The Abyssinian Guinea Pig is really an exceptional type of guinea pig that has awed numerous individuals all around the globe. They aren’t the American guinea pigs you would envision when you first think about these creatures, but instead something marginally progressively fascinating. They’re ideal for those that don’t need a typical guinea pig yet, in addition, don’t need something excessively surprising.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Why Is It Unique?

Uniqueness of Abyssinian Guinea Pig

They are known for their curiously harsh coat with tufts, called rosettes. The Abyssinian has around 6 to 8 rosettes all through its body, including the back and the two sides. The main spots rosettes are missing are their guts and heads. The ideal coat for this species incorporates uniformly shaped rosettes with an unmistakable focus and with no overabundance of hair leaving it.

The motivation behind why the Abyssinian Guinea Pig will have a considerable number of rosettes is on the grounds that this element ought to be shaped. An ideal coat will have rosettes on the privilege and left shoulder, four or two along the back, and one of each side of the hips.

The edges of the rosettes will in a perfect world be clear pointers of where every rosette begins and closures. So in the event that you happen to get a wonderfully symmetric Abyssinian guinea pig with 8 rosettes, you might need to think about flaunting your pet if time grants).  

Where the Abyssinian Cavy Came From?

origin of Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Maybe one of the most seasoned breeds, the Abyssinian guinea pig has been around for centuries. Their inception goes so far back that no one truly knows where their name originated from. A geography wiz may figure that they originate from the memorable district of Abyssinia, which is currently called Ethiopia.

Be that as it may, that is a long way from the case. This breed is mysteriously gone around that locale, which totally exposes the regular misguided judgment that they were found in Abyssinia. Be that as it may, the name would bode well on the off chance that they came from that locale. All tamed guinea pigs that you see today originate from South America, which would clarify why old South American clans adored these creatures.

The Abyssinian’s Personality and Temperament

perosnality of Abyssinian Guinea Pig

There is an accord among guinea pig proprietors, reproducers, and behaviorists that this species will, in general, be extremely “evil.” And I mean more insidious than the various breeds. Yet, truly, I believe it’s simply their perky, inquisitive identities that possibly get them into more inconvenience than others.

Obviously, there is no solid proof of this. Be that as it may, from being in the guinea pig network for such a long time, everybody appears to concur. However, don’t let that frighten you off from owning one. They are extremely extraordinary guinea pigs with a great deal of identity. Indeed, all breeds love the organization of people. Be that as it may, this specific breed appears to appreciate being in our conversation substantially more than the others.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are more often than not in the state of a round ball. Abyssinians are vivacious, particularly when they are youthful. They have a more vivacious identity than others too. It’s fairly simple to build up a decent association with an Abyssinian since they are extremely close to home animals. 

Thinking About Your Abyssinian

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Abyssinian guinea pig care is no advanced science. They are somewhat harder to think about contrasted with the other guinea pig breeds, yet a lot less demanding contrasted with other little pets. The hair must be brushed at any rate once every other day on the off chance that you need to keep any tangles.

Inability to do this will no doubt lead to inconvenience. Simply purchase a delicate brush and put it on shortly every couple of days to get those tangles (assuming any) out. You may likewise discover flotsam and jetsam stuck in the hair in the event that you let your pig wander around a great deal. So brushing is vital on the off chance that they go outside as often as possible. The primary concern is to look out for his ailment.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are progressively helpless and can encounter numerous ailments in their lifetime in the event that you don’t give careful consideration to them. Watch out for your guinea pig’s eating routine, as an inappropriate eating regimen regularly prompts genuine wellbeing conditions for the Abyssinians.

A “Mottle” Abyssinian Sits Serenely

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Abyssinians arrive in a wide assortment of hues, including multi-hues. Their definite characterization truly relies upon how much red or dark they have and the shading of the coat. Then again, “Tortoiseshells” have patches of hues. They’ll doubtlessly have spots of dark and red all through the body with no symmetrical examples.

The “Roans” have a coat comprising of blends of white shading. They have delegated Strawberry Roans or Blue Roans. The Strawberry has a coat comprising white and red hairs. While the Blue has a blend of white and dark hairs. To wrap things up, the “Selfs” just have a strong shading.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

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