Best Alternatives to Hand Stripping a Dog

As we know that the dogs need lots of care and also grooming to live a happy and satisfied life and also as we know it will further lead to a healthy lifestyle. So proper grooming should be done in order to give a healthy lifestyle to your dogs because the dogs go and play outside and lots of germs can settle on their hair so proper care needed to be done for their hair. Another reason is that stripping dogs is important as it will clean their hair and any unwanted particle stuck in their hair will make it go away. In this article, we will discuss the alternative to hand stripping a dog that we do in order to groom them properly.

Alternative to Hand Stripping a Dog

If the dogs have long hair you can prefer clipping of hair and be careful while clipping the hair. Clipping is considered better than hand stripping because it gives a cleaner and a neater look to your dog and also it is a good technique of grooming the hair of the dogs such as afghan hound because it can create amazing hairstyles for them. The dogs will be comfortable with the clipping of hair only if you will do that carefully and with patience otherwise, it can hurt your dog because while clipping the dogs panic.

How to Clip?

Alternative to Hand Stripping a Dog

First of all, you should know when you need to clip the hair of the dog and when that appropriate time comes then only clip off their hair. Get the best quality clipper for your dog so that properly the clipping process takes place. The most important thing is that check whether the clipper is sharp enough or not because a sharper clipper should be used for the dog from the very beginning. Now follow the steps for clipping as given below:-

  1. First of all gently and slowly start clipping along the back of the dog.
  2. When you want to remove the clipper talk to the dog gently in order to reassure them that nothing wrong is happening to them and this will not hurt them.
  3. While using the clipper you have to make sure that it does not become too hot because it can cause burns to your dog, so if it just in the case becomes hot try to cool it down before you start again.
  4. Take breaks in between so that your dog becomes comfortable with this process of clipping and is not having any sort of problem.
  5. When you notice that your dog has got used to the process of clipping you can move to the other areas where you need to clip the hair of your dog.
  6. If you do not know how to clip the hair of the dog so it is better to hire a professional to clip the hair of your dog so that your dog does not get hurt while clipping the hair.

These are some simple steps of clipping the dog that can be followed easily by anyone who wants to clip the hair of their dogs for their proper care and also in order to maintain proper hygiene. The clipping should be done slowly so that your dog does not panic and also so that it can get used to the clipping process.

On the other hand, you should also be calm while clipping the hair of your dog so that not any sort of problem is created and the clipping is completed properly without any type of hassle created in between.

Professional Used for Clipping

Professional Used for Clipping for Alternative to Hand Stripping a Dog

You can also use a professional for the clipping of hair of your dog if you do not have time or you do not know how to clip or you are scared of clipping the hair of your dog. In such a case you can hire an experienced professional who can clip the hair of your dog nicely, though it will be costly it will be worth every penny.

Even the vets also provide clipping services for the dog as they know how to handle the dog while clipping their hair and also they can properly check the ears, eyes, and even the skin of the dog whether everything is fine with them or not.

Conclusion :

The dogs need to be groomed properly so that they can live a healthy life and also no disease can occur. For this purpose, you need to clip their hair if there is any sort of unwanted thing stuck to their hair or they are having any sort of problem with their any body part through the process of clipping we can get to know about that easily and we can take some actions. So clipping is an alternative for hand stripping a dog and also in many cases it is a better option.

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