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Husky German Sheperd Mix: History, Temperament & Care Guide


It’s a mix of two very different dogs and every time we deal with such a combination, we can be pretty surprised by the outcome. German Shepherds are one of the smartest breeds of dogs and so are huskies, so what makes them so different? German Shepherds are smart but their eagerness to please their parents exceeds their smartness, so they never question a command and follow it without a second thought. On the other hand, the intelligent huskies have a smart but stubborn side which makes them wonder, ‘why should we do this?’, ‘what’s in it for me?’.

Both dogs have their own amazing and desirable traits too. So when it comes to your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy, they can either be a lot like one of their parents or a perfect blend of both. 

Breed overview of the German huskies:

Breed Name: German Shepherd and Husky mix
Breed Group: Mixed breed
Height: 20 to 25 inches
Weight: 40 to 75 pounds
Lifespan:  10 to 14 years
Type of Coat: Dense, usually long.
Colors: Sable, Silver, White, or Red.
Shedding:  High 
Temperament:  Loyal, intelligent, active, powerful, friendly, and dignified.
Also known as German Husky, Husky German Shepherd, German Huskies, Husky and German Shepherd mix
Grooming Needs: High 
Exercise Needs: High 
Recommended Families: Families with a big house or a yard, people with active lifestyle
Litter size: Five to nine puppies


german shepherd husky mix


The Husky German Shepherd mixes have existed for years but they became a thing among breeders only two decades ago. Designer breeders took interest in the mix and started breeding them intentionally only in the 1990s.

The intent behind mixing these two working dogs was to create a powerful new breed of working dogs. Both these dogs have ancestors from the cold climatic region, which is why they can do well even in extreme cold. It is the history of husky german sheperd mix.

That’s also a reason why they do not do well in areas that remain hot throughout the year.


german shepherd husky mix


German huskies are a playful and active breed of dogs who are always full of energy. They come from a working breed of dogs and that’s one of the main reasons they do not do well in a sedentary lifestyle. Work is their play, they do not love sitting idle. They are alert 

They are both intelligent breeds and hence the mix of course is full of wit and gets easily bored if not stimulated enough physically as well as mentally, and we all know what boredom leads to? Destruction.

So make sure you can give them enough time and attention if you decide to get them home or you’ll just make them sad and lonely. They also need a lot of exercise and play to be happy and healthy.

Husky German Shepherds are pack dogs and need a leader to guide them, they will look up to you for this purpose and even try to take over if they see you lacking it. the best temperament of german sheppard husky mix.

They are smart dogs and will get their things done the way they want, so make sure you’re used to dogs before you decide to get a Husky and German Shepherd mix. You have to set ground rules and have clear communication with them for them to look up to you.

For your German Shepherd Husky mix puppy to have an all-around development, make sure you start socializing them early on and expose them to many animals, people, sights, and sounds. A variety of experiences add to their overall personality.


german shepherd husky mix


When it comes to mixed-breed dogs’ appearance, there isn’t a surety, and German Shepard and Husky mixes are no exception. They can either turn out to be more like huskies or Shepherds. But some traits are common in both dogs and those remain the same. See the look of husky mixed with german shepherd.

The Husky German Shepherd has an athletic look. Their ears are erect and the ear pockets, deep. Some have blue Husky-like eyes and black and tan German Shepherd coats. These dogs generally have long dense fur that is soft to touch. They are not recommended for people who are allergic to fur as they shed a lot.

They are medium to large-sized dogs that stand tall at 20 to 26 inches and weigh between 40 to 75 pounds. Males are usually larger in size and heavier than females.

Husky and German Shepherd mix has a dense double coat which makes them look bigger than they are and extremely cuddly. They come in colors like black and tan, sable, silver, red, and even white.


german shepherd husky mix


Exercise and Training

The most important aspect of keeping your German huskies happy is giving them enough exercise, be it in the form of work, play, or just regular long walks around the neighborhood. They make perfect companions for travelers, adventure seekers, or people with an active lifestyle. Take care of the german shepherd husky mix.

They are smart and training them is a fun and bonding experience for both the pet and the pet parent. Due to the Husky side, they may show stubbornness at times but everything can be achieved with praise and positive reinforcement. Never use punishment or negative methods that induce fear, to train your dog. You need to exercise husky german Sheperd mix.

A 70 to 90 minutes of exercise daily is a must if you have a Husky German Shepherd dog. If you are a person that’s not home for long hours or does not enjoy lots of exercise or walks, they aren’t the right choice for you.


Both of the above-mentioned dog breeds were bred for outdoor work in extreme climatic conditions and thus, they have a thick coat to protect them from the harshness of the weather. And a thick double coat always comes with a lot of shedding, but there’s nothing a dog enthusiast cannot manage. Apply these tips to full grown german shepherd husky mix.

By brushing them every alternate day, you can avoid loose hairs everywhere in the house. It also removes mats, tangles and improves the circulation to the skin, leading to better quality hair.

During the molting season, the shedding is especially high, and brushing daily with a fine-tooth comb is recommended.

Bathing them once a month or only when needed (since they may jump in something nasty) is enough to keep them smelling fresh and staying clean. 

Their ears must be checked and cleaned regularly along with regular nail trimmings. You won’t need to trim their nails very often if you give them a recommended amount of exercise, as it contributes to nail filing.

Check their skin for any ectoparasites when you are grooming them. Dental hygiene is one of the most neglected parts of pet grooming so make sure you brush their teeth regularly and take them for regular dental checks. 

With proper grooming, a lot of issues can be avoided in your pet and plays a big role in keeping them happy and presentable.


The most important thing concerning large breed dogs, especially the ones prone to dysplasia, is to not overfeed them. 

Most owners overfeed their dog thinking they aren’t full with the recommended amount of food, which is not the case. No matter how much you feed your pet, it will still look at you with puppy eyes and ask for what you are eating if you’ve gotten them into the habit of eating table scraps. Tips to feed husky shepherd mix. 

For large breed dogs, it is extremely important to keep them fit with the right amount of food and exercise to keep them healthy and away from problems that arise due to obesity.

You can seek your vet’s advice on what and how much is to be fed to your pet if you choose to give them home-cooked meals. If you decide to give commercial kibbles, feeding the amount recommended on the packet, for your dog’s weight will suffice the nutritional needs.

Do not feed food meant for humans, most of it is highly toxic or unhealthy for dogs. Foods like grapes, onion, garlic, chocolates, seeds of most fruits, alcoholic beverages, foods that are oily, spicy, salty, and sweet are not recommended for dogs at all.

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german shepherd husky mix


A German Shepherd Husky mix price may range from 400$ to 1500$ depending on the location, quality of breeding, the demand of the breed, the pedigree of the dog, etc.

Make sure you look for a healthy puppy and get them from a reputable breeder rather than simply going for the looks. We also recommend looking in your local shelters or rescues for adoption before you decide to buy a dog. You can see the price of a german shepherd mixed with husky.


Most breeds have genetic predispositions to some of the other health conditions and the sheepskin is no exception. With all the amazing traits, they also inherit some of the health concerns from both their parent breeds. Most of these issues can easily be prevented by proper care, regular health checkup, good management, and precautions. Know the health condition of husky german sheperd mix.

They are:

Patellar luxation

Progressive retinal atrophy

Hip dysplasia


We hope with all this information we have enabled you to care in better ways for your German Husky. The more you take care of them, the happier and stress-free life will be, for both you and your pet.

When you do things that involve you and your pet, it contributes excessively to forming a greater bond between you and your pet, that you’ll cherish forever.

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