Human Shampoo on Dog

There are some mistakes that we all commit while grooming our pet and using Human Shampoo on Dogs has to be one of them. While some people would not actually count it as a mistake so they would continue using them but in reality, things are actually harmful but since the effects don’t look instantly so we continue using our shampoo on dogs. 

There are skin issues that can take place and at the same time, the quality of the fur coat of your dog can also degrade in this way. Here are some Dog Products that can make your dog healthy. If you are wondering why you cannot use your best shampoos on your dog then here are some of the reasons mentioned below that you need to check out:

Human Scalp vs. Animal Skin

Human Scalp vs. Animal Skin

So the main issue is that human shampoo has been customized for scalp whereas animals do not have scalp as such rather we use products on their skin. So the main difference here is this and both scalp and skin are way too different from each other so their products also need to be different.

The main difference is the pH level and the pH level of our scalp is much different from that of animal skin and so the shampoo proves to be very harsh on their skin. Both you as well as your dog’s skin has got acid layer which is known as mantle and this mantle actually helps in protecting the top layer of the skin from harmful elements but if we would use shampoo on the skin then unknowingly we would be washing away that acid residue from our skin.

The good thing about human skin is that it knows how to get healed but the thing is different in case of a dog’s skin. If the dog’s skin would be exposed then many dangerous things can take place and Parasite Attack and fungal growth have to be the most dangerous one for sure. If you would still continue to wash your dog with your shampoo then the imbalance of pH level would take place and so Dog Skin Problems can take place which worse than ever.

Not only your dog would just suffer but at the same time the dog coat would get destroyed which no one wants for sure and apart from all bacterial growth can also take place which can even affect your skin if that would be spreadable and to avoid all these things you should consider not using your shampoo on your dog. Since your dog is special so it is always better to get special things that have been specially made for the dog and that is definitely different from our products.

Ingredients that You Should Avoid While Choosing a Shampoo for your Dog

Ingredients that You Should Avoid While Choosing a Shampoo for your Dog

Luckily there is the Shampoo For Dogs in the market but not all shampoos are but rather more of them are sealed with so many chemicals that can prove to be worse for your dog’s skin. This problem can be solved if we would give proper attention to the ingredient list of the shampoo before picking it up for our dog.

You need to read labels for this and always make sure to get products that mention all the ingredients not just the key ingredients as key ingredients can be good but the rest ingredient can prove to be bad for our paw friend’s skin.

Human Shampoo on Dogs

Now while you would go through the ingredient list the first thing that you would have to see is that the pH level of your dog’s skin should not be harmed by the shampoo. While choosing the best shampoo always remember that your dog doesn’t need to smell like flowers all the time so make sure you choose the one that doesn’t have any artificial fragrance and at the same time try avoiding artificial colors as well because that, however, is nothing but tons of chemicals which is no doubt very harmful to dogs.

Just like your scalp your dog’s skin also needs some nourishment but you, however, cannot apply oil or lotion there so you can go for moisturizing shampoos which can have vitamin E or Aloe Vera in it and also natural fragrance won’t harm your dog’s skin.

Major Types of Shampoos for Dogs

Shampoo on Dogs

Now there is simply a normal shampoo and another is medicated shampoo and here is when people really get confused. Medicated shampoo doesn’t always means that they are safe for your dog and so you should be cautious if you use them rather medicated shampoos should not be used in every now and then as they are made for specific dog’s skin issues and if your dog doesn’t have any such kind of skin problems then it would be better for you if you would avoid using any medicated shampoo for your dogs however if your dog is suffering from mites or any specific skin issue then you can definitely visit a vet to get a good shampoo prescribed for your dog.


There are different shampoos for dogs that concentrate on specific skin conditions so at first, you should try to know whether or not your dog has any skin issue. No matter how good shampoo you choose for your dog but you should not wash your dog on a regular basis that that can promote heavy shedding of fur which you may not want for sure.

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