Red Nose Pitbull

Red Nose Pitbull: Facts, Appearance, Temperament, and More


Have you ever thought about why people adopt dogs? Just give it a thought! Dogs are the most honest, loyal, and emotional animals and prove to be the best companion one can have in their lives! Honestly, I, myself, have a cute little Red Nose Pitbull, which belongs to the Great American Pitbull Terrier family. He is so cute and handsome that I would have married him; oh my Good God… just kidding, HAHAHA!!

Countless breeds are ready to get adapted. They have their own unique identities, skills, emotions, and, most importantly, temperaments. Make sure you choose the right option according to your lifestyle and experience (Yes! Friends, experience matters a lot while selecting the breed you are adopting or buying as your companion.)

Introduction to the Red Nose Pitbull

Red Nose Pitbull


Yes, you all have guessed it right: the name “Red Nose Pitbull” is inspired by the dog’s rustic red nose. The great American Red Nose Pitbull is a more loving and desired pitbull terrier than the Blue Nose Pitbull.

You know what, the best part of this dog breed is that they were the most hated dogs just because they were fighting dogs and were not at all encouraged as pet dogs. However, the time has changed, and they have entirely changed themselves.

They are no more famous as fight dogs and instead are loveable, caring, and soft from the heart.

Are you already finding it exciting? Keep reading ahead, and we have a bucket full of exciting facts and details about this exciting breed.

Overall Chart on Red Nose Pitbull

Criteria Details
Breed Name: Red Nose Pitbull (American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier)
Breed Group: Bully Breed Dogs
Height: 17 to 19 inches
Weight: 30 to 70lbs
Life-Span: 12 to 14 years
Type of Coat: Short Coat, Smooth, and Thin
Coat Color: Red, Buckskin, and Black
Temperament:  Protective, very friendly & emotional, spontaneous & active, highly talented, and loyal
Grooming Needs: Minimal needs
Training Needs: Proper training is a must to make them social and trained
Other Names: The American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier
Recommended Families: They are recommended for first-timers, very friendly with small children

Difference Between Red Nose Pitbull and Blue Nose Pitbull

Red Nose Pitbull


  • One of the most noticeable and considerable differences in both dogs is their color.
  • The second difference in these dogs is; that Bluenose can be readily available in pet showrooms, but pitbull red nose is rare. You won’t find them easily.
  • Though we discuss the differences, there is one thing in common: their nature, belonging to the same family, is obvious.
  • To summarize, the only difference is the color.

History of American Red Nose Pitbull:

  • The name ‘Pitbull’ came into existence back in around 4000 BC, which was donated for the fighting or working dogs.
  • In the mid-1800s, the Old Family Red Nose’s origin in Ireland is famous as the fighting dog.
  • And as they are a combination of the American Pitbull terriers and American Staffordshire Terrier, they are not known as their breed.
  • Though they had a lousy identity in the past, that is no more in today’s world. They are very loyal and pet-friendly breeds now.
  • They are not just entertained as pet dogs, but they are also adopted as cop dogs, guarding dogs, and best companion dogs.
  • And yes I believe, they should be given a chance and accepted as a family to you!

Red Nose Pitbull Puppies:

Red Nose Pitbull


Now that we are talking about cute little puppies, make sure you consider all the necessary considerations while adopting or buying the Red Nose Pitbull puppies.

  • Most importantly, you are approaching the right person to buy the puppies.
  • The breeders should be entirely responsible for all the procedures on the list.
  • Please do not buy the pup unless it is eight weeks old.
  • Now talking of the price, the little one won’t cost you less than One Thousand Dollars if purchasing from a reputable breed.
  • The breed must be pet-friendly to avoid the family strain fighting dog identity. Ensure the breeder trains the Red Nose Pitbull nicely before taking them home and continuing the training and socialization at their tender age to avoid the worst circumstances in the future.


Red Nose Pitbull can be described as smart, confident, and healthy-bodied pets, though they are short in their heights, these features cover up all their flaws and bad.

  • Red nose pitbull can be framed as a broad-skulled, muscular, and confident walk. 
  • They have a healthy and active body with broad shoulders and athletic and strong legs.

Height & Weight

Red Nose Pitbull


  • They are finally measured as 30 to 70 pounds in weight.
  • They have a total height of 17 to 19 inches once they are correctly grown up.

Coat & Color

  • Starting with these, Pitbull will always have a red-colored nose and red-colored coat. 
  • The little ones have dark brown eyes, and copper coated bodies (the shades may vary, but the base color remains the same: red)
  • They have a short coat, and thus they are easy to maintain and take care of.
  • Their coats naturally shed in springs and fall.

Personality and Temperament:

Red Nose Pitbull


  • The first thing I want to share with you is that they are highly energetic and completely athletic.
  • They will not bark or create scenes unless they encounter someone on the doorsteps. They are not at all howlers and barkers.
  • Red Nose Pitbull is not friendly with the other dogs and breed, thus they require a lot and a lot of training and socialization skills.
  • Rednose Pitbull terriers are very protective of their family members, and this is the only drawback that even though they are trained at a tender age, it won’t help socialize them.
  • To keep the American Red Nose Pitbull happy, they need a complete one hour of outdoor exercise or physical playing.
  • Though they are not good with guests and strangers visiting your home, they are lovely and loving with small children. They are also known as nanny dogs!
  • They are hyperactive, and thus they need daily exercise!

Exercise & Diet:

Okay, now that you have adopted a bulky bodybuilder, you must maintain their Exercise and Diet needs as per the requirements.

  • Thirty calories per serving are compulsory based on their body weight.
  • You are supposed to feed them a minimum of 900 to a maximum of 2000 calories per day for the entire day.
  • Ensure you provide them with the right amount and type of food, or else they may damage their health.
  • For exercise: They are fighting breeds, so just a walk around the house will not do.
  • They will need a minimum of 60 minutes of extensive walk and run.
  • They even need some other dogs, sports, and home exercises compulsory daily.
  • Total walk & Run per day: 2 times a day for 60 minutes each.
  • Whole exercise per day: 60 minutes compulsory.

Training and Grooming:

Red Nose Pitbull


Being short coat breeds, they are easy to maintain and groom.

  • Bathing them once in four weeks is enough. They tend to have skin problems, and thus it is advised not to bathe them too often.
  • They have a short coat, and they shed the entire year, especially in the spring and fall.
  • You may tenderly brush their coat thrice a week to remove their dead hairs and remove unwanted hairs from their bodies.
  • Training needs are compulsory. They need strict training to help them socialize.
  • Make sure you give them their best. They are the best!!

Common Health & Care:

Red Nose Pitbull has a healthy and long life. They are not easily collected to have health problems, yet they have some common health problems when they grow older.

  • Proper care is all that these handsome people need!
  • They do not have any health issues and are easy to take care of.
  • Regular visits to the vet and giving them all the necessary medical needs and services are all that the owner needs to consider.
  • Red Nose Pitbull is easily adaptable to all kinds of climates and weather, so they are easy to groom and train, and lead a healthy life.

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Conditions to be Considered:

Red Nose Pitbull


There are no specific conditions to worry about taking proper care of the Red Nose Pitbulls, feeding them properly, exercising them daily, and grooming them nicely. Your American Red Nose Pitbull will lead a happy and healthy life!

Wrapping Up

Red Nose Pitbull is a fantastic breed, but they need a lot of patients and intense training. They even require a loving and caring master and owner to understand and have a happy companionship.

Red Nose Pitbull terriers are entirely adaptable to all kinds of climates and circumstances. Thus they are very easy to groom and train. They are very caring towards small children and caring to their owners and family.

They will need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and calm.

Even if you are a first-timer, you can welcome them as a new member of your family as a companion. Just the fact is it will be a bit challenging, but I am sure you will succeed in the race!

Let me know if you bought the perfect red nose pitbull as your companion for life!!

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