Reduce Hair Fall Of your Pets

Why there are plenty of pet lovers out there? Have you ever imagined your life without your pet? Yeah, it would be boring, to be precise. Get tips to Reduce Hair Fall Of your Pet.And they’re in our life for some obvious reasons, such as, they’re best companions, they know what we’re going through and they act accordingly, they never leave us alone even in our tough time. Right!

Anyway, even being our best friends, pets come with some major problems. However, none of them isn’t incurable. With just proper care and real guidance, you could deal with almost all of the issues you’re facing with your pet.Yeah, one of the issues is, their natural process of hair shedding. Obviously, it’s a natural process and not a problem, just to clear it out.

In this article, we’d be discussing some of the never discussed tips that work like a miracle when it comes to reducing their shedding.Yeah, as it’s a natural process, we can’t completely stop it from happening. But, there are few causes that result in excessive shedding in our pets and that’s where we could apply these tips to reduce it to minimize it to a greater extent.

In my opinion, before starting with tips, it’s important to understand the life cycle of the hair & coats of animals. Yeah, be it human or a pet, this cycle is the same according to some scientific studies.To make things easier, I’d present you with an easy-to-understand chart explaining everything about the lifecycle of hairs.

Reduce Hair Fall Of your Pet

As the image itself is self-explanatory, we won’t waste your time in further discussion.

So, all in all, anything that’s out of the track from this cycle is not natural and can be treated or cured. Right?

Yeah now, a question arises, “How to identify that, my pet’s shedding is natural or not?” Well, you may expect to shed once or twice a year in some double coated pets. And each time your pet might take around 30-45 days to fully replace their coats.

Now, let’s move onto our primary discussion, as I think by now you’re familiar with the entire process and how things will work. So, to reduce the amount of shedding, there are few things which gathered using research and by talking for hours with my dizzy’s vet.

Yeah, I’m going to share everything I know about the reduction and prevention of excessive shedding in your pet.Let’s get started!

Tips To Reduce Hair Fall of Your Pet

There are various reasons for your pet’s excessive shedding (A.K.A Hair Fall). So, you take care of these reasons and you’ve indirectly reduced chances of its happening.

Here are some tips we usually discuss on Pet Hair Guard while talking about dealing with pet’s hair and cleaning issues.

Poor Nutrition – Include Omega 3 Rich Food In Diet:-

In the majority of cases, poor nutrition’s are the main victim behind excessive shedding. So, add omega 3 along with multivitamin rich food in your pet’s diet. Also, check if you’re Feeding Right Quantity or not! Yeah, omega 3 plays a vital role behind strengthening and growing your pet’s hair well. So, check what you’re feeding to your pet and whether it consists of omega 3 or not? If not, then you know what you’re supposed to do. Right?

Exposure to Parasites prone area – Use Anti-Parasite Treatment While Being Outside:-

Yeah mostly neglected part of pet keeping hobby is, people often take their pet on a morning jog or walk in a park. Mostly, external areas such as parks, hill, hiking trails are filled with parasites that will easily get a place on your pet’s body, without you or your pet knowing about it. So, to prevent such situation from happening you can use some Anti-Parasites Treatments such as various herbal collars, lotions, and shampoos are easily available on the market.

Exposure to Parasites prone area – Use Anti-Parasite Treatment While Being Outside

Neglected Skin Infections – Regular Grooming Is Must:-

Skin infections due to neglected grooming are one of a mostly found case in the majority of pet owners according to my vet. Yeah, by grooming your pet regularly you can identify any infection that’s in its earlier stage and take appropriate medication by consulting your vet. The later, the danger.

Weak Hygiene & Home Environment – Ensure Clean &  Hygienic Environment:-

As you might have heard “one bad apple spoils the barrel”, yeah, same implies in hair fall cycle. Mostly fallen hairs need to be cleaned on the sooner basis because the root of fallen hairs are prone to raise infections and can weaken newly grown hairs. So, always prefer to keep your home environment clean and never let a fallen hair stay inside. Yeah, with a small and handy vacuum-like These Choices you can handle the job easily.

Neglected Internal Disease – Be Regular For Vet Check-Ups:-

Sometimes, what happens is, we keep on postponing a visit to veterinary and our pet keep on suffering from internal infections or disease. Though we all love our pets and we don’t intend to harm them but our one-time negligence could result in a massive issue in later stages.

Some of the internal diseases such as Kidney or Liver Issues, cancer, and thyroid problems suck all the energy and immunity of our pets. Also, their immune system will start paying less attention to other parts of the body. That leads to excessive shedding in our pets. Hence, a regular and on-time visit to our vet is a must in order to provide our pet with a healthy and prosperous life.

Sunburn – Don’t Overly Expose your Pet to Extreme Sunlight:-

One of the rarely taken into consideration the reason behind excessive shedding is overexposure to extreme sunlight. Yeah, depending on the breed of your pet make your routine.

Mostly, small and furry breeds such as Shih Tzu, Lhasa apso, and Coton de Tulear. So, on couldn’t bear excessive sunlight or heat.

Hence, in such cases, it could result in a stroke or anxiety problems that’s one of the root. The cause behind excessive shedding.

Pregnancy & Lactation – Your pet needs a Nutrition-Rich Diet During this Phase:-

In case, your female pet is going through pregnancy period or it’s on the lactation phase. It will need highly nutritious feed and on-time medication. Negligence in the same could lead towards excessive hair fall in your pet. So, during this phase, be in regular touch with your vet and ask for diet recommendation to them.


So, folks, these are the tips that you could keep in mind to prevent or reduce excessive shedding your pet.

Yeah, I’ve not only elaborated the tips but also, provided you with the cause. That could lead towards the excessive shedding.

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