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“Hey, Toto! Come, it’s time to cut your nails.” And here he runs away again! (Never-ending process.) This happens with me always. He just runs away like I am going to meddle with its paws. To get the solution for this situation, I decided to get the best dog nail grinder for Toto. Being pet owners, we know how troublesome and essential it is to do the grooming. No matter what breed you have the nail cutting is required at least once or twice a week.

Dog’s claws are just like human nails. You need to cut them on a regular basis. Well, the situation is serious when it comes to uncut dog nails, as they can cause harm to themselves with accidental injuries, and maybe your furniture is at risk too.

Here in this article, you will find the best nail grinders of this year, and right after that is a detailed explanation of what it is and how it works.

7 Best Nail Grinders of the year

1. Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder & Groomer

Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder & Groomer

Key Features:

  • Lightweight & Cordless
  • Works on two-speed settings (6,500 and 13,000 RPM)
  • Uses 60-grit sanding drum for trimming
  • Comes with batteries and 3 different accessories
  • 3-hour battery life
  • 2-years of warranty

2. ConairPET Dog & Cat Corded Nail Grinder

ConairPET Dog & Cat Corded Nail Grinder

Key Features:

  • Compact, lightweight, and corded
  • Safety guard included
  • Have 7500 RPM powerful motor
  • Comes with interchangeable stone and grinding replacements
  • Designed for all dog size and breeds
  • 1-year warranty

3. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

best dog nail grinder

Key Features:

  • Manufactured with Diamond bit grinder
  • Three-size port for different nail size of pup
  • Comes with a safety guard (removable)
  • Low-noise and low-vibration
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Comes with a USB for charging

4. Wahl Professional Pet Nail Grinder

Wahl Professional Pet Nail Grinder

Key Features:

  • Best suitable for sensitive and small pets
  • Quiet, lightweight, and cordless
  • Included safety guard
  • Ideal for trimming and smoothing rough nails
  • Comes with two sanding drums and five 60-grit sanding bands
  • 1-year warranty

5. Furminator Pet Nail Grinder

Furminator Pet Nail Grinder

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, cordless, and compact making it easy to handle
  • Can work for 100+ hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Had LED light that illuminates nail while trimming for safety
  • Two-speed pet nail grinder
  • Strong and high performance

6. Petural Nail Grinder

Petural Nail Grinder

Key Features:

  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • Ultra-quiet and subtle high power brass motor
  • Noise level between 40 to 50 decibel
  • Two-speed levels
  • Comes with a 900mAh Ni-CD battery
  • Operates for around 6-hours

7. Oster Gentle Paws Premium Dog & Cat Nail Grinder

best dog nail grinder

Key Features:

  • Have stress free nail trimming session with the whisper-quiet rotary tool
  • Dual speed setting
  • Adjustable safety guard included
  • Works best for both cat and dog nail trimming
  • Comes with coarse stone & bands, and one fine band

What is Dog Nail Grinder?

What is Dog Nail Grinder

Dog nail grinder is the pet’s grooming tool that helps you in grooming its claw. You can consider it as your best friend when a traditional clipper doesn’t come in handy or helpful in cutting the nails.

The nail grinder doesn’t exactly cut the nail; instead, it grinds the nail away with great speed. The rounded nail grinder, also known as Dremels, works exactly as sandpaper.

How Pet Nail Grinder Works?

As human beings, nail filing is something we do after cutting the nail to get the right shape. However, that’s not the case with pet nail grinders. They are used to shave away the dog’s nail slowly without having to put much effort.

Fundamentally, the nail grinder is round in shape, powered with electricity, and has a sandpaper-like texture that works on the dog’s claws. At first, your pup might not like its vibration, but as you start practicing it on a daily basis, he/she will get used to it.

With a traditional nail clipper, there are chances that you might accidentally cut the soft paw nerve while cutting the nail. A dog never stays still while you are cutting its nail, so with positive reinforcement, try to make it familiar with the nail grinder.

Once that is done, the nail cutting process will become easier, quicker, and much more fun for both you and your dog.

What Should You Look for in Dog Nail Grinder?

Getting a dog nail grinder is easy, but there are few things that you should look for when buying one of them. Just two sections above, you read about the best dog nail grinders that you can get for your little pup. But on what basis are they selected? See the below points:

Noise Level

Considering nose level is a must when your dog has hearing sensitivity, loud noise can startle it. If you want to ease the grooming process get the nail grinder with a noise level under 50 decibels. This won’t only make the task easy for you but will also be a fun session for your four-legged friend.

Safety Guard

Keep safety guard feature as the must-have for the dog nail grinder. Why? You won’t want your pup hurt. There are chances that you might accidentally trim the nail too deep, which will cause nerve damage and unbearable pain to your dog in paws. The safety guard is an added feature in the nail grinder to protect it from nerve damage.

Power Setting

Why is power setting necessary? Every dog has different types of nails, some will require high power to trim away the nails, while for others low-level power will do the work. Now the thing is you can’t figure it out until you use a grinder. Hence, always look for the nail grinder with different level power settings.


Costly things are not always the best ones. I am not saying, don’t look at the price factor, but evaluate on the basis of features it provides. The products mentioned in this list are a few best dog nail grinders of this year, as per our in-house team of researchers. They made it here after clearance of these four-points and customer reviews.

P.S: Here’s the detailed article on how to trim your dog’s nails with a nail grinder safely.

Each machinery made on this planet earth has advantages as well as disadvantages. So here’s my take on nail grinder’s pros and cons.


  • The very first advantage is preferable. As discussed in the introduction, dogs get lazy when it comes to nail cutting with traditional clippers. They get ballistic, and you are left with only one option (think about a trick). If you face something like this with your dog, then it will like a dog nail grinder.
  • Another great positive point is that it won’t take much of your time and make the grooming process easy.
  • Cutting with a nail clipper can leave the withered edges, which can harm your furniture or carpet, while a nail grinder will smoothen the nails with a perfectly round shape.
  • Large dogs have thicker nails. Cutting them with a clipper is a next-to-impossible task. This is where the nail grinder will come in handy for you.


  • Nail grinders have too much noise in their vibration. A dog with hypersensitive ears will find it frightening. You can get your hands on no-noise nail grinders to eradicate this con.
  • If the safety guard is missing in the nail grinder, you might damage a paw nerve while grinding its nail. If it is excessive, there are chances of bleeding as well.
  • You have to charge before using it, as it runs on power. It is sort of a con, as you won’t always remember keeping it charged for the grooming session. If it is a corded dog nail grinder, you will have to make sure about the nearby charging outlet.
  • Nail grinder trims away the nail, so it is obvious that there will be a considerable amount of debris lying on the floor. To protect yourself from the dust, you will have to wear an eye and face mask.


1. Is It Better to Cut or Grind Dog Nails?

Grinding the nail eases the process as it is easy to use, and your pooch won’t even reciprocate. However, not every pet nail grinder is powerful enough to grind the tough nails. So you might need to use clippers for more rigid nails. Both clipper and grinder have their own benefits.

2. Are Nail Grinders Good for Dogs?

Well, if your dog gets jumpy even with the sight of the clipper, switch to nail grinders. Still, you will need to make the pup familiar with noise and vibration through positive reinforcement. Once it gets used to it, you can trim its nail care-free.

3. Should I Soak My Dog’s Nails Before Cutting?

It is better to keep the nail clipping or cutting session right after the dog’s bath time. There are two major reasons. First is: The nail gets softened when it is soaked longer in the water, making it easy to cut. The second is: Massaging done while bathing relaxes the dog. Hence it won’t panic and will stay still.

4. What Angle Do You Cut Dogs’ Nails?

It is the primary requirement to cut a dog’s nails from the perfect angle, reducing the chances of the soft paw nerve getting damaged. Always cut the dog nail from a 45-degree angle for the safest outcome.

5. How Often Should I Trim Dogs’ Nails?

Unlike humans, dogs need nail trimming on a regular basis. You will need to trim your dog’s nails at the interval of every three to four weeks. If you take a long gap between the trimming as it will raise the concern of health issues.

Get the Best Nail Grinders For Your Pup:

For most owners, dog nail grinders have become the best option to complete the grooming process. Having a pet comes with responsibility, taking care, making sure it is healthy and much more. Grooming is just a little part but will have a huge impact on its health. I hope this article helped you in selecting the best dog nail grinder.

Our Take: If you think about which one to get from the above options, Dremel is the answer. This brand is known for making nail grinders and has the best features to offer. The runner up with the budgeted option is Wahl’s dog nail grinder.

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