Polar Bear Dog Breed

5 Dog Breeds That Look Like Polar Bear


While dog lovers will in generals like dogs of every size and shape, they also love to cuddle and pet with the various breeds that they meet out in the city, on the roads. numerous individuals are somewhat shocked at the unforeseen sight of extensive dog breeds, some of which look fearsome and honourable and would surely make you stop if you met them suddenly down a dark alley. Be that as it may, most extremely vast dog breeds are slow moving, very friendly and in all respects cuddly, regularly having a laid back and tolerant nature that would put numerous littler breeds to shame.

 Polar Bear Dog Breed


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The absolute most lovable huge and mammoth dog breeds are those that look to some degree like bears-enormous, overwhelming dogs with long and thick coats. On the off chance that you have fallen for the charms of these substantial bear-like dogs, you may wonder what sorts of breeds look the most like bears. Hence today at  Pets Nurturing we shall take a look at Polar Bear Dog Breed.

1) The Chow Chow

Polar Bear Dog Breed


The Chow is a large, fluffy dog breed that can stand up to 51cm tall, and is unique for having a blue tongue! They have large heads with side necks that adds to their overwhelming, bear-like appearance, alongside their slightly grumpy faces. The layer of the Chow is one of the thickest and the densest coats that you will ever see on any dog as well, and you can lose your entire hand in their hide if you try to brush it and this is how a Polar Bear Dog lookalike is.

2) The Maremma SheepdogPolar Bear Dog Breed


They are tall, long and stocky dogs, with males standing on average up to 73cm high, with some considerably bigger! They have a messy cream looking coat that can sometimes be like pure white, thus giving them a similar appearance to that of a polar bear. Their known history goes back centuries, and they are broadly utilized in the Abruzzo area of Italy as domesticated animals guarding and herding the dogs.

3) The Newfoundland Dog

Polar Bear Dog Breed


The Newfoundland dog is one of the monster polar bear dog breeds that consistently makes individuals stop for a second look at these shaggy, overwhelming vast dogs are all around delicate and quiet, frequently appearing to move nearly with slow movement. They can be found in a wide variety of hues including dark, brown and dim, with dark being the most well-known shading. They likewise have a real affinity for the water and have the webbed feet to demonstrate it. In addition to this, they’re actually cuddly and extremely loving, and not at all fearsome!

4) The Tibetan Mastiff

Polar Bear Dog Breed


All dogs of the mastiff type will in general be exceptionally stocky and heavy dogs with some of the time fearsome looking appearances, although like the Newfoundland, they will, in general, be slow, gentle and extremely lovely to cuddle up with, yet they will occupy the greater part of the room on your bed or couch! The Tibetan mastiff is no exemption, and keeping in mind that they are not the most widely recognized of breeds in the UK, in the event that you keep your eyes open you may see one when you’re out strolling in territories that are well known for dog walkers. The primary thing that will hit you when you see one is their sheer size in addition to the fact that they are tall extremely overwhelming, weighing up to around 80kg by and large or more than 90 at times which is heavier than most human beings. Their tremendous heads are what gives them their unmistakable bear-like appearance, and they have a thick mane of hair behind their ears that nearly looks leonine as well!

5) The Ovcharka

 Polar Bear Dog Breed


The Ovcharka is a goliath dog breed that is at times referred to by different names as well, for example, the Caucasian shepherd Polar Bear Dog, and is native toward the Northern Caucasus districts, for example, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. They are not excessively normal in the UK, and would surely be sufficient to leave you speechless on the off chance that you saw one-they are gigantic, tall and substantial dogs with a fearsome expression when they have their mouths open showing their vast teeth! They are a solid, sure breed that you truly wouldn’t have any desire to cross in a battle, and are in truth one of only a handful couple of types of dog that stand a moderately decent chance of running into real bears at their home district and even coming of better in a battle!. Nonetheless, with their families, they are delicate, adoring, faithful and defensive.

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