Guinea Pig Cage

Wanna have a guinea pig as a pet? Not at all surprising. Those cute little creatures have won many hearts. They can get you happy hour feel at home only. They are active little ones. So before you get them home, you will need to get a Guinea Pig House first. You can’t keep them freely roaming around your place as it will result in a messy situation, and maybe the destruction of furniture will also be visible. Let’s see some Guinea Pig Cages.

It is not just harmful to your home; it’s detrimental to them as well. As we know they are tiny in size, they can get stuck in places where we can’t reach. So getting them a home of their own will be the best option. Plus they deserve a substantial palace-like house as they demand less space and are tiny. When we are getting home for ourselves, what do we look for? Luxury, comfort zone, enough space to live, budget, etc. The same is with the guinea pig’s house. 

Guinea Pig Cages

You will find many options in cages for guinea pigs. They also have a choice of the hutch. But before going to have a look at the best guinea Pig Cages to get, we must know about the features it should have to make wee comfortable and happy.

The things that matter for the selection of the right cage for your pet are:-


They are small compared to other pets, but among rodents, they are the largest ones. When getting a cage for your cavies, keep in mind the size of the cage must be around 30″ x 36″. Rabbit cages are also perfect for them as you will find guinea pig cages in smaller sizes. So refer to the product description before placing an order.


Cavies are playful pets. Their exercise and playful time rely on the floor only. But you will have to see what are the features of the cage as they are not good climbers as rabbits. So if the cage has an elevated space, it should not be too steep. Space will allow your little rodent roam freely.

Comfort Level

When we strive for the comfort zone, they will also. After all, they too are living being. Though they aren’t demanding as your cat or dog, they do need proper bedding to at ease. So when getting a cage, ensure that it has a reliable and robust bottom. Guinea Pig Bedding should also be soft.

Type of Guinea Pig Cages

Accessibility For the Cleaning

After that, you will have to look if you have enough accessibility for the cleaning. Hygiene is most important whenever you have a pet in the house. It will be beneficial for both, you and him. Wired cages are best from the cleaning point of view, but the one with a solid base is no less. You can also check this out about Abyssinian Guinea Pig.

Balcony and Hiding Nook

The balcony adds a view to the house — Sea -view, lake-view, garden-view and what not. Just imagine, won’t your tiny one enjoy having a balcony, from where he can enjoy the views of huge people moving here and there. Privacy is necessary for everyone. Hiding nook will allow them to have privacy.

Now you know what are the points that you should consider before buying a home for the new one. Let’s move on to the directory of the best guinea Pig Hutch and cages to hire for making him happy.

Deluxe Critter Nation

Best Guinea Pig Cages

This midwest’s deluxe critter nation cage measures 36L x 25W x 38.5H. It has the four wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another. It has one removable pan, adjustable shelf, and a non-slippery ramp. Plus it has a double door which will make the cleaning process easy for you too.

Guinea Habitat

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cages

This one again is from midwest homes for pets. It is the most basic version of the guinea pig cage. And it provides 8 square feet of area for your large rodent to live — the size measure to 47L x 24W x 14H inches. If you buy more than one, you can create your own style home for the pet. This cage has the PVC lining canvas that is durable, washable, leak-proof and easily removable.

Pet Cage Hutch

Guinea Pig Cage Hutch

The dimensions of this cage by Worldwide selection is 28L x 14W x 42H. There is a removable plastic tray that makes the cleaning process easy, and its 5-tier platform will allow your guinea to play voluntarily. Plus it comes with the stuff for your cavies like hangable pet nest, water bottle, pet tunnel, silent pet wheel, and cushions.

Deluxe Habitat

Guinea Pig Deluxe Habitat

Deluxe Habitat is a safe house for your cavies by the living world. They are really letting your pet live comfortably. This is a hybrid cage with the proper ventilation, upper wireframe, and a plastic bottom base. The sizing of the cage is 46L x 22W x 24H inches. This cage has a balcony that has a food dish secured and access to it is through the ramp.

Outdoor Wooden Hutch

Guinea Pig Outdoor Wooden Hutch

This is the fanciest mini pig hutch on the list. Just look at the picture, isn’t it like a small wooden house that we used to play with, in our childhood. The construction of this hutch is done using fir wood and is weatherproof. It has a non-slippery ramp to prevent your pet from slipping downward. A removable sliding pan makes it easy cleaning of the product. It has wood as well as wired doors and a feeding trough. If you want to have a fancy house for your pet to make him feel important, then get this one. Colors are also available.

Cage of Guinea Pig

Here are some mistakes made by guinea pig owners to choose Large Guinea Pig Cages.

Above are the five best guinea pig cages that you should get for your cavy.

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