from the risk of infections, and build a bond with them.

If you find yourself unable to carry out the grooming for fear of causing them to harm unknowingly, it’s best to consult a professional who’ll spruce up your beagle, ensuring good hygiene and health.

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