What’s on the bearded dragon menu

What’s on the bearded dragon menu?

One of the primary queries somebody might raise once considering owning a bearded dragon as a pet is, “What do bearded dragons eat?”.This is an awfully vital question since you need to apprehend what an explicit animal chew before getting one. Bearded dragons have an awfully giant surface of what they prefer to eat. As […]

rodent pets

Best 3 rodent pets for you if you are a hardcore animal lover

There are over 2,000 species of rodents within the world, thus it is not stunning that a number of them became pets. They are tiny and need tokenish care, creating them a decent selection as a family pet. Common styles of rodent pets embody gerbils, mice, rats, guinea pigs and hamsters, whereas chinchillas and degus […]

Baby Ferret and Its Facts

Baby ferrets are born blind, deaf and virtually with none fur. As per the other living being, baby ferret depend upon its mother for the primary four weeks for care. From feeding, drinkable and staying heat, mamma is admittedly important! Once born a baby ferret weigh solely many grams and incorporates a length of concerning […]

How to stop a puppy from biting

Tired of puppy biting? Want to teach your puppy some good manners regarding biting? So here we have the 8 genuine facts about how to stop a puppy from biting. Read them carefully and starts making a good relation with your pet without hurting and by making them learn something important. So, he we go! […]

Large Guinea Pig Cages

5 mistakes that are made commonly by guinea pig owners

The guinea pigs are such adorable pets that people can’t help but dedicate their precious times in providing them the best of care. While doing so, they generally forget that these rodents are too soft and tender creature and too much of nurturing may lead to making them fragile and vulnerable to risks related to […]

best gerbil food

Best Health Food For Your Pet Gerbil

Gerbils are not as famous as cats and dogs as a pet but it is also considered as great pets, they will never make you bore. Gerbils have a curious habit and so they will always entertain you. And if you have already made your mind of buying a gerbil then you should be aware […]

best aquarium

Home For Your Aquatic Friends

Fishes or any other aquatic mammals are really hard to keep alive at home because unlike other pets they cannot live on land, they need water body to survive and a proper maintenance is also required. Here are some of the amazing choices of best aquarium where your water friends can live peacefully. 5-Gallon Spec […]

pet fish types

Top 5 Freshwater Fish Types That Can Live In a Bowl/Small Aquarium

Looking for a suitable first pet for your child? There is nothing better than a pet fish. There are a lot of fish to choose from and a lot of information out there. And if you’re assuming that fish bowls and small fish tanks mean less maintenance and responsibility, you are completely wrong. Unfortunately, small […]

best small pets

The Best Small Pets For Your All-Time Companion

People often call ‘pocket pets’ for the small pets. And if you think that because of their size it is very easy to choose any one of them then you are wrong. With all those tiny options, you will fell in love with most of them but be taking care is not that easy. Apart […]