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Is dog grooming a plaything of the rich? Well, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Some might not understand a dog owner’s affection towards his beloved pet. Pampering them like humans, and sometimes, grooming them more than a human!

I was not a believer of these grooming things at first, and just like any other people. I saw it as something outrageous, but things got a huge flip. When I got my very own Golden Retriever, which came as a present from a client. An unexpected, and deep inside, an “unwanted” gift, but how could I turn down such a gift?

Many Firsts 

Many Firsts in dog grooming

I thought that I had enough dose of “firsts’ with my kids. But it appears that Betelgeuse (Pronounce as Beetle-Juice), the name of our dog, still has a lot more on his sleeves, err, on his furs.

It was through him that I had my first hand experience at dog bath, first dog walk, and my first ‘poop-pick-up’ from a dog. But what’s most challenging about these ‘firsts’ is my first nail cut on a dog. I couldn’t tell how terrify our Betelgeuse was when he first saw a nail file! His nails were growing too long, so I had to ‘wrestle’ with him. I also try nail clipping him, but I found out that the nail file could be more comfortable to use. Because I had more control of his final nail shape.

Thank God, he finally overcame his fear of the nail file; in fact, it is now such a breeze to have a nail session with him.

A Birthday Gift 

A Birthday Gift to dog by grooming

For his 4th birthday, (Christmas Day is his birthday), we decide that it might be a good idea. To bring him to local dog groomers to give him a never-before-given gift. “The Bone Plushies are so yesterday”, as my daughter puts it, so we brought him one afternoon to a grooming pet shop. Since birthdays come only once a year, I gave it a go, even if it seem a bit pricey. It appears that my 3 kids were way more excite than Betelgeuse himself!

From the moment we arrive, it took Jim, the one who handle him, 4 or so hours to fully groom our dog. With all the hair cutting, nail cutting, bathing, and all the other stuff done to our Betelgeuse.

After the session, we were advise to bring our dog twice a month to have a full bath at the shop. It was very convenient for me. Since I’m always having a hard time giving our dog a complete bath with my busy schedule. It turn out that this visit would not be our last visit to the shop.

Jim then brought out our obviously excite dog for a walk, and it was just a fun experience for him and a fitting gift for our beloved dog. Jim had done a fantastic job for our dog that I decide to give him a tip as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to him.

Price Tag 

Price Tag of dog grooming

Full service for a small dog, a head-to-toe pampering, usually costs $40, while for big dogs, a full service costs $75. Some might find it ‘a bit’ too pricey, but the convenience it provides in handling our dogs’ needs is all worth it. With a busy schedule, like mine, I feel guilty that I can’t provide a full hands-on pampering that Betelgeuse deserves.


So even if the service was a bit pricey, again, for me and for my dog, it’s all worth it! It’s also worth mentioning that while getting your dog professionally groom is nice it isn’t always the most affordable choice, you also have the option to buy your own dog clippers for quite a reasonable price so perhaps that’s another choice for long term consideration.

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