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We all know how small but cute the Maltipoo dogs are. But can you guess what makes them even cuter? A good Haircut!

Yes, this designer breed has a gorgeous coat that can be styled in so many different ways. From short Maltipoo haircuts to shaggy curly hairstyles, there are so many options. A haircut can make a huge difference in your pup’s overall appearance. The right Maltipoo haircut will give your puppy a fresh and clean look, making them more adorable.

If you’re seeking some fresh and trendy Maltipoo haircuts, you’re on the right page!

Today in this post, we’ve lined up some of the best Maltipoo haircuts. From cute teddy bear Maltipoo haircuts to short Maltipoo haircut styles, we’ve covered many different hairstyles that will look amazing on any pup. So keep reading till the end and pick your favorite one.

Let’s start the blog with the Maltipoo breed overview.

Maltipoo Breed Overview

Maltipoo can be a good option if you’re searching for a gentle, intelligent, and friendly dog breed!

Maltipoo is a hybrid breed resulting from crossing the Maltese and Poodle breeds. It has inherited so many great qualities and characteristics from its parent breed. This is why these kind and affectionate breeds are loved by people all around the globe.

A Maltipoo canine comes under a small breed and is usually under 20 pounds. They are beautiful curly, and “hypoallergenic” coats. One of the reasons this breed is getting more popular day by day is because of their coat. These pooches are cute, calm, and cuddly, making them great pets for first-time dog owners or animal lovers.

Top 25+ Maltipoo Haircuts to Try On Your Pup

Now let’s move on to the latest and cool Maltipoo dog haircuts and hairstyles.

1. Maltipoo Miami Cut

Maltipoo Miami Cut

Maltipoo Miami Cut, also known as the bikini cut, is considered one of the traditional Poodle hairstyles. In this cut, hairs around the ears and head are more fluffy as compared to the body.

2. Teddy Bear Maltipoo Haircuts

Teddy Bear Maltipoo Haircuts

This is one of the most popular haircuts among poodles and doodles. This is because this looks pretty good on Maltipoo. This one has rounded paws and a face and looks best for medium-length hair. Don’t think much, and go for this signature doodle haircut!

3. Shaved Maltipoo Summer Haircuts

Shaved Maltipoo Summer Haircuts

When it’s hot and humid, one thing you can do for your puppy is shave his/her coat. However, don’t do it by yourself; go to a professional. This cut is appropriate for warm weather. This is another low-maintenance haircut perfect for your beloved pooch.

4. Maltipoo Lamb Haircut

Maltipoo Lamb Haircut

Another trendy haircut of 2023 is the Maltipoo lamb cut! This one has long, fluffy hair covering the ears, face, legs, and paws. This cut will make your pup super adorable. Try this out, and you’ll be shocked to see the result!

5. Puppy Maltipoo Haircuts

 Puppy Maltipoo Haircuts

Looking for a simple yet cute hairstyle for your pup? Try the famous Maltipoo puppy cut!

This one is an affordable cut that is easy to maintain. The best thing is puppy haircut will work for all Maltipoo coats. Try these Maltipoo cute haircuts!

6. Puppy Ponytail Hairstyle

Puppy Ponytail Hairstyle

This cut is known as the Maltipoo haircut with a ponytail. You have to let your dog’s hair grow for weeks or months to achieve this look. Here you have to make a small pony at the top of the head. This way, you can see your pooch’s beautiful eyes and adorable face.

7. Maltipoo Haircuts with Pigtails

Maltipoo Haircuts with Pigtails

A Maltipoo with pigtails – it definitely can’t get cuter than this!

If you want to direct your attention towards your pup among all the other dogs, you should get the pigtail haircut for your Maltipoo. Look how cute and lovely the dog is in the above picture!

NOTE: Don’t make the ponytails or pigtails too tight, as this can irritate your dog.

8. Temporary Dog Hair Color

Temporary Dog Hair Color

Make a simple haircut into a fun hairstyle with the help of some dog hair colors! But not the permanent! We’re talking about safe, temporary dog hair colors! You can also bring your puppies to various dog events and shows like holiday parades.

9. Fluffy Maltipoo Haircuts

Fluffy Maltipoo Haircuts

You can see that there is a texture variation in the Maltipoo coats. Some of these breeds have beautiful thick wavy fur, and few have medium curly, thin coats. So for the short and thick ones, you can go with these long body fur but short fur around the face.

10. Shaggy Curly Maltipoo Haircuts

Shaggy Curly Maltipoo Haircuts

There is nothing wrong with long and curly dog coats. If your canine friend doesn’t visit the beach or pool or play outside often, it is acceptable! So, let your Maltipoo hair be long and flowy but well-groomed!

11. Fluffy Legs, Fluffy Head Cut

Fluffy Legs, Fluffy Head Cut

If you don’t have time to take care of the fur on a daily basis, here’s what you can do: cut their fur short! This will also prevent coat fur from getting tangled and matted easily. Make sure to keep the body coat short, and the fur on the legs and head should remain long. You can also see goldendoodle haircuts.

12. Maltipoo with Side Ponytail

Maltipoo with Side Ponytail

Look how cute this Maltipoo’s side ponytail looks. If you think your pup has a cool and fun personality, these ponytails will be a great haircut option! Just gather the long fur at one side and secure it with a soft scrunchie. That’s it!

13. Little Fringes Maltipoo Haircuts

Little Fringes Maltipoo Haircuts

Sometimes dogs’ fur is so long on the face that it tends to get into the eyes. If the same thing is happening with your pup, it’s time to get a good haircut! This hairstyle, known as little fringes, will make the eyes clear and also make them pop out!

14. Textured Ruffle cut For Maltipoo

Textured Ruffle cut For Maltipoo

Look what type of fur your Maltipoo has, and according to that, you can ask for a particular style. For example, some textured cuts have layers that will make your pup like a small fluffy ruffle bag!

15. Summer Maltipoo Haircut

Summer Maltipoo Haircut

When you feel the weather is starting to warm up, it’s always best for your dog to have short fur or Maltipoo short haircuts. These small coats will help your pet stay cool and dry quickly after a beach trip or shower session.

16. Blunt-Cut Ears Maltipoo Haircut

Blunt-Cut Ears Maltipoo Haircut

Do you and your dog get bored of the same haircut? If yes, try this new one! It is known as the blunt cut ears hairstyle for Maltipoo. This will help the ears to stand out, and you can also experiment with the body fur. Use dog hair accessories such as flower crowns or bands to make them even cuter. This hair idea is perfect for dog shows and photoshoots.

17. Classic Maltipoo Town & Country Cut

Classic Maltipoo Town & Country Cut

This cut is widely famous for Maltese and Maltipoo dog breeds. You can also adjust this cut through different seasons. This cut mainly focuses on trimming the head, face, and legs. So, you can leave the dog’s body coat at your desired length. This Maltipoo Town and Country Cut will make your pooch look absolutely adorable.

18. Maltipoo Soft Curls Haircut

Maltipoo Soft Curls Haircut

Don’t get too surprised that your pup is getting so many compliments after getting this cut!

One of the cutest Maltipoo haircuts, with soft and enhancing natural curls. This fluffy and layered look will make your puppy look innocent and cuddly. Keep the hair length from medium to long, and that’s it!

19. Shih Tzu Maltipoo Haircuts

Shih Tzu Maltipoo Haircuts

Bob cut is only for humans – this statement is proved wrong in the above picture because here, the puppy has a similar cut and is looking pretty cute! Maltipoos can have this haircut, but the length of hair on both sides should be equal.

20. Top Bow Maltipoo Haircuts Styles

Top Bow Maltipoo Haircuts Styles

Many pet owners like to put styling accessories on their pets. You can also do the same and buy various pet styling accessories like a top bow, hairclip, or scarf. For your Maltipoo girl, put a bow on top of her fur, and she will look charming.

21. Blunt Maltipoo Haircuts Ideas

Blunt Maltipoo Haircuts Ideas

If you want a sharp look for your Maltipoo pup, a blunt cut will be great! In this hairstyle, the fur on the body is soft but looks more voluminous. The ears will also appear like bells that finish in a straight line.

How Often Do Maltipoos Need Haircuts?

These coats look gorgeous and beautiful from afar, but they need a lot of care and maintenance. You must brush your Maltipoo pup daily and go for regular grooming sessions. This will help to maintain their coat in good condition and prevent tangles and forming mats.

But the question arises: how often does this breed need a haircut?

Most pet parents select the length of the haircut according to their preferences. And depending on the length, dogs need haircut sessions. For example, dogs with shorter to medium haircuts need to be cut or trimmed on a monthly basis. However, this can vary from 6 weeks to 8 weeks for Maltipoo canines with long hair.

Due to the high maintenance, many people prefer short Maltipoo haircut styles that they can trim at home from time to time. However, this completely depends on the pet parent’s choice. The important thing is to get regular haircuts to prevent matting hair from forming.

How To Care For Maltipoo Hair?

Maltipoo is a designer breed with a fluffy, curly, and dense coat that needs regular grooming and care. If you want your pup to look good every day, you have to brush his thick coat and maintain that in good condition.

Don’t get stressed after reading that you have to brush them daily. The entire grooming process is so relaxing! Get a comb or brush and slowly brush the coat to remove dead hair and dirt. Brushing will also improve the blood circulation of your Maltipoo pup.

However, if you’re a new parent and don’t have any knowledge about grooming, it’s best to visit professional grooming services. Just type Dog Grooming Near Me on the internet, and you’ll see several results. You can pick the one near your home and get the best Maltipoo puppy haircuts and other grooming services for your pooch.

Get the Best Maltipoo Haircut For Your Pup!

So, these are some of the latest Maltipoo haircuts! A haircut is always a great way to start a stunning makeover for a pup. Different hairstyles will help you to change the appearance of your beloved dog.

I hope this in-depth guide on different types of Maltipoo haircuts and Maltipoo grooming tips has given you some wonderful inspiration for your dog’s next groomer appointment. So, select the haircut according to your budget, maintenance, and your dog’s lifestyle. Share this article with your family and friends if you find it informative and helpful.

Don’t hesitate; ask your groomer and get the Maltipoo haircuts that you think will look good on your beloved puppy!

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