Toy Australian Shepherds

If we see, nowadays, smaller dog breeds have become popular amongst families worldwide. All thanks to these smaller dog breeds, who have made a hype for themselves. As per the research, one such adorable dog breed is the Toy Australian Shepherd. They make fascinating dogs for families.The toy australian shepherd is one of the popular pooches and makes cuddling and adorable dog breeds. They are charming and worth watching all day. Its captivating beauty and charm excite people to know more and more about them.

Australian Shepherds Toy is not just adorable, and they are even intelligent and intelligent. One of the best examples of loyal dogs. If you are planning to adopt a dog for your family, Toy Australian Shepherds are great.

Usually, families staying in apartments prefer smaller dog breeds that are easy to maintain. After all, every pet dog is a commitment. If you are adopting or buying a dog breed, you have to commit your time and life to them. They are actually like a newborn baby, who needs your time and affection to grow healthily and happily in life. 

If you are interested in adopting a Toy Aussie, this blog will help you know them better. It is highly recommended to read this blog before coming to any conclusion. 

Overview Of Toy Australian Shepherd

Toy Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Overview

Breed Name : Toy Australian Shepherd

Breed Group: Working

Height: 10-15 inches

Weight: 12-18 pounds

Lifespan: 11-13 years

Coat: Double coat with mid-length sleek, silky flair

Color: Merle red, black & white, tricolors of white, brown, black, and merle blue

Temperament: Hyperactive, smart, intelligent, protective, and responsive

Needs for Grooming: Medium

Hypoallergenic: No

Origin: United States.

History & Origin

toy australian shepherd History & Origin

The toy Australian Shepherds have a significant history. However, they are not recognized as their breed. They are popularly recognized as a standard-sized Shepherd Aussie. They are smaller than the Mini Shepherd Aussies.

  • Toy Australian Shepherd was initially bred in California. In the 19th century, they were bred as herding dogs. They are loyal sheep herding dog breeds in the entire state.
  • The fact is that they are a mixture of several herding dogs. The breeding process for Toy Aussies is different. They were bred for mixing different beneficial qualities of a herding dog.
  • They nowhere belong to Australia but have a fascinating history behind their name. The association of different skillful and working qualities was explicitly imported from New Zealand and Australian collie dogs. Thus the name.
  • Until the mid and late 20’s the toy Australian Shepherds were not famous outside the farming industry.
  • The popular Rodeo performer Jay Lister had an Australian toy Shepherd, who impressively entertained the crowd within the country. The Toy Aussie played different tricks that were captivating for the audience.
  • The American Kennel Club recognized the Australian Shepherds in 1979. In 2015, the Mini Australian Shepherds were officially recognized by AKC too.
  • In 1960, Doris Cordova from California thought of breeding Toy Australian Shepherds. Her only motive was to breed a smaller dog that is perfect for traveling and housing dogs.
  • After breeders saw that Aussie dogs are brilliant, intelligent, and quick in understanding & responding to commands, they thought to breed them. 

Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy

Toy Australian Shepherd Puppy

Have you ever thought of having a cute little miniature creature as your pet? The Teacup Australian Shepherd is one such dog breed. They are significantly smaller in size when newly born.

  • They weigh between 1 to 2 ounces in weight when they are born. Can you imagine how fragile they must be?
  • Toy Australian Shepherds tend to be born in 3 to 5 puppies together.
  • They are very slow when it comes to training your dog emotionally. They tend to take longer to get trained emotionally.
  • Every Toy Australian Shepherd dog breed owner needs to understand the sensitivity of having a puppy version. One needs to commit most of their time to these little ones in the initial months.
  • The tiny versions are joyful and naughty. You have to maintain great extraordinary control of them.
  • They are incredibly delicate darlings, so please treat them with utter delicacy.
  • Ensure that you take them for vaccination on time. These little ones must have their vaccines on time. They are small dog breeds, which means they are prone to health problems.
  • Ensure that your little Toy Aussie is getting every deserving requirement to grow healthy and happy.

These cute little angels make great engaging companions for family. It is just that you have to commit to them just like you do for your loved ones. Thus, it is advisable to commit only if you are sure you can stick to it. 

The Appearance

Appearance of toy australian shepherd

When we talk of a captivating dog breed, Toy Australian Shepherd is one of them on the list. They have a robust and captivating appearance. If you want to have a demanding dog breed, definitely think of these little ones. 

  • The toy Australian Shepherds are very fancy-looking dog breeds. They are the perfect example of a designer breed.
  • They have cute little triangular ears, and adorable collie look-alike faces.
  • Teacup Australian Shepherds have the most convincing eyes. If you want to be a dominating owner, never look into their eyes.
  • They have lighter shades of eyeballs that are supremely enchanting.
  • Aussie dogs have smooth back legs and tails. The smooth and shining tail looks alluring when they walk in public.
  • They have different colors that add an enhancing factor to their overall appearance.
  • The toy miniature Australian shepherd has a great face cut. The face features are hidden behind the furry coat.
  • To maintain their appealing appearance, maintain their grooming and health needs. The health of your dog will significantly impact your overall appearance. 
  • Some familiar streaks help in easy recognition of Toy Aussie. Some of them are white patches or markings on the chest, stomach, feet, tail-tips, and some parts of the legs. 
  • Unlike other dog breeds, the Australian Shepherds have defined eyebrows that appeal to real captivating and outward blazes on the face. 

Size and Weight

Size and Weight of toy australian shepherd

I am sure the size of Aussie dogs is one of the fascinating topics for every reader. The size is what attracts every dog enthusiast towards themselves. Though the size of a Toy Shepherd is an interesting fact, it has many other things to know in addition. 

  • A healthy Toy Australian Husky will grow 10 to 14 or 15 inches tall.
  • They weigh around 11.5 to 17 or 18 pounds in weight.
  • Though they are a designer breed, they still manage to stay active with their small size.
  • The size is acquired when breeders breed two different breeds. They usually prefer miniature or standard Australian Shepherd procreating with Pomeranian, Sheltie, or Corgi.
  • Toy Australian Shepherd has a sheer weight in their initial months. You have to take utmost care of them and serve them with the best dog nutritional food.
  • The breeding process for toy Australian Shepherds is done under utmost care. To get a healthy size of an Aussie, the Breeding process is done carefully.
  • When you want a small size dog, the weight factor plays a significant role. You cannot take risks with the ideal weight. Maintaining the ideal weight needs complete dedication of effort.

The size and weight of Toy Australian Shepherds are the most exciting topics. You will always get to learn new things every time you read about them. 

Coat and Color

Coat and Color of toy australian shepherd

An Australian toy shepherd without their coat and color would have been just dull dog breeds. Thanks to the intelligent breeders! You will get a variety of options in coats and colors of the breed. 

  • Toy Miniature Australian Shepherd is available in some variant colors. They have different colors, like merle red, black & white, tricolors of white, brown, black, and merle blue.
  • You will always find these teacup Australian shepherds in different color shades. They are always found in the merle shades.
  • If you want a single color coat, they are available in red or black. Both the colors are scarce to find. It is a challenging task to find a single-color coat parent breed. Anyhow, getting a single-colored coat breed is a challenging task.
  • The Toy Aussies have sleek straight mid-length hair. They are even wavy at times.
  • The medium-length coat needs a lot of maintenance. The coat is acutely smooth and shiny. Thus maintenance is necessary.
  • The best part of their coat is, they have a double-layered coat.
  • Anyhow, the most crucial point is that these toy Australian shepherd dog breeds do not shed much.

This dog breed needs a regular coat grooming session to maintain the quality for life long. 

Personality & Temperament

Personality & Temperament of toy australian shepherd

Just like any other shepherd dog, the Toy Australians are super active dogs. You just cannot expect them to sit back in the corner of the room. They are adorable dogs. They have a unique temperament in comparison to other shepherd dogs.

  • Unlike other shepherd dogs, these are calm and patient.
  • The Australian Shepherd toys are very affectionate, protective, and loyal towards their loved ones.
  • They are good-natured dog breeds. Even though they are shepherd dogs, they are not at all short-tempered and aggressive.
  • Toy Australian shepherd dogs are not someone who prefers sitting idle. They want to do some of the other activities that keep them engaged.
  • They are highly energetic and intelligent dog breeds. Keeping them workless may adversely affect their mental health.
  • They are genius and intelligent. They are speedy in understanding and responding to your commands.
  • Train them properly to make them socially active and comfortable. They tend to be overprotective or jealous of seeing their loved ones with others. Thus, training them from a young age is recommended.
  • They love to spend time with small children and older adults. However, it is advised that there must be some adults near them. 
  • The best thing about these little angels is their friendly nature. They quickly get adjustable and comfortable with strangers or guests surrounding you. 

Exercise and Diet

The toy Aussie dogs are small-sized dogs, which means they require proper exercise and diet requirements. Small size dog breeds tend to have health problems. To safeguard their long healthy life, providing them with proper diet and exercise needs is crucial.

  • The Australian toy shepherds need a good amount of exercise in their daily life.
  • Forty-Five minutes of brisk walking in the entire day is crucial for their healthy life.
  • It is advisable to engage them with some mental ability activities to stimulate their intelligent brains.
  • To avoid apathy from their routing, teach them different techniques and commands.
  • When you try your best to keep them busy the whole day, a proper diet is crucial for these little lives.
  • Toy Australian shepherds are small dogs, which means you have to be cautious of their healthy diet.
  • Serve them a high nutritional diet and make them happy with treats once a day.
  • Reach out to your vet for a regular check-up of your Toy Aussie. The vet will update you with a proper diet plan for your little companion based on their current health requirement.
  • Please ensure that you are not serving them sweeter items. They tend to lose teeth at a young age. 

Training & Grooming Needs

Training & Grooming Needs to toy australian shepherd

Isn’t it evident that Toy Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, which means training is required? Training needs are crucial for Aussie dogs. Though they are easily trained, and it is not a challenging task. 

  • The Australian toy shepherds are intelligent and responsive dogs. They are very emotionally connected and dependent on their loved ones. You have to assure yourself and train them nicely.
  • If you train them perfectly, they turn out to be great as guardian dogs.
  • It is crucial to train them, as they are low with boredom issues. You have to dedicate your handful of time to train them to have control over their boredom.
  • Maintain short and fun, engaging training sessions to eliminate their boredom factor.
  • Train them regularly to avoid confusion of command training. A gap of days in between the training sessions will create chaos in their minds.
  • Be strict in training them emotionally. Toy Aussies are emotional souls. They require some strictness in your behavior to maintain a distance from you.
  • Try making them habituated to accept ‘NO’ as an answer. 

Grooming Needs

Grooming Needs to toy australian shepherd

Australian Toy shepherds have a sleek silky-smooth coat. They require some best quality grooming needs. 

  • Shaving off their coat twice a year is significant. Aussies have a double-layered coating that may affect their coat.
  • Toy Australian Shepherds are hyperactive, which means trimming their nails is beneficial.
  • It is important to understand that a healthy coat is vital for a healthy life for your dog.
  • Regularly brush their coat twice a week. Give them a soothing bath once every eight days.
  • Giving them showers will help them relax mentally and physically. Ensure that you are using all the dog products. Using other products can harm their coat and skin. Either uses products under the vet’s guidance or use quality dog products.
  • Ensure that you clean them with showers after taking them for a muddy walk. Keeping their coat is crucial for their healthy skin. 
  • Brush their teeth regularly. Toy Australians tend to lose their teeth at a young age. Thus, maintain their healthy teeth by brushing them regularly. 

Lifestyle & Needs

Lifestyle & Needs to toy australian shepherd

Toy Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. It means that they have no royal life needs. These are some of the basic requirements that every dog needs in its life routine. Here are some of the needs and lifestyles you must consider and maintain. All these considerations will help them to live a happy and healthy life. 

  • Provide them proper space or their corner in your home.
  • Make them feel comfortable and relaxed in your home.
  • Give them all exciting games and toys that will let them stay happy and engaged in your absence.
  • Spend some quality time with them to make them feel that they are essential to you.
  • Take them to the vet regularly. Examining their health will benefit their long and healthy life.
  • Give them a proper diet and serve them with their favorite treat. Giving them treats will make them happy. Treats create curiosity in them, of working under your commands.

Living needs and lifestyles are not high. Being a herding dog, Toy Australian Shepherd will need some basic requirements in the daily routine. All these needs will keep them engaged in a happy and active life. 

Common Health Problems

Common Health Problems of toy australian shepherd

Every dog breed has some health problems in their life. Specific health problems always hinder the dogs. Australian toy shepherds are bound to experience some common problems like eyesight issues, some teeth problems, and fat tissues. 

Here are some of the health problems you will encounter in your toy Aussie. 

  • Epilepsy
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Double merle gene
  • Multidrug resistance
  • Bone disorder.

All these health problems are common in the Aussies. It does not mean they are not worth the adoption. All these health problems are curable. You can reach out to the vet, and they will treat you with the proper treatment for your lovely dog. 

Health problems can be controlled with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet. So you need not worry about their health. 

Toy Aussie Breeders

Toy Aussie Breeders toy australian shepherd

After reading the blog till now, I am pretty sure you must have made up your mind to have one or two of them in your family. Now that you want to have these intelligent and adorable, cute dogs, the question is which breeders to choose. 

Finding a genuine breeder is a real challenging task. You have to look after different factors. Usually, genuine breeders will take all the necessary steps while undergoing the breeding process. 

If you want a cute little and healthy toy Australian shepherd, here are the points to consider. 

  • Get both the parent breeds examined
  • Ensure the process undergoes health. 
  • Look after the mother’s breed during the pregnancy stage.
  • Ensure if the breeder is taking utmost care of the mother breed.
  • Let the newborn toy Aussie stay with the mother breed for the initial two weeks. 

If you consider all these considerations thoroughly, you can trust the breeder and go for them. So, what are you waiting for? Start with the search for the breeder who will get you your little angel.

Are They Family Dogs?

toy australian shepherd: Are They Family Dogs?

I don’t think you can get any other cute little angel for your family. The Australian toy shepherds are one of the cutest dog breeds you can welcome in your life. They make the best family dogs.

If you train them well, they make great guardian dogs for your family and home. The gel is up really well with small children and older adults. Train them well to get them comfortable with other animals and strangers.

They are polite and bark the least, which makes it comforting for others in the family. They are easily trained and one of the smart and most delicate dog breeds in the family. 

Final Thoughts

With all this said, Toy Australian is an example of ideal dog breeds for your family. They are the perfect dog breeds that have everything a dog owner wants. They are cute, adorable, intelligent, charming, active, and captivating dogs. 

Reach out to the nearest toy Australian Shepherd rescues or breeders that will help you get your dream dog. What are you waiting for? Grab the chance!!

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