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Every Dog goes wild when it comes to trimming its nails. There are hardly any breeds who like to sit down quietly while cutting nails. And being a dog owner, I can understand how challenging it is. How to cut dog nails? Is every dog owner’s question. No matter how much we try to be calm while performing this task, our dogs can’t. There is no possibility that they sit back quietly and get their nails cut. You can avail professional services for dog nail cutting, but they are very costly. Why spend so much just on dog nail trimming? Are you fed up with the entire challenging process? No worries, we are here for your rescue.

Today we are here to guide you with how to cut dog nails? And believe me when I say this “it is challenging, but not impossible.” yes! It is a real challenge cutting dog nails.

But, all you need to do is be patient and follow the correct steps for trimming dog nails. So not waste any further time, and let us see how we can make it easier for you.

Why Are Cutting Dog Nails Important?

Why Are Cutting Dog Nails Important

Before we peek into the steps for how to cut dog nails, let us understand the importance. Always keep in mind that trimming dog nails is one of the most important parts of their grooming.

For instance, you can avoid or forget other grooming needs, but this can’t. To prevent cutting dog nails means you are avoiding their hygiene.

Not just for hygiene, it even affects their spine and body posture. When nails are overgrown, dogs start oddly shifting their weights. It even leads to odd sitting and standing postures.

It can be very discomforting and injurious. Dogs have the habit of continuously scratching their body. And if they have long nails, it can hurt their skin, causing pain and infections.

Just a few extra grown nails can be so hazardous for our little ones. In short, go through the negative points of having long nails.

  • Body posture is disturbed.
  • Walking and running activities are discomforting.
  • Scratching with nails can cause infection.
  • The eyes and nose can be hurt with long nails.
  • Long nails are unhygienic if they put their paws in their mouth.

I hope all these reasons are pretty simple and clear to understand why it is necessary to trim dog nails.

Now that you know the importance of dog nail trimming, let us see how to cut dog nails.

Essential Tools for Cutting Dog Nails

Essential Tools for Cutting Dog Nails

Just look at the list of tools you will need while cutting dog nails.

Make sure you have all this equipment handy before trimming dog nails. When you have all the essential tools by your side, it becomes easy to trim dog nails.

How to Cut Dog Nails?

How to Cut Dog Nails?

And here is a detailed guide on how to cut dog nails, right from preparing them to cutting their nails and, in the end, soothing them.

Every step-by-step process is described here. Be calm and patient while processing the dog nail trimming.

Get Ready with Essential Tools

Get Ready with Essential Tools

As we saw earlier, some essential tools are required for dog nail trimming. So it is beneficial that you select and get all the necessary tools.

It is good that you understand that dogs are very active. They can’t sit back in a place for a longer time.

When we know that our naughty ones can’t sit back for a longer duration, keep things ready.

Make sure that all the products you are using are properly sanitized. Why sanitized? If you have noticed, all the tools are either metal.

If in case your Dog is hurt because of the tool, it should not hurt them more. Thus use sanitized tools and keep all of them quickly ready to use.

Comfort and Prepare Your Dog

Comfort and Prepare Your Dog

As we know, trimming dog nails is not what they like. They act very irritated when you are cutting their nails. And so you must try to keep them ready for cutting their nails.

You need to make it a habit for two to three days of holding their paws. Make it comfortable and habitual to the process.

Once the dogs are okay and accepting the hold of their paws, it will be helpful to you. When your dog is already used to holding off its paws for so long, it gets easy in trimming dog nails.

So be very patient while getting your Dog used to the process. They may act very violent and discomfort, but they need time.

Mark the Cutting Range

Mark the Cutting Range

Now before getting to any step further, be very careful. Let me notify you that dog nails have blood supplies. Your one wrong cut can lead them to a lot of pain and discomfort.

So, be very, very careful. If the nails are lighter in color, it is easy to rectify the blood flow in the nails. But, if they have darker nails, it becomes a bit difficult to find the blood flow.

And here, the help of correct lighting or torchlight may help you. Use a torch or flashlight for better judgment. Three things you must never forget while trimming dog nails:

  • Cut the pins parallel to the downward direction.
  • The perfect cutting is correct before the blood flow.
  • Overgrown nails are often seen in the front paws.

Cut or Trim the Dog Nails

Cut or Trim the Dog Nails

Now comes the main challenge. Dog nail trimming. What you need to do is focus on the markings. Always cut in a parallel direction and straight. Do not cut in curves.

They can harm your dogs and cause them pain. Use the equipment to cut and trim the nails. If you use the wrong tool, it may hurt them and cause discomfort. Start following the marking you have made.

Use a cutting clipper to cut the dog nails. Use a grinder to give it a proper shape. Shaping the nails will make them smooth and safe. Because dogs have the habit of scratching rough nails that can hurt them, shape them slightly to make them safe enough.

Massage and Apply a Soothing Lotion

Massage and Apply a Soothing Lotion

Once you are done with cutting and polishing the nails, apply cream or lotion. Yes! Cream or lotion application after dog nail trimming is essential. It will help them to feel better and relaxed. The entire process of cutting dog nails is very tricky and discomforting.

To make your Dog feel better and relaxed, apply paw balm and lotion. Believe me, and this is very helpful. I follow this step every time I cut my Dog’s nails.

He feels so happy and enjoys the lotion massage after nail cutting. Make sure you use a suitable powder or cream if in case the nails start bleeding.

Reward and Treat Your Sweet Dog

Reward and Treat Your Sweet Dog

Once you are done with the cutting, trimming, and polishing of the nails, it is time to reward the little one. The process of dog nail trimming is discomforting for dogs.

So when the entire process is done without causing any hurt, treat your dogs with rewards. You can either give them treats or perform activities that they like.

Rewarding the dogs after the process of cutting their nails is to calm them down. In the entire process, they get hyper, rewarding them will calm them down.

Next time when you have to follow the same process, it will be helpful to you. Your dog won’t behave weird and aggressive.

How to Cut Your Dog Nails: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Cut Your Dog Nails: Do's and Don'ts

There are some instructions one must follow while trimming dog nails. So what are they, read and consider.


  • Mark the nails to be cut.
  • Start with trimming the nails.
  • Cut parallel to the ground.


  • Dog nails have a blood supply, so do not over-cut the nails.
  • Never cut or trim in a curved shape.
  • Do not cut in dim lighting or bad lighting.
  • Do not use the wrong tools.

Please make sure you consider all these do’s and don’ts while cutting dog nails. If you are not alert while doing the cutting process, you can hurt your Dog.

Hurting the Dog means giving them a lot of pain and discomfort. So, you should take proper measures and tools while cutting your Dog’s nails.

Trimming Dog Nails Intervals

Trimming Dog Nails Intervals

Before we end this blog, one more thing that comes to mind of dog owners is; how often to trim? So, understand that cutting or trimming dog nails is good.

What we owners need to understand is the intervals of trimming days. The nails are to be missed when they overgrow and create discomfort.

The growth of the nails expand on the following factors:

  • Food habits.
  • What is your dog breed?
  • The activity of your Dog.
  • What surface to walk and run on.
  • Genetic features.

According to all the features, the nails grow. Still, if you are confused about when to cut, you can consult the vet. And for your information, the ideal interval of cutting nails is to be 14 to 16 days. Do not cut or trim dog nails before this perfect period.

Conclusion to How to Cut Dog Nails?

With this, we come to the end of this blog on how to cut dog nails. All you need to remember is to consider all the key features and steps while cutting or trimming dog nails.

Most importantly, unlike us humans, dogs have a blood supply in their nails. So, be very careful while cutting dog nails. To avoid any harm to your little pups and dogs, it is better to follow all the steps and easily cut their nails.

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