Guinea Pig Breeds

Looking for different Guinea Pig Breeds? Then you have reached the right destination as this post will inform you about the different guinea pigs. These Pigs have a Lifespan of 4-8 Years. If you are believing that their native place is Guinea then you are quite wrong. They are not related to pigs biologically too. Let us read ahead and see the different types.

Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

This pig has a very distinctive appearance as their coat is made up of multiple swirls of hair. These swirls of hair are called rosettes. They have the hair radiating in a circle from multiple points. They have quite dense hair.

Also, they must have a minimum of eight such swirls of hair (rosettes) that too in a symmetrical pattern for show purposes. ACBA has also recognized the Satin Abyssinian.

Silkie Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

Looking for a pig having silky hair then this is the one where your search ends. It is also known as Sheltie. They have very silky hair and also the coat is quite dense too. Their coat grows backward from the head contrasting to the Peruvian coat.

The Teddy Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

This pig is very small in size. They have very short hair too. Their characteristic is a short dense coat. Satin Teddy pig has a coat with a deep sheen.

Peruvian Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

These mini pigs have a smooth and straight coat which grows to a long length. Their hair grows forward over the head. They have a dense coat which requires a great deal of grooming. The owners usually trim their hair so that it is quite manageable for them. They are seen in different colors too. Peruvian Satin is recognized by ACBA too. You can also check this out about Abyssinian Guinea Pig.

Texel Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

One of the most unique pigs that we have on our list is this one. You will be surprised to see its look as it is quite different from the other pigs. They have a long and curly coat made of different colors mostly white, brown and yellow. The owners are having trouble maintaining this breed of pig as it is a very high-maintenance pet.

Coronet Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

Another pig having long and dense hair is this one: Coronet Guinea Pig. They have a single rosette (coronet) in the center of the forehead. They also need a lot of grooming like other long-haired guinea pigs so the owners find it good to trim their hair to have fewer hurdles in their maintenance.

The Crested Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Breeds

This breed of pigs has a single rosette (swirl) on the forehead. They don’t have much dense hair but have short hair. There are two types of pigs in this breed: White Crested Guinea Pig, which have a white crest and “self” crested guinea pig which have the same color of the crest as the rest of the coat color.

Apart from the listed pig breeds above, there are other less common varieties of guinea pigs too. Alpaca is one of them which has long hair with curls that grows forward over the head. Another is Merino which also has long hair with curls and a crest on the head. There are other guinea pigs too with different color variations.

Hairless guinea pigs are also there. One of them is The Baldwin Guinea Pig which is hairless. It is born with some hair but the hair gets lost as the pig matures. Other pigs are the skinny pigs which are also hairless. They have some hair patches on their face and other parts of their body but they are quite less.

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