Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Do you own a pet dog? If yes then you would know how close they are to our heart and if they would be in paint that would hurt us. Having a dog is much more than just grooming and feeding rather it is much more than most of us miss and you would have to be careful while taking care of your dog. While talking about taking care of dogs, we cannot forget that summers are here and it is the time when animals suffer the most and Heatstroke is the Real Thing for Any Dog so here are some ways that you can follow for Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

This is the very first step that you should take in order to keep your dog cool in this hot weather and here you should keep feeding water to your dog throughout the day. If your dog would not have sufficient water in a day then he would suffer from dehydration which can be the main reason for sickness in the hot summer. Here you can keep water containers at every corner of your house so that your dog could find it and have some throughout the day.

A Kiddie Pool would be Loved by Your Dog
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Kiddie pool is often very small in size and is perfect for your paw friends and you can customize the size according to the size of your pet dog. You can fill the pool with water where your dog can relax for a while and this is not even deep so your dog would not have to swim around and that is the reason your dog would not feel tired after spending some times in this pool which is a great thing.

Give some Frozen Food Treats to Your Dog
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Who doesn’t love frozen food? Just like us our dogs are love frozen food so in summer instead of those normal food treats you can just try to Get Your Dog Some Frozen Treats. You can also get those foods that are high in water and you would be amazed to know that there are dog ice creams available in the market that you can feed your dog and apart from that there are other frozen fruits treat as well that your dog would love having.

Get Pet Cooling Mat for Your Dog
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

Dog cooling mats are available in the market and the special thing about such product is that this would keep your dog cool while she/he would take rest. This would not keep any charge or water and can be found in various shapes and sizes so your dog can easily fit in the mat. You can get such product online as well as in offline stores and that would not even cost you bomb but this would last you for a very long period of time which is a great thing as well as a good investment. While you select the cooling mat for your dog just make sure to get the non-toxic material for your dog so that it would be safe for your dog and also if you would strong material then that would be good as dogs tend to bite things.

Keep Your Dog in Shades
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

If your dog needs some exercise then take your dog out them at the time of sunset as the temperature would cool down by that time or you can also make your dog exercise at home just in the summer months and in this way your dog would be saved from heatstroke which can be deadly at times. You can also tie a hat on your dog’s head so that your dog could be safe from sun all the time but make sure to keep the weight of the cap light so that your dog could not feel irritated at all.

Grooming of Your Dog
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer

You may like those long hairs of your dog but summer is not the right time to flaunt those hairs as that can heat up dog’s body so try to keep your dog’s fur short during this time and also at the same time you should give bath to your dog quite often during the summertime.

Signs of Heatstroke in Dogs
Keeping Dogs Cool In Summer


Salivating simply means to droll and if your dog just got heatstroke then this sign would be quite common and here you would see that your dog would sit helplessly and would take out the tongue and saliva would drip from the tongue but this sign is not enough to tell if the dog got sunstroke and so you should search for more signs so that you could be sure about the issue.

Pale Gums

Here your dog would have either red gums or pale gums and red gums would look as if blood is going to drip out of it and if you see such symptom then you should be serious about it and you should also rush to a vet at the same time.


Here you would be able to tell that your dog is sick and your dog would tend to vomit in this time and chances are strong that your dog may also suffer from diarrhea.

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